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Lotus Esprit Turbo X-330 Hybrid
By MrDangerUS, 29/12/10
  • Color Calypso Red, code A23
  • Price 26057.00
  • Year 1988
  • Odometer 24672
  • Odometer Unit Miles
  • Description My car: Modified 1988 Esprit Turbo(Federal), Bosch CIS K-Jetronic Injection w/Lambda and Citroen/Maserati C-35 transaxle. Compression ratio 8.0:1. In 1988, only 120 cars were made in this configuration for the "Federal" US market. See
    84-88 Turbos lack of any anti-knock protection, J&S processor fills the gap.

    Extra equipment, as received: SE' wing, SE' wheels, 225/50-15 FRT, 255/50-16 RR w/60mm TUW spacers. Upgraded new leather interior, seats + new brakes, lines, bushes, clutch.
    In 1994, second owner took this car to the Republic of Panama. In 2006, car was re-imported to USA. I bought it in 2010 from the 3-rd owner.
    In June 2011, I have finished “usual” boring repairs: lights, connectors, pumps, relays, window motors, etc. Wherever I discovered evidence of bad maintenance or deterioration, I have disassembled whole system(s) and replaced all components with modern, more reliable parts. IMO, keeping these cars "stock" is a shear insanity! You won't have enough life time left to keep replacing the same parts over and over.
    So far, I have improved styling, cooling, reliability, wind noise, cabin acoustics, lights, fuel and oiling systems.
    In early 2012, I decided to go "Extreme" by implementing air flow & fuel delivery systems modifications. I gave it a code name "Project X330". With time, this car became my passion, obsession and a great experiment in engineering.
    Sky is the limit, or... not!
    >> "A man's mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its old original dimensions."
    [Oliver Wendell Holmes] HOW TRUE, INDEED!
    Over the years, Bosch CIS cars (unjustly) earned an "orphan" status. Some Lotus owners, who did not understand the concept of the system, are mislead in thinking that Bosch CIS injected car would not respond well to performance modifications without converting it to EFI. I decided to prove them wrong! Re-engineering CIS car can be entertaining, once you comprehend intricacies of the system. Porsche, BMW, Audi, MB enthusiasts have successfully tuned their Bosch CIS injected engines with excellent results. Just look here! 345hp from 4 cylinders and CIS injection!!!(highlight, copy and paste this URL to your search box):
    Since Volvo raced this car, the technology leaped forward. On CIS injected car, the low backpressure hybrid turbo and manipulation of the System Pressure at the Fuel Distributor head via digital WUR is the way to go. My objective is 330-350HP, without tearing into the engine. I am well aware of the Citroen transmission limitations, therefore I'm planning for CWP Cryo-treatment, replacing sloppy bearings w/SKF parts and fitting Quaife ATB LSD.
    Another option I'm looking into is UN1-026 conversion.

    >> Human Mind is like a parachute..., it works only when it is open!
    Bosch CIS car owners please follow these threads:

    7-5-11 Phase II begins!
    Have investigated application of the digital WUR (w/o stepper motor) in fuel mapping, and AFR control. Tuning Bosch CIS Esprit with this device is feasible. Lucas 14AB ignition amplifier must be replaced w/Pertronix or Lumenition pick-up. DWUR device enables installation of bigger turbos, chargecooler and air flow improvements on 86-88 Esprits.
    August 03, 2011. Auxiliary heat/splash shield systems for header/underbelly + left &right rear wheel wells were fabricated. Turbo,T-flange and external waste-gate bypass sprayed w/high temp VHT ceramic paint and wrapped in Turbo Wrap tape to protect against header heat.
    Sept 01,11. Experienced a fuel pumps "sudden death", (both). It took a while to figure out what went wrong.
    1. The primary pump ingested rust from the tank and seized - rebuilt.
    2. Pressure accumulator failed (dripping fuel)- replaced.
    3. Pertronix pick-up lost earth and burned up. Replaced w/LU-147A, an updated version w/integral grounding strap.
    Meanwhile, I have re-torqued all fasteners, flushed fuel tanks and added in-line Earl's pre-filter/strainer to protect my new pumps. Started working on the intake manifold plenum spacer, CAI, engine bay heat management system.
    Ghrrr...,seemingly simple project created a “domino effect” = other systems have to be torn into.
    27 Sept,11. Fitted 220A alternator and 4 GA wire to the starter lug. Front and rear diffusers-work in progress. Fabricating components to install Hi-Spec 4-pot frt calipers. Three 10" SPAL radiator fans installed, but not wired,yet.
