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  2. I still haven’t finished the crane awaiting an Esprit service date! So I can send both together #hint
  3. 10 seconds ago heading up towards Tonbridge. @TonyKL?
  4. Care about you too Andy and everyone else here too I do apologies also for coming across insensitive sometimes. I am just absolutely petrified about our willingness to give up hard earned freedoms at the drop of a hat. Even Boris joked that taking away freedoms is easier than giving them back. Once you understand the Tavistock institutes work on controlling by social programming you can see it being employed every where and that really scares me. I hope I am wrong and everything gets back to normal. Last thing I feel we need to do is to give the government, police and corporation more power. buddsy
  5. These are ones I obtained from Lotus Silverstone a few years back. I seem to recall at the time they advised that these would fit ok and cheaper than from Lotus, the Lotus ones being on back order at the time. I’ve never had the need to try one since the leaking TPMS that I had at the time was resolved at their workshop. I just wanted spares to keep just in case it happened again.
  6. Nice work Barry. In the time it's taken you to rebuild the engine and have the body off yours I've managed the sum of squat by comparison on mine
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  8. Breather pipes on tank ok? A negative pressure in the tank could impede flow. I learned the hard way with my fuel problem - I failed to check each element from the start to the finish.
  9. Window rail slide, Nylon Window Slider GM (Chevy) 9666748 "Roller WD 263D."
  10. Glyn Hi I see that a few years back you had issues with the gear selector. I was unable to get reverse even after new translator bearings at the rear., I then took the gear stick out and found this . Missing pin and worn bush. Do you have a diagram of how this supposed to be set up .

    Thanks 1988 Stevens Esprit Carb turbo. Translators are on the left hand side of the gear box looking from the back



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    2. Glyn Harper

      Glyn Harper

      Oh, and there is an upgrade you can do at the rear. If you still have the selector shaft going through that floating ball thing in a bracket, you can replace it with this instead.

      It takes a load of play out of the gear selection and makes it much more positive.

      37 and 38 are replaced with item 50, as below.

      Also, there is a good write up on Lotus Esprit World that will help you loads, and shows these bits.


    3. SPADGER27


      Glyn Many thanks that's brilliant. Thanks for the swift reply

    4. Glyn Harper

      Glyn Harper

      No problem at all.

