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Lotus Esprit GT3
By OwenGT3, 05/12/07
  • Color Norfolk Mustard Yellow
  • Price 16500.00
  • Year 1997
  • Odometer 77000
  • Odometer Unit Miles
  • Description Hi, I've liked the Esprit ever since I first went to see 'The Spy Who Loved Me', then visiting a Lotus open day in 1978. It's taken me a long time to get one, and I had never really considered buying one, but after visiting the Team Lotus 50th celebrations all the nostalgia floored back, I need to surround myself with things from my youth, so I decided to get one.

    I spent 3 years looking, had a look at a few and nearly bought the odd one, even bid on some on eBay, but never took the full step, then this year I finally did. Owned the car since April and am very pleased with it, the colour was one of the reasons for this one, not really the model type, and the wheels did help swing the deal, I just love fat wheels!

    It's perhaps not the best out there and needs some work, but it is a long term investment so over time the jobs will get done. The car has had a few owners, about six, most of them in the latter years and perhaps not for long. I think some of these owners were the type that buy an Esprit then find they can't run it, this could be why I've found so many little jobs that needed doing. so far I've sorted 50 plus problems and modification, most are minor, although the manifold was the biggest so far. This had to be removed due to a crack which needed welding as my exhaust is a 4-2-1 steel manifold. I do all my own repairs being an x-motor technician, so I save thousands in labour charges, and can reinvest the money in the car.

    From what I understand my Esprit is a bit of a 'legend' on the LEF regarding one previous owner, Dave Mckenna, Most of my old bills are from Dave's ownership, so the car was well looked after then, but I'm unsure about the others as there was so many, still it's in good hands again and will be restored to it's previous form once again.

    It's been 34 years waiting, but I'm so glad I have it now.



    Well I've had my car a year now and I'm resonably happy with the way it's gone. The car has had a lot of jobs done to it to put things right, but mostly little ones. The cost to me is roughly �2200 for the first year, and that includes tax, insurance and all servicing, so I can't complain. I think my new stainless exhaust is a brilliant investment, and I thank SimonF for his recommendation, as well as a work colleague who has also had a system made by Power & Performance.

    I'm also pleased with refitting the decals back to the car as there was never anything on the car telling you it was a GT3, and the V8 wheels didn't help disguising what model it really was. By the end of 2008 I hope to have a new set of front lights as well as new pod pivots fitted. possibly new rear tyres before the years out as well.


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