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  2. Discounting is certainly an Achilles heel for Lotus. It's ok if you bought one for the discounted price but a kick in the nuts for probably more loyal customers who jumped in and paid nearer list. McLaren are much worse though. Most owners that bought new will lose a gt410 in depreciation but that's the penalty for suffering from the need to have the latest supercar. Due to the proliferation of these high end cars they all lose money now. Over 3 to 5 years the Evora is pretty good what are 410s now? Still 65? Virtually just the vat lost if you paid 80k and they are likely to drop pretty slowly over the coming few years. It was a huge extravagance for me personally to buy a 410 but I reckon over a longer term of say 6 years you could lose more having a pretty mundane car on a lease or PCP.
  3. The 430 Cup was measured by Bemani.
  4. From @Nightfire post above see the torque curve dip on the 380, very strange but as KT told me is on all 380's they have seen. Also that 430 Cup torque curve shows around 420 Nm @ 2100 rpm, is the 430 dyno run from KT?
  5. Bravo73

    TLF GT430 Club

    Maybe @GRP might be interested in taking over production? That would be particularly useful for any US owners.
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  7. jonnyboy

    TLF GT430 Club

    Hi guys I've had one or two people message about the brackets unfortunately the place that does them have a minimum run I think it worked out about 18 pairs as the sheet metal they buy is specific for the application apparently. Im more than happy to supply the drawings if anyone wants to get an odd pair made up.
  8. Pah rubbish keep that e-type. Greta will be proud of you walking - what an inspiration you are. now stick up some more pics of that white Esprit
  9. 1. 380 CUP without modifications, engine warm. 2. 380 CUP without modifications, engine hot. 3. 430 CUP without modifications, engine hot.
  10. Something really useful would be if someone who fitted a KT 460 kit and had the dyno made at their shop would then make a comparaison run on another dyno... They seem to all have near 460 at their shop dyno... I m not saying that the KT power kits do not make the expected difference... when fitting the 430 kit my car was running fast and it made 40 bhp more on the dyno... But I m really questioning Lotus oem power output especially on the 380 versions... My 380 cup was around 345 bhp on the dyno and 385 bhp with the KT 430 kit on the same dyno... After that I fitted the KT 460 kit but did not had it on an independent dyno but for sure it was not feeling 75 bhp more... I would expect at best another 30 bhp
  11. Exige V6 CUP R with tvs 1900 on track
  12. at !0:30 in the vid he's talking about how good the steering is and says "it has the Lotus feel". McLaren will be pleased! He tested an Evora GT with a big smile on his face... I use my Launch Edition for Calais to Agde, or vice versa, and cross the Millau Viaduct so I found his journey interesting - I wouldn't go that way to get to NIce though. My trip is 666 miles so I do it in a single hit with just fuel stops, just over 9 hours, but Péage Tolls total 73€. I've tried the scenic off motorway roads but don't make decent progress - and since the 80kmph (50mph) speed limit on the open road there are too many 'boys in blue' with cameras.
  13. Seems my 400 likes to eat grasshoppers, their about 1/2" deep at the base of the radiator but only one or two on it. Weird bit didn't see any as I was driving.
  14. If you talk about a scissor lift with full length arms where the car wheels are on lift or one with extendable arms or by somehow removing the rear panel and reaching the rear lifting points maybe... But with a normal scissor lift with ramps between the wheels as in the link and as described yoy can t just park the car use 4 pucks and lift it as you would do with another car... You can do that I think with a 4 cylinders but not a V6 But to understand what you mean post a picture of a V6 on a lift
  15. KG

    TLF GT430 Club

    message to @jonnyboy sent. CF GT 430 front bumper is being worked on today @CSN Motorsports Gonna have some special work done to reveal a little more carbon when it is painted! A one off front end! i hope the club likes it! More pics next week!
  16. I totally understand people being nervous and pessimistic about tech creeping into Lotus cars. They way it’s traditionally done in cars has resulted in reduced driver engagement and feel and an increase in weight. So for sure be concerned about the future of Lotus. but... there are some companies that like to think out of the box like Koinesegg (sorry that’s probably spelt wrong) who I think are on the cutting edge but I think (never driven one obvs) they are still engaging cars to drive. The tech is used purely to increase performance. Oh! and also the fact that Popham keeps saying current Lotus values and DNA is top of the list and something they are striving to keep in the new cars. So for me that negativity is quashed ... until they release the cars or real hard evidence of what the new cars will be like. Then I’ll happily get the torch and pitchfork out and march to Lotus HQ in an angry mob when the cars are big heavy luxury barges.
  17. Did it ever light up? I didn’t think the Exige S was lit at all
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  19. My S1 is still in my garage awaiting some regrouping of the classic car market before I test the market again.....might have a long wait....... Phil
  20. If the scissor lift has adjustable (spreadable) arms, or like Barrys is a two post lift then provided you can get to the front and rear lifting points then will be ok. However I fail to see how the types with just parallel ramps sitting between the wheels would work and pick up the correct mounting points. I think this is also what @550superfast is also alluding to. cheers Mark
  21. Good skills and good knowledge. I hope my two arrive soon. I had no idea about the discount code. Justin
  22. £17,499.00 End Date: Friday Jan-3-2020 21:40:23 GMT Add to watch list Click to view item
  23. I'll be calling in to ProAlloy shortly so I'll have a chat with them about getting individual components for this system identified and priced. Also, I'll see if I can get under my car and start to produce a list of parts... with photos.
  24. I ordered three wipers which all arrived today - looks like I was lucky. The £2.40 Vs £1.20 is a bit of a red herring.. they were 2.40 when I posted but as always there's an ECP discount code on their site which at the time was 50% off. Today they are priced at £25.99 with a 37% discount code so I suspect the previous £2.40 should have been £24.00.
  25. (... and as for the pressure rating I reckon 250 bars as yours should be enough )
  26. Pretty sure it's 5/8BSP. I took opened-up swage ends from an old pair down to the local hydraulic specialist to have them form a short link pipe. Just be cautious on the bend radius of the hose. You will need a decent spec hose that can flex accordingly.
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