  11. Nothing worse than a pops and bangs Fiesta ST or Audi. So overdone and gross. 2 or 3 pops is my limit, thereafter it sounds like it's not running good to me.
  12. They aren’t mapped in, they are naturally occurring so sound hate the way modern Audi’s etc sound with their fake pops accompanied by their fake engine noise played inside the car.
  13. Smashing. As childish as they sound of modern cars I think it’d suit a Lotus. They won’t be synthetic if they develop over time. All good. Fingers crossed they car is what it seems to be.
  14. Can't get my wing mirrors to play ball! The drivers side works on only 3 solonoids so I get some movement and the passenger's side stopped working altogether as I was testing it! This brings me back to the modern wing mirror motors I brought! Driver seat is now in and I have sat in the seat for the first time ever! Now I'll get the engine started tomorrow to test the clutch as this feels funny! Perhaps I'm just not used to it but to get it moving under its own power would be a big step forward.
  15. The template has been removed from under the rear body mount repair and the edges all tidied up. I'm not going to paint this area right now because the areas all around the boot floor need attention, but I want to get it back on the road and running before I tackle that. I need to leave it supported off the chassis for another 24 hours before I can put it under load according the epoxy desctructions. Overall I'm very happy with the finish and the area around the bolt hole feels rock solid now. Serck gave the chargecooler/condensor pack a pressure test when they re-conditioned the rad and declared it sound. I'm still toying with making changes to the arrangement but in the interests of getting the car more in the rolling that restoration state, I've decided to put it back in the car for now. My wife kindly took the pack and spent a good hour or more straightening out the fins as best as could be managed and then gave it a coat of radiator paint to cover up the hideous traces of yellow overspray from one of its many trip to the paintshop in its former life. Looks much more presentable now.
  16. Hello Everybody! I recently found out that the Eclat exists, and instantly, I fell in love with it. I live in mid/eastern Europe, and almost all of the vehicles I found online was left hand drive. I am a bit concerned, since if I own something this cool, I tend to use it every day, and this may will bother me in the future. I feel really passionate about this car, it has the style and for a reasonable price. Is it even possible to find a left hand drive one? (I am not really looking for a mint condition one, I love to fix stuff) Somebody mentioned in one ad, that it is not a big deal to convert a LHD to a RHD, but I doubt that. Anyhow, I appreciate any help and advice. Thanks!
  17. When I got my Elise out this spring for it’s first drive, the linkage on the throttle pedal popped out and the engine returned to idle. I had to climb into the wheelwell and pop it back on. Has anyone experienced this problem and do you know of a fix? It was a cool spring day, we have recently moved to (almost) mountains and at the time my (now replaced) battery was dead so after getting it jumped, I had once or twice punched the throttle a bit hard afraid it would stall (but that wasn’t when it popped out). Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Greg
  18. thanks for your support. 2 details about the front clamshell : - because the head lights are fixed to the clamshell, you have to disconnect manually the headlight before to remove completely the clamshell - the front towing system could be a problem when you are manipulating the clameshell (the towing eye in the front grill). the best is to have a system with a removable towing eye.
  19. 1995 esprit S4S. My window stopped going up, acted like it was off track. Removed door cars and saw that the nylon slider that holds the rear window arm broke in half. Does anyone know if the window mechanism is a lotus specific part, or is there a easy obtainable part? thanks!
  20. Yeah it’s just starting now after 2000 miles.
  21. Agree! I was just discussing with my partner if I’d have traded the latest 911 I have for the Esprit (she used to drive the Esprit) or bought it back outright if the price had been right, but it’s moot now. Glad to see it went eventually to a good home, someone needed to take it by the scruff and lift the body, sort everything and make it good for another decade and it looks like it’s been done. I think while I wanted to be that person reading the blogs on here, deep down I was happier driving it than being under it (don’t get me wrong, I did a load of work such as tank swaps etc on both cars). I kept it better than just MOT level but it was really a rolling resto. The cars that replaced them also have great memories attached, such as blasts down to the South of France in the 911 (its an older car but hasn’t missed a beat since it replaced the Esprit). What got me looking again was the softening of 308 prices, there are ones for sale now at less than the top end Esprits. They come with a lot of liabilities of course and the Esprit is more of a known quantity to me, so ended up dreaming of the elusive S1 again! I’ve attached a shot of them both when they lived off site at a friends house while we had an extension built, plus another type of S2 I had from Blackpool before the SE it shared garage space with for a few years. Happy memories!! Good to see the SE Esprit still lives and is MOT’d also....
  22. I have put a new coil but it has not solved the problem. I have noticed that the fuel flow from the tank to the (new) filter then to the pump is rather poor. The filter is only always half full of fuel, which makes me think that the problem comes from inside the tank as described by John. Yet, I am not very keen on the idea of pulling out the tank, which seems to be a pain. I guess I will start by trying to unclog it with an iron wire from outside.
  23. Turned down an S1 for £1500 at the turn of the century, I think I’d have still been in for £50K with everything it needed! Maybe Esprits were grossly under valued at the time, but the difference between a very average car and some of the top level restorations on here I expect is still not reflected in the asking prices of the top tier. It does make me think how Lotus themselves could make them for what they did, but they only had to put them together. Hope the S2 blogger does the video car proud, always great to see another car being brought back. Does Mark from the midlands with his S1 build still frequent these parts?
  24. Have owned an Exige S2 240 now for 7 years have done 28k miles in it and only problems a new radiator as the plastic header ends split and 2 batteries and one failed LED on the rear light and have changed the Toyota plastic header tank other than that just servicing And changed the exhaust as original lotus stage 2 noiesey and droned at speed so fitted a 2bular lovely build quality and great sound and easey to fit The 2ZZ is a cracking engine spins up a treat never burnt a drop of oil but would suggest if you can check the ECU print out if you can as I think some people can get overly enthusaistac with the rev limit and although going up the gears is protected coming down isn't other than that and a few rattles and squeaks it's been a blast. Improvements I thing would definitely be the new open linkage gear shifter and proberbly overall slightly better build quality but what ever you choose I don't think your be disappointed
  25. Well certainly looks like it’s found a good home, so that’s the £14k car, who bought the other silver one for under £8k on eBay? I’m sure it’s owner will be along at some point. Wow that white car certainly didn’t hang about, shame it wasn’t reunited with Jon but no meant to be. It just shows the bond thing probably sold it so a marketing success and didn’t de-value it more the opposite which could be good news if you plan on modifying a S2. Dave
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