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Lotus Turbo Esprit
By PER, 15/01/07
  • Color Black
  • Price 0.00
  • Year 1980
  • Odometer 43000
  • Odometer Unit Miles
  • Description I Bought this car in the summer 2006.
    The car was imported to Norway in 1981/82 and was rebuilt from RHD to LHD.
    The car was built as an Domestic Turbo and was signed of the Lotus production line 28.10.80.(Vn:10938) Sadly not as an ESSEX Esprit. It has the red leather interior, Compomotive rims and the Panasonic(RM-610) roof mounted stereo.
    When I bought the car it had been locked away in a garage for the last 10 years. Now I have done a full Service including changing the timing belt, brake pads(Red Stuff Ceramic). Air filter(Green Cotton) and changed the tires to Pirelli.
    winter 2006-2007: Interior refurbished. I also rebuilded the turbo.
    Spring 2007: Changed the exhaust into a 3" stainless steel one and replaced the wastegate because the valveseat came loose on the wastegate adaptor. Changed the wastegate into a Turbinetics Evolution one.
    Summer 2007: After having trouble with the engine making blue smoke and finding the turbo ok i decided to do rebuild the engine. While the engine i out i am going to change all the bushings into polyurethan ones and paint the chassi with Por-15.

    Winter 2007-2008:Still waiting for my engine to be but back together. I'm putting in new Mahle HC pistons, the block has been O-ringed and the head has been ported...I'm also going to put in a PWR Chargecooler. Hoping that my gearbox will cope with the extra power as long as i dont drive like a maniac:-)
    Today i ordered the Protech adjustable dampers from Sj Sportscars. Now my chassis will become like new.. Cant wait for my first hoon later this spring.
    Autumn 2008:
    I finnished the car in April and have had a great summer with some minor problems. Had a trip to Sweden with my friends and the engine was running lean as soon as we passed 3K rpm. Whe changed the fuelpump and filter on a gas station on the way without any improvement. (Solved the problem later by fitting larger main jets).On the way back home my front left tire puntured and later exploded. The trip has been documented by my (former :-))friend which btw. is an Audi owner, and put on Youtube. You can find it here <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
    The restored engine pulls stronger than the old one and i am really happy about the result. I have now fitted a PWR aftermarket Chargecooler and plan on upping the boost i little. I am planning on fitting a crank triggered ignition system called megajolt. This way I can map the ignition with my computer and aviod detonation on higher boost settings..

    Autumn 2009:
    Installed a Turbonetics Super 60 turbo and the Megajolt system during summer 2008.
    Had a 1000 miles trip to Nurburgring this summer wich again resulted in a flat tire preventing me from driving the car on the "Grune H?" Good thing about this is that I have to make a new trip next year.
    This trip was also documented by my "Not so fund of Lotus" friend.
    Have a view here:
    The Megajolt ingition system was added during summer 2009 and it works really good. I have now upped the boost to 0,9 bar and rejetted the carbs. The car is pretty fast now. This winter I plan on uppgrading the front brakes. Have not decided what to choose yet..
    More to come......


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