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  2. Hey Brian - all is great, thank you! I know it wasn't your fault that the whole process took the twists and turns that it did and that's why I really, really, REALLY hope Lotus USA gets it's act together. Good luck and I hope you sell a ton of them once they hit the US!
  3. I have always thought the factory finish was satin black paint Roland ?
  4. I’m keen to paint the internal arches the same as the body - high gloss... There is a loft of vacant wheel arch area around the wheel so I don’t think raptor would look as good. Just need to avoid the gravel . Does anyone know what was the correct factory finish?
  5. Bump - does anyone have a definitive answer here......keen to understand others' thoughts
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  7. @Breeze I guess your car has been equipped with the P zero Corsa tyre? (well, actually the corsas - from a look at the pireli homepage in Germany - could be ordere in LS specification "again", bit if that changes I have to think abut changing to Michelin next change also)
  8. £36,999.00 End Date: Wednesday Jun-19-2019 13:43:55 BST Add to watch list Click to view item
  9. Struggling to picture what this unit is/does, but from what you've described I doubt I'd want another one in my car.
  10. Got a V6 Exige S with a black rectangular tyre pressure gauge added by a previous owner. Short circuit inside the unit so started to smoke and had to remove quickly No make on it, but has two usb ports on the side with buttons underneath. Rear had code 17D0016484 Any ideas where I can get a replacement
  11. The Alpine has a weight / stiffness advantage in its aluminium unitary construction. They have a body shell that is the chassis, whereas Lotus have a chassis and a body shell. And, its a cheap form of construction once the tooling has been designed and made. If Lotus wish to go down this road they would have to find someone to build the unitary body shell for them. Agree that they really need to have an affordable car with superior performance sooner rather than later. All car manufacturers are now chasing lightweight, it’s no longer just a Lotus thing.
  12. Hope all is well @Champale! Please let me know if we can help in the future! No pressure
  13. The 17 sold for $57,750+ and had 21k miles. Not sure what you consider low mileage. Also had a trans replaced and was a press car used by multiple journos on and off track. History shows past press marketing cars always take a hit. Knowing this car had thousands of miles of abuse, it's no wonder it sold for such a figure. I wouldn't have thought the reserve was so low as I would have personally bought it. Rob was ready to move on and that car could have easily sold for 8k-10k more. The 17 with 2,500 we sold new in 18. Car came with the rebate money of $12,500 and had a window of 98k. So roughly 76k all in. Bids with 5% fee was up to $66,675. I've since put private parties together to do a deal in the low 70's. Seller didn't lose much here. As you state, some cars do sell for high prices, yet some sell for bargains as well.
  14. My 84 Turbo Esprit is missing the front undertray that covers the oil cooler pipes. Does anyone have a spare floating about? I know SJ advertise them but thought I would try here first. Mine is the 2 piece unit. Cheers wayne
  15. Solution to the fuel pump issue was an 11 mm pipe. The parts and sizes are correct and original, so thus is how Lotus designed it.
  16. I agree but with out seeming to be rude 0-60 seems the only thing that matters in the US market.
  17. So what is the USA lineup? A 2019 Evora 400 and the GT. Or is the GT a limited edition and already sold out? And in response to another commenter here, supercar go 0-60 in 3 seconds or less. And I’m being generous as the 992 Porsche 911 Carrera 4s with PDK gets to 60 mph in 3 seconds. This is quickly becoming a meaningless statistic
  18. The Esprit's gearchange mechanism is way better than the Lotus Elise's.
  19. I see it now. Sorry. Presumably nM. What is the kPa boost difference between the stock car and the 475 kit pulley or map? Again, any recommendations from Komo-tec to improve the longevity of the gearbox to take the extra torque?
  20. .....apart from adding a cold air intake too, if you can find one. Press the loud pedal and you open the gates of Hell!
  21. In the immediate future I’d like to see the new Exige built on the Evora platform, hopefully with a longitudinal engine /transaxle install, to take over the track /sports sector of the range. The Evora, which will probably be with us for some time yet, should go back towards its original concept as a useable daily GT, not the highly focused track car it has become. One of the problems with the current Evora in my mind is that it is perhaps too focused to have a wider appeal. The 911 has appeal because the vast majority of the cars sold are non focused, standard 911’s, not the GT2 /3’s As an aside. The Geely DSG box was mentioned, is this for a transversals or longitudinal engine installation?
  22. not a great back to back but FYI I fitted the IGUS bushes in my brothers car and standard bushes in my car and I can't feel any difference in gear change between the two. cheers Christian
  23. $80,000.00 (0 Bids) End Date: Tuesday May-28-2019 15:54:17 PDT Bid now | Add to watch list Click to view item
  24. Just checked and my car does appear to have the speaker in the location shown behind the drivers seat, so I'll get playing with it and report back.
  25. It will be F/BHP. The WHP is 423. The torque curve is also on the graph (CEngTq):
  26. I've downloaded @CocoPops settings from the Alpine ap. Hopefully that will clear it up as I bought the car from him!
  27. What distributor model you have? Lucas 43D? At this point of time, looks unlikely to be the Lucas CEI system.....unless for some unknown reason it's sending mega currents into the coil. But if you would measure the primary & secondary resistances of the "failed" Lucas ignition coil, we'll move on from there. Something for you to do in front of the TV tonight.
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