    Oct 29. Fitted frt 4 pot HiSpec calipers and 286mm rotors.
    Nov 02, 2011. Green dot cam pulleys installed.
    Nov 24, 2011 Added Speed-Bleeder valves to front brake calipers and sainless Speed-Bleeder to the clutch slave cylinder enabling one person bleeding. Replaced old 3/4" clutch Master Cyl- with 5/8"dia Wilwood part to lower the pedal effort. It makes a HUGE difference!
    Dec 05,11. Working on remote oil filter and stat plate installation. Major PITA to unscrew oil hoses fittings from the OE sandwich plate.
    Dec 16,11. I got 9.5"x5.5" oil coolers which fit horizontally in front of frt wheels, providing improved cooling capacity. Pre-SE cars had only one cooler. There is plenty of room to fit 5.5" SPAL puller fans on top!
    Dec 19,11. "Dry fit" the front diffuser/extractor behind/below radiator fans and got parts for oil cooler upgrade.
    Jan 03, 2012. OE Toyota (Ford?)square outside mirrors are too small and (F)UGLY! I found a perfect replacement for the OE crappy Ford mirror! Chrysler Crossfire is a perfect match; it even matches the door outer surface slope of 30 deg.
    Jan 11. Finished mock up of the front radiator diffuser; need to start welding it up together.
    Jan 23. Pulled out the I/P binnacle,cleaned gauges/lenses. LED T5 bulbs work fine inside the push-on switches, but NOT for gauges-they can't be dimmed. Renewed headlight pods.
    Feb 6. Pulled out CIS injectors for cleaning. They are short type, 65mm tip to tip.
    Mar 10. Injectors + WUR cleaned and flow checked.
    Mar 15. Added 5/8" coolant bypass "T" connecting the rear of the cyl. head hose with the water pump spigot (return from the heater matrix) to improve cyl #3,#4 coolant circulation.
    Mar 22. Applied FatMat sound deadener to the engine compartment bulkhead. I'd like to make the cabin as quiet as possible. Planning on adding 3/4" thick floor deadener mat, or
    Apr 4.Fitted a remote oil filter adapter plate w/aux oil temperature sender,MOCAL MOCT-B3, Purolator P-30001 filter, AN-10 SS hoses. see:
    APR 15. Fitted crankcase oil mist separator(oil catch can) and renewed shift linkage bushings. Run wiring along the tunnel for AEM Tru-Boost Gauge/Controller PN#30-4350.
    APR 18. Eng.oil: Synthetic Royal Purple 20W/50 mixed with 1 Qt of Lucas HD Engine Treatment + 8oz ZDDP + 10oz LUBEGARD BIO/TECH engine motor oil additive PN#30902. It is a truly slick stuff!
    APR 29. Installed Intake Plenum volumetric expander (1" thick spacer) and plenum support/stay.
    May 5. Fitted 3" alloy turbo intake CAI duct.
    May 18. Installed AEM TRU-BOOST PN#30-4350, Gauge-Type Electronic Turbo Boost Controller, still fiddling with fittings, though.
    May 23. "Sealed off" the gaps between the body and both sides of the tunnel with 3"x2" strips of foam blocking the road noise path to the cabin.
    June 1. Rear deck fans installed;RR wheel camber set:-0.5deg
    June 12. Installed radiator "air extractor"/splash shield(louvered panel behind the radiator fans)of my own design.
    June 17. Successful engine start up! Adjusted noisy EBPV valve. How-to:start engine from COLD, use 2.5mm Allen wrench to slacken the set/jam screw in the valve pivot block,slide it “up” the actuating wire, as far as possible, re-tighten the screw.EBPV will stay always permanently open.
    June 23. RR deck fans thermostatic controller/relays,etc.
    June 24. E36 amber fog lights installed.Look cool on red car
    July 5. Finished deck fans wiring. Fitted Imperial/Hayden PN#226203 thermostatic controller (adjustable turn-on temp. between 32F-240F.Turn-off: preset at 10F below turn-on).
    July 22. Finished attaching steel braided Teflon lines from boost solenoid to waste-gate input nipple.
    Aug 03.Two LH canvas CAI pipes replaced by 3.25" hard ducts w/two 180CFM in-line blowers between LH quarter window scoop and engine compartment cooling outlets. This is the last part of my engine compartment temp control system. Blowers are activated by a thermocouple placed behind the metal heat shield behind the turbo.
