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  3. Yes the rev limiter is changed an around 7000 rpm Only problem I noticed with the 380 cup is that the adjustable motorsport traction control that should work when in tc off mode is not working anymore I did not get a reply yet about that from komotec but another tuner in Italy told me that in fact you can t really raise the rev limiter on the 380 cup map so what they usually do is to upload all the ecu files from the exige 350 that have the rev limiter as standard at 7000 rpm in tour or sport mode and then remap the oem file to be suited for the 380 cup and the mods. Probably in that case the file to make work the adjustable traction control is missing. I don t know if it could be manually added and they just forgot to do it or if not and in that case you can t make it work if you want the rev limiter at 7000 rpm. still the adjustable traction control is not really that useful as on a dry track most of the time is better with tc completely off and if you want to get the normal traction control and esp you still have all the other settings working as tour sport and race. In fact it becomes just as the 380 sport.
  4. They do the paint in house. I had my Esprit done there a few years back
  5. Evora in the USA discussion is now here...
  6. from reading the above post about the us ordering spec, just wow.. surely that cant be right? looks like chaotic way to run a business.. = epic fail surely lotus must have an open dialogue with its dealers? to advise on weekly progress and spec so that they can advise the clients.. we have internet and emails last time i checked?
  7. Yet another article on Lotus' next new model in Autoexpress.
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  9. Vibration is probably balancing only.
  10. I found PS4s in the right size for 18/19s.
  11. I am feeling very alone in here. I can just imagine everyone sitting at their computers going, "I'm not going to help him. This stuff is simple."
  12. Maybe those posts could be moved to a different thread ie Lotus in The US, what’s going on! As it seems to have taken over thaw restbof te discussion?
  13. Shouldn't all your anger and frustration be directed towards your Federal crash legistlation? This is nothing new.
  14. So,on Tuesday had my first proper track day,(previously done a few supercar experiences),at brands hatch Indy .Due to reading all this thread ,thought I better get some proper tuition ,so on recommendation hired David pittard for the day as wasn't really keen on binning it!!!Felt quite intimidating when I first turned up,eventually found the pits(not the easiest to find)and parked in my garage.Guy next to me had a mk1 golf gti ,turned up on a trailer and a ton of tools and kit.So I got all my kit out,sandwiches,bottle of water and a tyre pressure gauge! Then watched as mclarens,amg gtr,lotus 430 cup, porsches and a host of clios,fiestas caterhams etc all turned up... Morning session was trying to take everything in that David was teaching me,blimey there's a lot to learn.Was getting hassled,overtaken by virtually everything,but listened and tried to learn what I was being taught.And didn't want to roll it in the gravel at the bottom of paddock like the lad did in his Clio! Afternoon session was very different,once I gained some confidence,and realised how bloody awesome the car quickly it stops ,corners and goes is something else! What a lovely feeling it is when cars indicate to let you by....really felt like I was getting somewhere. David took me out for a few laps,makes it look so damn easy and was hassling the much faster stuff which I found quite amusing. Also couldn't believe how much fuel was consumed,and how bloody exhausted I was when I got home. Anyway to sum up,I'm hooked,will be doing many more track days,David was excellent and will be using him again in the future.......I Feel this is an expensive hobby!!!!!
  15. We are stupid. You are correct. We are stupid for wanting the same car that the rest of the world can buy. The problem with the Evora is Lotus and their lack of effort in the US. Selling a model with a 3-5 year old front end is unsatisfactory at best. Most dealers have 2 cars a manual and a automatic. The manual sold. The automatics didn’t. The cars are a mix of parts. Then they wonder why. Why do they have 2 year old cars sitting unsold. One 400 comes with one rear deck, then the next 400 comes with a different deck without a update or notice. It’s whatever parts they have in the bins. American consumers have the internet. We can see what the rest of the world gets for updates. If they were doing their job, then the 430GT would have been available for the world. Not the world except North America. When a company doesn’t update a car for a specific model then the resale market drops. I didn’t order a 400. I didn’t order a 410. I ordered and was presented a order form for a Evora 430 with 422hp. Now it’s turned into a Evora 400 without notice. That is a problem. As a Lotus employee commented to me. "The US market. Why do we bother!"
  16. That's seems consistent with the tyres position in the range - on the track the compound and tread block design doesn't hold to to prolonged track usage. Bedford autodrome is a great circuit by the way! Quite a long lap so enough space for cars to spreadout.
  17. I want one for inflating the tyres of both our family cars and bicycles. I've had numerous footpumps, which are too much like hard work, especially for the 70PSI or whatever of the bicycle tyres. I've also had 12v cigarette lighter pumps which soon blew themselves to bits, so I don't want another 12v DC version. I want one I can just plug into the garage wall mains socket and do the work quickly, reliably and accurately. Any recommendations?
  18. I find the TPMS works really well and it advised me of a puncture which I was quite happy about. It does occasionally "lose" a sensor every now and then but not that often. I have also found it to be very accurate. When the Autel sensors are only £20 each and fit the wheels better than the original GM sensors its not even that expensive either.
  19. That’s it - no question. Alibi sorted off to buy a car
  20. C8RKH


    Oh I am very much with you there! I have no issue with Vegans other than they do seem to be like religious fanatics in that they deem it their duty to try to convert everyone they meet who is not the same as them. I like meat. They don't don't. Great, get over it. I already have..... If the whole world went Vegan overnight the world would be fecked and many more would starve than do now. Do we need to eat less meat - yes, purely in my mind for health reasons. But then i go past a nice independent coffee shop and the smell of that fresh bacon sandwich hits me and in i go for my black Americano with bacon sandwich. it's like a reflex action, the brain is not consciously involved in the decision process. A bit like buying an Evora 410 Sport if i think about it.......
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  22. A couple of photo's of my car from Piazza Italia (Horsham) last weekend on Sporting Bears duty.
  23. Spinney


    Well yes, my remark was slightly flippant and I am aware of the life cycle of a dairy cow. I could never willingly become vegan, as I simply enjoy all the things they wouldn't consider eating, far too much. Vegans have gone from being considered on the slightly loony fringe to becoming more mainstream and each to their own, but not for me, I'm afraid. On the subject of folk not eating certain foods, either for ethical or religious reasons, I once went to stay with a Jewish friend and his family but at the breakfast table, was slightly taken aback to see they had bacon. I said to him, I didn't think Jewish people ate bacon, to which he replied in a conspiratorial tone, "ah, we don't normally, but so long as the pig has been circumcised, then it's ok."
  24. US customers are stupid if they think Lotus doesn’t care about their market! Its a front bumper away from a euro GT430 Sport. Ohlins are available for those that really want them from the UK importers, same for J-hooks, they should be available from AP Racing. Failing that, fit even better aftermarket rotors. If Lotus didn’t care they’d have fitted the rear wing anyway and sold a car with an aero imbalance. Evidently they do because the lack of wing will cost them sales. Which brings us neatly back to customer intelligence again.
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