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  3. I wonder whether it could be one of the ignition components going off with the heat. I don't see anything fuel related in the list of observations, although there is the possibility that partial blockage in the line from tank to pump would pertain. A Sunbeam Alpine gave me grief when fuel formulation evolution and/or age finally caused the paint on tank insides (!) to flake off and largely plug the flow. Symptom of this was that the car, after sitting for some time, would start and motor along fine as there had been time for fuel to seep past the flakes and into the line. Would soon cut the motor when underway and this is therefore a case of running time rather than heat. On ignition it pays to remember that new components can be bad out of the box. So, Bob, can you recall the point in time where this problem arose and so correlate to one of the instances of part replacement?
  4. Welcome to TLF Lupoletto. You should duck over to the Introductions area and say hi in there as well. I reckon you need to find the switch that operates when the trunk lid is opened or closed. That is pretty much all that is left to check.
  5. Getting them to go round corners is the thing I have not quite figured out. I brought a couple of roles of the stuff and they have been off more than once and I'm still not happy. If you have more luck I would be interested to know how you get on.
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  7. Hello Lotus-fans! I sm proud owner of an 2011 Evora S since 2 days and I have already the first technical question where I hope someone can help: My lights in the trunk do not work. After checking the fuse (which was OK) I measured the voltage at the bulps and there are constant 2V - no matter if the trunk is opened or closed. Can anyone give me a hint what the problem could be and how to solve it? Thank you, Lupoletto
  8. Possibly.... you can call it “ Moore” if you like..
  9. Hi looking to get a new battery at the moment - does this battery fit in the standard OEM bracket? Any problems with starting ? Many thanks
  10. Hi Chillidoggy , I have a dyno result before and I plan to Dyno again after I fit it. It may be difficult to interpret the results due to my other modifications. I believe it increases VE at higher RPMs. My tuner at Emerald is very good at explaining the Dyno results I will ask him. Dave Changes will have the a lot of dyno info on this. Mark K
  11. Don’t say that! I’m doing the pin stripes tomorrow!
  12. Nice work. Glad to see this project still moving along! buddsy
  13. The whole lot went in one transaction. I was selling by the foot but they took the lot. I'm not surprised that it sold quickly since it's now impossible to find in decent lengths and 1970's and 1980's cars that this was fitted to are being restored now, as we know... Mike from lotusbits said to me once when I was trying to track down a wing mirror, that when someone is spending £60k on restoring a car they want the right parts. I'm glad I got it when I did. It looks great on the cars and changes the look a great deal. With the pinstripes on, it looks very original now although the pinstripes were more difficult than the trim
  14. I’ve recently upgraded from an Exige Sprint to a 350 Sport, so far so good really enjoying the extra grunt and superior build quality. Just ordered a 2bular Valved Road back box to add some more pops and bangs.
  15. Good result for you. Don’t suppose you know if it sold to Elite/Eclat owners or not? Or just someone who wanted some trim.
  16. Think I've found a new hobby, completely opposite to the Exige. Bonsai. Really relaxing and gives me long term goals. Repotted a few today and added some moss and rocks, slowly learning how to make it like a mini landscape rather than a potted tree/plant
  17. Ok cool. Am happy with it so far. Will see if it remains stuck when I remove the tape tomorrow.
  18. Now I'm back home and the car run for a totaly of 470km this weekend No other problems than the ones mentioned earlier.
  19. That's exactly what mine looked liked yesterday. This is the best image I could find of the original fitment I checked the adhesive I used yesterday this morning and it is all good and looks just the same as the photo above but with shiny white paint and good chrome. Picture of new tomorrow.
  20. What a difference... A cleaning and a chrome rings make..
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