    Aug 08.Fitting engine CAI @ right. 3.25" hard/smooth duct and opened up RH scoop inlet by 38%. Rear deck drain pipes revised/re-routed.
    Aug 12.Re-programmed AEM Boost Controller and took couple short trips to check all systems and handling. LubeGuard Gear and 3L of MT90 added to the transaxle.
    Aug 21.Fuel Distributor Mixture adjustments.
    Aug 23. S/steel braided fuel lines @ pumps.
    Aug 27.Ethanol in petrol causes fuel tanks "Terne" coating dissolution. Rust flakes are clogging strainer/filter and ruins pumps.Reconfigured strainer in front of primary pump.
    Aug 30.Fuel line magnetic particle trap+strainer added.
    Sep circuit upgraded for higher load currents.Two 60A relays added.
    Sep 10.Coil box 50mm cooling fan added and wired.
    Sept 16.To prevent secondary pump cavitation, I've replaced the primary pump with more efficient Bosch 0580254984 (165 l/[email protected]!).First pump provides volume whilst secondary pressure. OE config volume outputs do not match: 0580254979 needs 165 l/hr whilst 0580254967 supplies only 148 l/hr.
    Oct 13.Cross pipe between fuel tanks replaced w/316L Stainless steel.
    Oct 30.I found Earl's strainer/filter is too restrictive. Replaced w/larger "JAZ" 35uM strainer.
    Nov 4.Sealed off the perimeter of the sunroof with "D" section rubber seal for better aesthetics and wind rush prevention.
    Nov 7. Test drove the car. Highest boost level observed =7.64psi. I've got to remove 8mm spacer ring from the external waste-gate stack to restore boost to 9.5 psi.
    Nov 17 Confirmed! Spacer removal restores boost to 9.5psi
    Dec 2. I am investigating application of J&S Safeguard', single channel "Vampire" anti-knock controller w/Bosch sensor. Vampire version connects directly to coil negative signals without interrupting existing stock ignition. Details here:
    Pre-89 Esprits did NOT have ANY cylinder knock protection!
    J&S SafeGuard box can be set for up to 20 degrees of ignition retard. This prevents catastrophic failure that can occur should you loose engine coolant or some other unforeseen event. The Vampire controls the timing of each cylinder INDIVIDUALLY in proportion to the degree of detonation occurring, thus maximizing performance and preventing engine damage. The system does not need a cam or crankshaft reference. The unit is programmed to "remember" that the knocking cylinder is the one that just fired. When the knocking cylinder comes around to fire again, software dials in the retard amount for that cylinder. It does this as each cylinder goes by, building up a different retard amount for each individual cylinder.
    Dec 21. Replaced the cold start injector. When car is not driven daily, especially Bosch CIS, it is prudent to check for correct spray pattern, 35 degrees,fine mist!Place injector in a plastic jar, "jumper" the pumps and supply 12V to the connector terminals. Engine injectors can be activated by holding down the air meter flap w/your finger with pumps "jumpered", key off. Each injector should deliver at least 250ml/min w/fully depressed flap and within 5% to each other. Beware of sparks! Safety First!
    Dec 27. Bought KENT MOORE J-26486 BELT TENSION GAUGE, identical to Borroughs gauge, for...$23 on eBay.
    Jan 02. 2013 Cam Belt/Pulley Position Verification Method. If you are replacing the cam belt or pulleys, always run the compression test on the COLD engine(16 revolutions). Write down the values and then replace your components. Run the test again. If numbers are lower than before, you're off a tooth or two. If the numbers are really low(like 50-60 psi), your exh & int pulleys are superimposed! Happy wrenching.
    Jan 17.Gathering a mental courage to pull out both tanks. Ghrrr! Crucible of NO CHOICE!
    Feb 02.Started dis-assembling parts located over both tanks.
    Feb 10.Touched up quarter window black-out paint strips with glass in-situ.
    Mar 03. R&R rear lower link fasteners with AN8 grade bolts.
    Mar 08. Taking a sabbatical from working on tanks removal.
    Apr 17. Received a T3 turbo asm. New problem: OE turbo exducer flange is 1.9" ID,new turbo port is 2.35". New, larger diameter wastegate adapter has to be made.
