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  2. Thank you, yes the air intake is above the radiator. the smell was a large accumulation of dead and mangled the base of the radiator now removed. The only reason I was thinking due to where the car was parked for 4 days in a shed, there was evidence on the engine, of rats being there. and having bated them I thought they may died somewhere in the car... The car is the process of a good clean and inspection wheels off, shrouds off, just in case they chewed something, My mum Toyota Hilux the rats chewed through the hard plastic cover over the electrical board on the ABS module and chewed to top out of the washer bottle to get to the water.
  3. so which did you end up getting? I'd like to compare some of your readings.
  4. sounds healthy, congrats and did you end up welding a connection bung to the oil cooler?
  5. $39,995.00 End Date: Monday Jan-13-2020 21:00:42 PST Add to watch list Click to view item
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  9. As a teenager i had a supersonic experience flight. Somewhere i still have the model, flight tag and a4 concorde beige folder.
  10. Gazm

    TLF GT430 Club

    Well, the B&C Sport 430 was for sale for ages... I just wasn’t in the market til now...and someone in the UK now has one . I would be using it as a daily when I’m home each month, track days would be very occasional. I know about the performance difference but wondered if the ride or interior spec varied too. Anybody know how many were actually built of GT and Sport... I can’t imagine all 60 were done looking at how many are still for sale in European dealers.
  11. Hi guys Picked up an Exige 350 70th anniversary a few weeks ago Have a few plans for her, carpets and wrap some parts and paint the rims... Or trade her in for a 380 I’m based near Milton Keynes so shout if you’re close
  12. I received several answers about the Dunlop 03G. First, Dunlop UK redirected me to Mr Tyre Motorsport. Mr Tyre Motorsport (UK) : 285/30R18 was dropped from the list of imported sizes, they have to be produced in a minimum quantity, so there would need to be a real demand to import that size. HP Tyres (UK) : unfortunately 285/30R18 is no longer available. Renn-Reifen (DE) : these tires are no more available. LMS Racing (DE) : this size is out of range in Europe. Nengun (Japan) can provide everything Dunlop Japan still offers, and should then add this size to their catalog. However then, price for 2 tires + shipping is crazy... Dunlop 03G finally does not seem much like an option...
  13. Getting a little stale now. Unfortunately, not looking like it'll go away soon.
  14. She retained her seat (albeit with a slightly reduced % of the vote) but STILL 39k people voted for her. WTF!!!!! Is she dishing out free drugs at her Constituency Clinics? but how much % did remain parties poll? Must have been significantly less so I don't see their point. The key to losing is losing with style!
  15. Lotus track day at Dubai autodrome club circuit On board my exige v6 with TVS1900 supercharger
  16. $89,995.00 End Date: Sunday Jan-12-2020 12:56:11 PST Buy It Now for only: $89,995.00 Buy It Now | Add to watch list Click to view item
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  18. I bet theres some full on chair envy that goes on in there.
  19. Thats why stickies are so good...or did I miss it? I do use the search facility before posting, but things always get a little fuzzy after wine o’clock....
  20. Its about once a month on Ferrarichat so we get away lightly here. Narrowly beats "what oil is best".
  21. pete

    General Election.

    alan sugar on twitter
  22. If I don't see a cambelt tension topic at least 4 times a year, I get the jitters.
  23. Just for info's, We had this topic here. I remember, I went into detail about frequency tension in the past:
  24. pete

    General Election.

    Was meant to be. A victory
  25. Yes, it makes steel harder and more resistant to wear, tear and deformation. Kind regards, jacques
  26. Dan E

    The Grinch

    I would have thought that made 6
  27. Front springs also replaced now. Theres and excellent guide on the Lotus Esprit World website on how to remove the springs. You split the upper wishbone, it makes it so much easier! Ive nearly finished the top RHS ski rack plug. Its taken hours and hours to sand and shape. Ive also started the smoothing of the lower rack plug. Im using Isopon P38 over the styrofoam which now has glass cloth and epoxy resin over it to stop the foam from melting! Laborious process to say the least. If the plugs are perfect there will be a lot less work required to the moulds.
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