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Lotus Esprit Turbo SE
By Vulcan Grey, 03/12/05
  1. MEMCAL Chips from Sanj/Marcus  

    #2 & #4 MEMCALs<br /><br />The MEMCAL was socketed with a machined pin socket, for durability. And the EPROM was socketed as well, to keep from breaking legs. This made the stack too tall for the original MEMCAL cover

  2. Goodyear Eagle F1 GS-D3  

    I won a set of these at the Lotus Owners Gathering in 2005.

  3. SPAX adjustable suspension  

    SPAX adjustable suspension<br /><br />Ride height set to as close to stock as possible.<br />Left rear shock set 3mm higher to correct lean due to engine and driver (corrects corner weights).<br /><br />Front shocks on setting 12 of 14 (14 is stiffest)<br

  4. '97 Esprit V8 AWI wheels  

    '97 Esprit V8 AWI wheels<br /><br />235/40-17 fronts<br />285/35-18 rear<br /><br />Great addition to an Early SE, improves handling with the stiffer Spax shocks.<br /><br />Fronts needed to be bored out 2mm, rear needed adjustable rear upper links to

  5. Bosch injectors  

    Replaced old clogged original Rochester injectors with BOSCH pintle type injectors.<br /><br />Primaries x4:<br />370cc/min (36lb/hr) low impedance "Peak and Hold".<br /><br />Secondaries x2:<br />200cc/min (19lb/hr) high impedance "Saturat

  6. Stebro Dual Exhaust  

    Stainless steel Stebro dual exhaust.<br /><br />Sounds great, low V8 rumble at idle and sounds like a racecar at full throttle.<br /><br />Negatives:<br />Hanging tabs break easy, and should be reinforced.<br />Fairly heavy for an exhaust.<br />Rear valen

  7. Carbon Fiber dash  

    Replaced the cracked wood veneer with a carbon fiber veneer.<br /><a href="" target="_blank"></a><br /><br />did all the work myself

  8. Brembo Racing brakes  

    Full race spec Brembo Racing brakes.<br /><br />Front:<br />Calipers are 4 piston aluminum monobloc, vented titanuim pistons (to slow heat transfer to the fluid)<br />rotors -328mmx 35mm 72vane slotted, fit inside a cast 17" wheel.<br /><br />Rear:<b

  9. Adjustable rear upper links for camber correction with V8 10"wide wheels  

    These are necessary to put the wider V8 wheels on the earlier SE esprits.<br />Without these the rear tires will wear very quickly



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