    May 11. Advantages of the billet wheel CompTurbo CT3-5558 are immense, see
    July 02, Comp Turbo with triple ball bearing CHRA is a state of the art, most responsive unit on the market.Good friend of mine has installed CT4 series turbo on 1988 ET and reports no lag whatsoever."Faster spooling" CT3-5756 would serve my purpose well.
    Aug 26. Lotus OE turbocharger specs are:
    OE turbine:T3 inducer=1.80,0.63housing;
    OE compressor:inducer= 1.73; 0.42, 55 trim.
    which is an equivalent of 5046! 46mm turbine port is a significant choke point, IMHO.
    Sept 6/13. My intention is to replace OE primitive (at best), abysmal hatch latches with Porsche 944 latches and electric motor. Just got all parts.No more cables, just hard steel push rods.
    Oct/13. Cooling issues! OE 31"x3" front opening between fog lights is too restrictive; only 93 By removing center beauty panel we can get 3.25" of the"daylight" opening and 118 sq in inlet. Elimination of the center beauty panel adds 25 sq in, and that's it. To get up to 180 sq in, one has to eliminate beauty panel and both fog lights (now, we have a hammerhead mouth, 100% improvement at 180sqin).
    To get even more air, the chin has to be dropped so the bottom of the inlet levels w/ top of the splitter.
    265 sq in of "daylight",186% improvement over OE, but requires tons of chopping and glassing.
    FYI: OE radiator core measures 12Hx33Wx1.5"D(400 sq in). Wizzard sells alloy 3 row rad, 3" thick, which offers 50% weight savings.
    Nov 03. Got Pilot PL-880 lights,(4.8"Wx3.6"H), perfect replacement for the 7" fog lights. With these, the grille opening can be widened to 38",and inlet x-section increased to 145 sq in, a 60% improvement over the OE design.
    Dec 31,2013 Added chassis geo & corner weights information off the LHD S300 and RHD 89SE.
    Jan 22. Started working on the chargecooler and researching different pumps,IC,HE configurations to optimize my system.
    Here is a very clever Killer Chiller system,which have been around for a while. They're made for Ford Mustang and Lighting, but I'm sure it can be adapted to our cars which have working AC system. Someone has it installed on an E55.
    Feb 22. Chargecooler electric pump comparison, "must read" here
    Have purchased Johnson CM90 with 38mm ports for my chargecooler; it is best suited for the job. CM30 is junk! Other acceptable pump may be Bosch 0392022010 or MB0005000386. 002 and 006 pumps won't do the job!
    Mar 23. Ordered alloy 5052 sheets for fuel tanks. 5052 is corrosion resistant and has an excellent weld-ability. Researching 5083 and 5086 alloys. Reconditioning old tanks? Kid yourself NOT! Once they start rusting from the inside out-there is no way to stop the decay. Ethanol is the culprit. Coating tanks with POR or epoxy only seals off the rust, but does not stop it. Sooner-or-later they'll burst.
    May 02. Started modifying the oiling system. My new circuit consists of two pressure vessels, one connected trough NC1 solenoid valve to the engine main oil gallery and another one connected via NO solenoid valve to the turbo bearing. When ignition is turned ON, the NC1 valve opens and injects 1 qt of pressurized oil into the engine main gallery and turbo bearing. No more "dry" starts! This vessel recharges when the engine starts operating. The NC1 valve will close after 3 minutes (timer T1 keeps NC1 valve open for 3 min) trapping/storing 1 qt of oil for the next re-start.
    Turbo after-oilier starts recharging 3.5 minutes after the beginning of engine operation. After initial 3.5 minutes the timer T2 opens NC2 valve allowing oil flow trough one way valve to recharge vessel No.2. NO valve, located between vessel No.2 and the turbo is kept closed by the ignition signal until the current is cut off by the ignition being turned "off". Then, the NO valve opens the flow of pressurized oil from the vessel No.2 trough the turbo bearing.See diagram in "Oiling system".
    June 18. Back to working on my Loti. I had to replace timing belts on the Porsche and shocks/bushes/brakes on the Formula Firebird. Took down fuel system banjo bolts,nuts,connectors and sent them out to be cadmium re-plated.Chamfered inlet holes on all banjo bolts for better flow.
    July 15. Adding stainless bung for wide-band O2 sensor (18"+ away from the turbo). Started fabricating my own marker clear lenses (donor: Ford Econoline van headlight lens).
    July 30. Finished and installed clear marker lenses. Also, replaced headlight lamps with H4 angel eye halos (42 individual SMD LEDs per lamp). They are much brighter than the neon tube halos.
