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  2. Hello everyone, I am curious to know if anyone has changed the final drive ratio on their Evora 400 with a kit such as this (they offer 5% and 10% reduction options): One of my concerns is whether or not it will affect anything relating to the ECU and cause CELs or traction/stability control problems (although I normally turn everything off anyway). Komo-Tec also sells revised gear ratios so if someone has done this instead, I would appreciate their feedback. Thank you in advance! John
  3. We will be meeting between 9am - 10am at Soda Bar and Bistro in Waterbeach (now known as Denny End Deli) location information here: At 10:30 we depart and drive in convoy to Hunstanton (we have an excellent driving route planned). If you would like to join us please sign up here:
  4. @Mark030358 - it's on a ramp. No idea how it's mounted to be honest. Got a lovely new engine badge from Komo-tec! Still want carbon engine covers, but other things always take priority... If anyone wants to buy my @alias23 Lotus Badge, please drop me a dm
  5. Congrats! Yes, the transmission noise is quite loud, you'll get used to it, goes away over 2k RPM.
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  7. Me and Shelly Schumacher will be attending as usual... Happy Easter...
  8. Welcome Josh and congratulations on making the transition to ownership. I'm assuming you and your dad are aware it's the Lotus National meet near Brisbane from next Thursday to Sunday? I work for an Aussie company and lived in Brisbane for 6 months about 2 years ago. Some amazing scenery and roads, both along the coast and inland. I'm due to be over in a few weeks but booked the trip before hearing about the National, so will miss it by a couple of weeks.
  9. This is the initial route (note the starting point is different) I'm considering avoiding the a14 and going through Soham. Any suggestions welcome.,+Cambridge+Road,+Milton,+Cambridge/Thetford+Forest+Park,+Bury+Saint+Edmunds/Great+Hockham,+Thetford/Hingham+Rd,+Great+Ellingham,+Attleborough+NR17+1HY/Litcham,+King's+Lynn/Hunstanton/@52.6013993,0.437528,10.46z/data=!4m38!4m37!1m5!1m1!1s0x47d871ae7bb25bed:0xa222d7a2bbdd8f11!2m2!1d0.1541519!2d52.2390487!1m5!1m1!1s0x47d847848fab64b1:0x4c7eddc68ac723de!2m2!1d0.5407117!2d52.3441386!1m5!1m1!1s0x47d9cc2d8998ac57:0x7d1e2be5df5cc15a!2m2!1d0.872473!2d52.4933539!1m5!1m1!1s0x47d9d01354e199ab:0xa83f26515762ff83!2m2!1d0.9747449!2d52.5469512!1m5!1m1!1s0x47d77f8c1202cbff:0x7e3c0802eabedb5f!2m2!1d0.791395!2d52.7241371!1m5!1m1!1s0x47d79035fc89c3bb:0x65e16def39a6dca7!2m2!1d0.491032!2d52.9389139!3e0
  10. Fantastic picture, the retro Esprit in green blends in so well with the rural location
  11. Welcome to the TLF, Stunning colour and a stunning car, enjoy
  12. Yes sure! Just confirming it with a friend of mine, will send you a link to the rough route. Hope to get a chance to give it a test run next weekend
  13. I would also try replacing the fuel pump as mentioned in one of the posts above
  14. Speak to Mike at lotusbits and get a fully developed engine, you can use your own powerplant and get the 2.2 made up to 2.5. I know the work is not cheap, but 5k to spend on tuning your n/a engine will go a long way, that way you keep your car and factory engine nuber, just anther option you could look into
  15. You'd not get S-like performance, unless you switched to Turbo as well (which would include internal changes to the engine), so although it would remove the reliance on carbs and all the work involved, it isn't really that different to a gas-flowed head with better flowing exhaust etc on a NA car.
  16. As Chris says if you fitted EFi you would get increased performance something akin to the rare S models.
  17. You say it starts well when cold. What is the cold start routine and initial running procedure? Such as fuel enrichment lever applied (aka choke), throttle pumped x times. My suspicion is, if it's running and starting well when cold, it may be slightly over-rich which would then cause a problem when warm and even more so once the fuel in the carbs has vaporised into the air box and so delivered a massive volume of over-rich air, but not so much that it will not run when hot.
  18. Excellent comments and much appreciated. Now leaning towards a new buy/exchange but I'll need to double my budget I feel.
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  20. Stephen & Kim have organised May's meeting. It is at The Prae Wood Arms, St Albans The Prae Wood Arms Garden House Lane St Albans Hertfordshire AL3 6JZ 7:30 for 8 meeting. Please state if you are coming so that we have some idea of numbers.
  21. I did mine on one of the hot days late last year. Curving it over the wheel arches I didn't find to bad. It does follow the line of the arc at the top of the wheel arch but the bend radius can't match the curve as you come to the wheel arch. This was how it was originally. I'll post some before and after photos. Over the winter the stress due to the curve did cause the adhesive to fail on one side. I put this down to the paint not being absolutely clean. The car was dusty before I applied it and whilst I cleaned the area before I stuck it the exposed adhesive may have come into contact with a dusty bit of body work during the application. I still have not applied any polish to my car since I wanted to get this on, with the pinstripes before I sealed the paint. This may be another problem you might be having. With the trim that did come of over the winter I have applied some contact adhesive yesterday and will now need to remove the excess with a small blade so the gap looks the same. Now my lovely wife is yelling at me to get the car packed up since we are out today but I'll post some pic later.
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