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Lotus Esprit S4
By Stefan Ertler, 10/07/07
  1. 14/04/08
  2. New cylinder head  

    The valves are +2.5mm on the inlet side and +3.5mm on the exhaust. The seats are changed to a

  3. Conrods for 2.6l engine  

    Slowly, the new engine is coming together.<br />Talking of 4 beauties here, eyh ?!!!!

  4. 08/08/07
  5. Project Sport 500 ; 2.6 Liter engine, based on 910 block  

    I am in the process of having a 910 block increased to 2.6l, with a closed deck and the following specs :<br />- steel liners, hot honed<br />- Mahle forged pistons, Keronite treated crowns<br />- steel crank shaft<br />- 650 grms conrods<br />- +2.5 cmm

  6. New dual ball bearing GT 3076R Turbo  

    Modified by R&B to fit both my current 2.2l and the new 2.6l engine.<br />Added a 3" V Band on the exhaust side. Very nice indeed!!

  7. New Mahle pistons for 2.6l engine  

    Custom Mahle forged pistons, Keronite treated crowns<br />

  8. AP Racing in front  

    Finally the stopping power needed for 385 HP.<br />Great improvement and well worth the money.<br />Just need to do the rears yet.

  9. Complete body works and repainting  

    Looks like it just rolled out of the factory

  10. OZ 3 piece wheels  

    In my opinion, one of the nicest rims for a Esprit. Never liked the S4 rims and was happy when I found a set in LEW. Together with the Eagle F1 tyres, she looks stunning.



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