    Sept 24. Pulled out the RH tank. Both will be replaced with 5052-H32 alloy duplicates,.090" walls. Preparation took several days, pulling the tank - 10 minutes! Used the wooden gurney to lay down on my side while pulling and twisting.
    Sept 28. Got on eBay a V8 fuel filler electric door release solenoid,complete with latch and cable. It will be installed at the left side flap.
    Oct 4. Tank tops, bottoms, walls lay-out and stock cutting.
    Oct 20. LH tank out and new tanks fabrication is in progress. They weigh 35-36 lbs vs. OE 49 lbs.
    Oct 28. Welding in progress.
    Nov 09. The left fuel tank is in!
    Details, modifications and improvements: Material of choice: 0.100” 5052-H32 aluminum alloy.
    - Eliminate stationary cross-balance pipe extensions. Instead, add a ¾”-14 NPT (need a thick wall !) weld bung to the RH sump to accommodate a short 1”OD pipe/nipple, which will be screwed in after the tank installation.
    - LH tank: add 2.5” ID small sump w/3/4”-14 NPT weld bung and a drain plug.
    - Use Heli-coil or Time-sert type stainless inserts at: fuel return nipple (M12x1.5mm), fuel sender ring (M5x0.7) and grounding brackets (M8x1.25 nuts were upgraded to 3/8”-16 threaded inserts).
    Note: The fuel level gauge/sender ring has 5 holes (54mm CPD), forming an irregular pentagon with following dimensions between the holes (center to center): 30mm, 32mm, 32mm, 30mm and 35mm. The 35mm dimension faces the tank outboard wall, positively indexing the fuel sender and float orientation.
    - New marine grade Neoprene or Viton gasket is required. VDO 226053 Replacement Fuel Sender Gasket•2-1/8" bolt circle (54mm).
    - Replace the grounding “cage” brackets with solid aluminum blocks of the same geometry (6 degree incline). Threaded hole bores are perpendicular to the 6 degree (outboard) surfaces.
    - Replace OE foam pads: bottom one with 3/8”-1/2” closed cell poly foam cut to the OE size (Zoro Top pad has to be thicker. Alternatively, aluminum L-shape hold downs fastened to the top board/shelf could be fabricated for an additional lateral stability.
    - Depending on the foam thickness used, the "grounding blocks" up/down location have to be adjusted. To determine block location insert tanks into the wells, line up the inlet tubes with the filler neck ends + center the balance pipe bung in the body opening (round hole). Next, project the grounding bolt hole location onto the side of the tank. Weld the blocks according to your markings. Dec 19/14. Finished insulating tanks. I decided to use "PRODEX" TOTAL Foil-Foam-Foil(FfmF) Insulation for both tanks.It is light weight (2 lbs/tank) and has a high R value (R=14.5). Note: It is recommended that Heli-coils be installed w/red Loctite, therefore do not install them until after all the welding is done. For more details see:
    Dec 08/14 Both tanks are finished and pressure tested. OE tanks weigh RH=24 lbs, LH=23 lbs. Alloy tanks: RH=15 lbs, LH=13.5 lbs. 18 lbs savings! Capacity:left tank 11.5 gal, right 12.5 gal. Now, I can start re-assembling all this mess of a car!
    Dec 19. Finished insulating tanks. I decided to use "PRODEX" TOTAL INSULATION Foil-Foam-Foil (FfmF) Insulation for both tanks.It is light weight and has a high R value.
    Dec 31,2014. Tanks are in place and fastened; engine centered and mounts are held in place w/titanium bolts; Nord-Lock washers installed at the engine bracket-to-block bolts.
    Jan/Feb Replaced trailing radius arm bushings with poly #LOTAC 05457 parts. Serviced CV joints,and fitted new gaiters. Replaced old rr springs w/14"L, 3'ID 225lbs Eibach and custom adjustable GAZ dampers w/adjustable perches.

    Feb 12. I owe you a word of explanation why I'm keeping couple of the 85-88 ET threads going. There are several reasons(personal vanity is not one of them), LOL. I do it
    to educate owners on the improvements available and encourage them to do their own repairs, so they can save big $$$ and make the repairs "right"
    -to emphasize importance of a preventative maintenance
    -to prove to all nay-sayers, that there is nothing bad/wrong with Bosch CIS injection, and that these cars can be "hot-rodded" and fun, TOO!
    Well, besides that, this hobby keeps me away from many other troubles in my life! Lotus Modding is a serious Disease, but it is not life-threatening and FEELS GOOD!
