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Lotus Turbo Esprit (1980-1986)
By jimmybondi, 09/02/05
  1. CCD Cameras fitted - front and rear  

    Front and rear cameras attached to my 7" motorized TFT ICE

  2. Converting the original Lotus Elise luggage rack to fit the G-car  

    The original luggage rack for the Elise is held in place by four big suction caps.<br />The 2 lower suction caps are pointing downwards to meet the rear clam and can be used on the Giugiaro shaped car as well. But the two upper suction caps are orientated

  3. custom transparent engine cover to fit the chargecooler  

    As the original engine cover did not fit on the S4s engine with chargecooler, I have decided to make a custom one. I liked the idea to make the engine visible from outside, so I decided to make it transparent. The cover is made of an aluminium frame and

  4. Factory New S4S engine dropped in...  

    Factory new S4S engine from the Brazilian EMME project. <a href="" target="_blank"></a><br />Complete conversion from carbs to fuel injection

  5. Momo wheel  

    Fitted a smaller Momo 'Corse' wheel in red leather to compliment the calyps red finish.

  6. Car alarm with 2-way remote pager  

    The car-alarm features remote-start (cool gadget) and Turbo-timer. It also actives the CDL - The pager-remote has an LCD-display which will tell you the car status within a range of 100 ft.<br />

  7. Retrofitted CDL  

    Installed central-door-lock as I was tired of carrying around 4 separate keys for the Esprit only.<br />The CDL is hooked up to the car alarm, so it also has hands-free feature.

  8. Retrofitted fog lights  

    Added aftermarket Halogen 'projector' fog-lights, as I was tired to pop-up the headlights in early twilight.<br />As for the switch, I got a main lightswitch off a TR7 from Quiller UK, as they share the same switches. <br />I have reworked the swi

  9. Carputer project (Sat-Nav, GPS Speedo / compass, MP3 Player, Internet / email access, DVB-T TV, Videoplayer, rearview camera, bluetooth etc.)  

    I have bought the 7" TFT with touchscreen on ebay, manufacturer is LILIPUT, just do a search on ebay.<br /><br />I have put the GPS on the rear bulkhead window, just behind the headrest. I think reception needs free view to the satellites (I have a g



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