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  2. dcmp

    TLF GT430 Club

    Twas me! Had a service, going on a road trip so was happy with Williams guys to use it for a bit to ensure it was running well. Oh and had a couple of mods done to it... And no it's not for sale!!!!!!
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  5. The media do stir it, but on the other hand areas of countries are not put in shut down for no reason. I find it quite worrying. I heard on the radio that there was some report that some already affected and recovered had caught it again. All this talk of a cure being found soon, really?
  6. A fair assessment. But the Sport 410, GT410 Sport and the GT430 are the Evoras for Exige fans and trackday lappers, whether they know it or not! Sport 410 was the car that sold the Evora platform to me. Don’t love the Exige any less but it’s harder to go back having gotten used to the Evora’s incredible blend of abilities. Funny though isn’t it, take 100kg out of a 650S, add 20bhp and more downforce, call it the 675LT and the world loses their minds. Even now asking prices are around twice that of the 650S. And they made 1000 of them. Lotus do exactly the same thing, limit production to 60 and the reaction is very different. A Sport 410 selling for less than a 400 is crackers, the 400 ought to be propping 410 values up on rarity and carbon parts alone. Such great cars too. Sad reflection of just how low demand is out there for Lotus at the moment.
  7. Hi. Anyone know the sizes in cm,s for front and rear for a k series s2 04 year. Speakers
  8. Your car but I also wouldn't.
  9. Hi It sits flush with the headlining inside, which is in good nick. But yh if I could get a flat panel, or even perspex panel made up, at least it wouldn't have the quazi Modo humps ha. But again not sure who would do this custom work. And cheers I'll ask lotusbits on the off chance.
  10. I'm thinking not, keep it factory.. i think it would detract personally.
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  12. Ring your dealer on Monday and ask for the service price when they supply all the materials required Matt, I think you'll be very pleasantly surprised!
  13. I think the retail price is around £590 for both pieces , but I get a reasonable discount from dealer so this brings the price down further, but I am always buying parts so that helps so not sure what most offer, cheers Paul
  14. No, you should sell it to me...
  15. Is it really holding its value? The couple on the market have not sold for a year and the last one sold at Auction was £20k under the others asking price was it not? The GTE has maintained the value people paid for them. Minimal if any depreciation which is amazing. But I doubt it has delivered the return most owners expected. A fantastic car. Superb presence in the flesh, and that's even when just parked! The later Evora specials seem to depreciate harder. My 410Sport probably commands no premium over a 400, despite the huge volume of carbon etc and the 430 has depreciated in line with the GT410 really. I have no idea why this is at all. I do suspect though that more "hardcore" or focused drivers are drawn to the Exige as opposed to the Evora. Confirms to me that the market views the Evora as a GT
  16. Find it interesting that the previous limited run the GTE seems to be holding its value for me it doesn’t make sense the GT430 is not doing the same, is it the lower production run of 20 for the GTE that’s making the difference?
  17. Who THINK they can do your job! I see it in the IT services industry that I work in. The "juniorisation" of middle management that leads to chaos, service penalties, pissed off clients and poor profitability. Good luck with your search or what you plan next Mark.
  18. love the rear diffuser update. How much does the 410 grill and diffuser cost from lotus?
  19. Talking prices down. A Lotus owner speciality! You can hold anyone to ransom on most cars right now. Terrible time to sell, world's your oyster if you're buying. People who paid over the odds on 991.1 GT3 and RS have lost a lot more money. There are Cayman GT4s asking mid-£60k - that's asking. All are low mileage as everyone was scared to put miles on them. 2nd owner could easily have paid £120k for that. These are Porsche GT cars that everyone thinks are a smart place to put your money. Always best to stick to the golden rule of only buying cars that you wouldn't mind being stuck with. With Lotus taking a different direction as well as (eventually) broadening awareness and interest in the brand (plus investing in the heritage centre) the market for Lotus cars should grow. Supply of the last pure drivers Lotus won't.
  20. You may have a point Lucas. Below doc is from the early 90's.. I'll change it to 0790 in any case in the database.
  21. DaKa


    In a continued attempt to keep my daughter interested in Lotus, I sent her this Caturday post link. She has sent me a picture of our cat Dustin, laid back as usual, and also now feels that Lotus owners are more 'human' and that we should bring our cats to car meets - It's an idea!
  22. Just parked up on a street and nearly being rear ended by a 126 - amazing!
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