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  2. yes long time hence trying to see if the owner was on here to ask about it. Looks to be agents selling on behalf.
  3. $77,950.00 End Date: Sunday Nov-17-2019 6:11:43 PST Buy It Now for only: $77,950.00 Buy It Now | Add to watch list Click to view item
  4. I think my 18 reg 400 is much the same. There seems to be a fair bit of general noise from the drive train really, but I suppose that's one of the things I like about the car. It could be quieter at low speeds, but I tend to find that it's more than acceptable at 70 - 80mph, with or without the sports exhaust switched on. I don't know if it's a characteristic of a supercharged car, but I feel generally that it needs to be run at a slightly higher revs than say a NA or turbo charged car in order for it to feel smooth.
  5. Search over. Bought D.J.'s White & black NA 2+2. Thanks again for all the messages.
  6. I much prefer the Lotus carbon race seats as you sit so much lower, it improves the whole driving position, especially for taller drivers plus the weight saving is considerable but the Sparcos look great, recline and give you better access to the rear storage area.
  7. Hello, Mark, this really is a beautiful car well done!! Do you know which fabric is used for the dash?
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  9. It's weird, on the Owner's manual of my Lotus Esprit V8, in the capacities section (page 103) it says : Cooling System - 4 cylinder : 24 liters - V8 : 15 liters This is crazy !!! That's why V8 cars overheat !! I guess the 4 cylinder cars have the charge cooler system, but still...
  10. The 4-cyl holds 24 litres according to my handbook. Most of that has ended up on my garage floor at some point.
  11. On the subject of cooling. Does the V8 really hold 15 litres of coolant. I've never managed to drain even close to that amount out?? Andy
  12. The MOT for LHD conversion passed. The normal roadworthiness stuff had few minor items that need to fixed. Esprit is now legally a lhd car. This feels like the goal line and the remaining stuff is just details. Can't stop smiling....
  13. £27,000.00 End Date: Friday Nov-15-2019 11:35:36 GMT Add to watch list Click to view item
  14. Guys new update : I got the numbers The piston number is 82.941 and the cylinder sleeves 82.997 How do these numbers sound ?? Mike, for the sleeves there was glaze busting/re-surfacing involved indeed !!!!
  15. ramjet

    TLF GT430 Club

    I missed the date of his post and this turned topic up in my 'View New Content'. As I was reading through it to 'moderate' if there was anything I needed to do, I came across the post from dcmp. Didn't take any note of the date. I was on my phone in a break from a course I was on. I'll use that as an excuse.
  16. Back on Track have done mine plenty of times, they’ll get it perfect for you
  17. I think @GFWilliams have provided them with ample opportunity in the past.
  18. I hope I haven't offended anyone... I am doing my best to understand how this build is supposed to be done...
  19. Manheim but out the several hundred car transporters that were coming and going all the time, most of them were BCA!
  20. I thought it might be gear linkage but I think 3rd and 5th are on the same link and 3rd is fine. With 5th it's as if I haven't depressed the clutch all the way. Do Back on Track have much experience with the gearboxes/gear linkage? They are not far from me in Guildford.
  21. That was my thought too. I was advised to ensure the entire liner surface is sealed into the block (admittedly on a 4 pot). Presumably it reduces the risk of 'fretting' or movement during heat cycles
  22. 2GOOD

    TLF GT430 Club

    Blimey! Thread resurrection! Dave posted in August 18, I had the pleasure of leading & following Dave’s GT430 to the Lotus 70th at Hethel last year. The car was traded in against another olive green GT430 with B&C and Jamie worked his magic on Dave
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