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  2. H,i it is not difficult to understand if it is an original highwing. All the highwings have ABS brakes, they have a rear door without glass and front rubber lip spoiler, the inside trim is like the SE but the seats are different, similar to the S4, the tunnell is lower than the SE, and the heating panel is like the s4. In practice inside it is an s4 but with the old steering wheel, the old wiper and indicators levers, old doors panels,but with a new tunnel and heating panel and new seaters From 1991 the badge lotus se were moved from the body to small glass , a new rear writing lotus badge and new gear knob are used ,this in all SEs, so also the SE HW is the same . I have 1991SE and I have the badge in rear quarter window ,new rear lotus badge and new gearknob like SE hightwing but I have old tunnel and seats. this is se Highwing seat you can see here the differences between 89 / 90 and 1991
  3. Howards Lotus are pleased to offer this gorgeous Evora S Sports Racer finished in Nightfall Blue metallic. The car comes with the normal Sports Racer options which includes Tech pack, Premium pack and Black pack. As a result the car comes with all the options you could wish for with things such as satellite navigation, hands free telephone, reverse camera, heated seats etc all coming as standard. This particular car is a 2 owner example with a Full Lotus Service History and recently serviced. We are able to organise finance (subject to status) and are happy to take part exchange. We are ideally located adjacent to Weston-Super-Mare train station and just a 30 minute drive from Bristol airport. We are happy to collect you from both locations. To avoid disappointment we operate on an appointment only basis as most of our vehicles are stored off site in undercover storage. Established as a single family owned garage in 1972, Howards have evolved into a multi-site group with dealerships not only in our hometown of Weston-super-Mare but also Taunton, Yeovil and Dorchester, we have 14 dealerships overall. With over 40 years of automotive heritage, we are proud of the experience and reputation we have gained for delivering quality products and services that our customers can trust. All of this is underpinned with the value and convenience expected from a modern retailer. The post 2015/15 Lotus Evora S Sports Racer appeared first on Click to view item
  4. Assuming the linkage is free, revs slow to return to idle is indicative of an air leak, or possibly completely out of balance. Not idling could possibly be fouled idle jets (or not...),which can easily be checked by removing the small cover on top of the carbs, which gives access to the idle and main jets.
  5. Is the car in regular use? Has the issue suddenly appeared? Have the carbs been apart recently?
  6. Today
  7. I assumed that they actually wanted to get to the venue
  8. I didn't realise that you could carry a passenger!
  9. Not far from me, but don’t fancy driving it, it’s only got three wheels 🥴
  10. Just for interest factor - I received my cert. of provenance from Andy Graham today. My #002 was purchased new by me back in early June 1999. The data from Andy confirms what I was told at the time. 1 prototype car produced #002 was the first European S350 to be finished, so first of 42 for Europe and the only S350 registered without A/C. If you don't have a cert. I would recommend contacting Andy Graham, as it's nice to have some additional detail on our cars. Mike S
  11. They'd be better off stripping it for parts. But they do invite you to go round for a test drive! Anyone local fancy a run out to report back on how it goes?
  12. Oh!....and I was just about to offer the Onyx
  13. Jean, If I had a million to spare it'd probably be spent on a collection of Esprits with the remainder spent on the upkeep
  14. I once took and engine apart and put it back together - however a full car would be a massive undertaking for me to be honest. Wouldn't know where to start! You're shows are absolutely brilliant - I've recommended them to a few mates who will check it out.
  15. Oh. I for Indigo, is Domestic with PAS and AC, so 1974 with PAS would have to be Elite (Eclat arrived in 75)
  16. If the transmissoon is a transaxle then it came out of an Esprit, otherwise it wss an Eclat/Elite/Excel.
  17. Hi anyone have a good method of fitting the dust seals on the rear brake callipers. I rebuilt mine a year ago and taking them off now I find both piston seals have come adrift. ta C43
  18. The first letter is actually an I (i) not an L. Any idea where I could find out what kind of car this came out of ??? Thanks...
  19. Great video Charlie, who's is that beautiful Kawasaki Green 250 Cup at 4:24? Oh wait's mine Already over 70 cars booked on the Sunday morning runs and 40+ for the Friday BBQ! Shaping up nicely for a great weekend
  20. Get someone to put some pressure on the bonnet over the catch that’s not behaving while you pull on the release lever. The extra compression on the spring is usually enough to ping it free.
  21. L = Domestic = UK 74 = made in 1974 05 = Made in May of 1974 7176 = serial number
  22. Anyone watched The Looming Tower about the CIA and FBI on the run up to 911, based on fact, popped my head.
  23. Going back to the wholesaler on Tuesday assuming it doesn’t get nicked from site this weekend which is a 50/50
  24. One side of my bonnet fails to open today. Is there anything I can do to open it?
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