    Feb 24. Replaced both rear wheel bearings.They were bit noisy (probably grease dried out). Tough job! Need an impact gun and hydraulic press to do it.
    Mar 4. Installed the new rear spring and GAZ adjustable shocks, they are fabulous and inexpensive, UK made!
    Apr 10 Fitted rear adjustable lateral links with Rose joints, poly radius arm bush (LOTAC ) and set camber to -0.5/0.6 deg and toe-in at 1.25mm per side (all with "home made" equipment).
    May 5. New hybrid turbo fitted.Turbine housing ported to 2.3" + larger wheel. "Super 60" high velocity scroll compressor (of Nissan Skyline). "Chamfered" OE turbo adapter.
    Fitted Greddy Floating Valve BOV and smooth bore duct inlet piping.
    May 25. Removed the plenum base plate and added real velocity stacks, which required machining.
    Or if you can forget the formulas and just plug in the numbers and this calculator will crunch out the numbers for you:
    Stack length was increased to 14.5". Here is a great calculator for that: Optimum Intake Runner Calculation
    6/20. Started work on replacing the mechanical vacuum pump. I found a perfect replacement: Volvo OEM brake vacuum pump PN#30630398. Volvo pumps are easier to mount because they have a horizontal tabs with rubber absorbers.
    Jul 5. I took an inventory of all modifications done over last 4 years. There are 151 of them. 57 more to go. Well, something like adding the relays mod to the window motor circuits and repairs, like fixing window motors magnets or replacing brushes, I do not count them as a modification.Repairs are just repairs.
    Aug 5. Replaced big end shells with engine in-situ. Some blokes told me it is impossible,but I proved them wrong. One has to take the vacuum pump/bracket and petrol tanks x-pipe out to get a decent access.Added ARP bolts.
    Aug 11. Adding oil pan trap doors and aux. baffles to prevent oil slop.
    Aug 14. Took a delivery of the Vampire knock prevention processor kit.
    84-88 Turbos lack anti-knock protection and J&S SafeGuard system nicely fills the gap.
    Sep 6. Replaced OE 17mm ARB with heavy duty 19mm 227 lbs/in part from US eBay.
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> _______________________________________________________
    [Sir William Rootes]

    True Lotus Enthusiast,(by Jimmy '99 Esprit V8)[cit]

    "A true Lotus enthusiast is the one that no matter how many people talk about his car looks, rarity or performance, he is inspired by it's exhilarating handling, execution and feeling; Lotus owners are passionate by their car elegant design and sharp cuts to pin point perfection. Their Esprit makes them feel rich, superior, proud and unique; they feel confident and optimistic about the potentials of their Esprit. They don't get tired of admiring it; they look at it every time with a grin on their faces at every glimpse at this exciting machine and see it as their million dollar price; and yes, they are proud to be one of only ten thousand owners worldwide. They are proud to be part of the distinguished and honored few. They stand to support everything Lotus, including its comrades of elite owners who also represent a legend of Formula 1, its seven championships and the legacy of an engineer who took his passion to his heart. Just like Colin Chapman's infatuation, Esprit owner's pride drives them to exhibitions generating envy and desires by simply displaying their prestige supreme machine on shows exposing maximum representation and to conquer an ultimate public admiration. They are confident that their supreme machine is the ultimate eye candy for dreamers, an extreme eye magnet to automobile enthusiasts and the jealousy of those who own it's competitors. A Lotus enthusiast is a believer; he believes that their exotic high performance machine can always live and will continue to live to give the "wow, look at that car!" effect, that public utter when they see it driving by. If it goes down a thousand times, a thousand times will be brought back to life by it's owner. Lotus owners are believers, a proud and zealous few who are part of an exclusive band... We are a family among owners, Band of Brothers, arrogant to our competitors but humble to the public... we are proud...
    Proud to say "I am a Lotus Esprit Owner"!
    DISCLAIMER: Views expressed in this communication are personal opinions, protected by the Article One of the Constitution of the U S A, and should not be construed as a product, service endorsement, or solicitation for business. Any information displayed hereby is for sole purpose of education or entertainment and should not be used otherwise. Author of this communication shall be indemnified and held harmless by any viewer of this message from and against any and all losses, claims, damages and liabilities to which any such indemnified person may become subject arising out of or in connection with this Communication.Technical information should be used solely at your own risk, due diligence required.


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