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  2. @Johnny5 Did you get to the bottom of the fault?
  3. I’ve had 2 encounters with Eurotunnel staff in the past 3 years. One was when I was in the Evora at the French end when I was blocked from going to the high vehicle lane by a member of staff who tried to direct me to the normal car lane. I just told him “no way” & pointed to the high vehicle sign on the window hangar. He asked “why?” & I just told him to check his company’s policy on the type of car. The other time I was in the Lexus RX when they pointed me to use the upper deck. I just said “nope” When they got insistent I told them that “it’s impossible to see the corner ma
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  5. I put in a pioneer SPH-da130DAB. Excellent and has Carply. It was a PITA to take out old wiring though
  6. Started in 1992 and have lost count. Can't think of any I did not enjoy, ranging from twin cam Europa to S300 Esprit to Evora. S1 Elise probably my favourite. Justin
  7. I know ... LHD only! I don't want to sound unsupportive of my favourite car company by far, but there's a certain sour taste left in the mouth when the phrases 'British hypercar' and 'LHD only' end up applying to the same motoring product.
  8. Mine is nightfall and the code is c105, there may have been a b105 but cant remember. Had mine mixed at halfords.
  9. The irony is that the next generation of @LOTUSMAN33 will be scouring the world for original ICE for early Evora, come 2035 and beyond. If not sooner...... Justin
  10. 5'10" and must say that once in, the Evora is streets ahead in comfort than my Audi RS3! I have though had two discs removed from my back and maybe will have the third removed, so getting in is not completely a fluid operation, but not difficult. I do wish that the door design might have taken a leaf from the original GT40 though....
  11. Will someone point me in the right direction to find where the colour code is displayed on the Evora please, or, might anyone know the code for 'Nightfall Blue' please?
  12. @Black Forest Power Jonny @The Pitsis probably the best source for advice on the Ohlins settings. I know he has driven his car extensively on a variety of circuits.
  13. Is the one that Lucas Reynolds had?
  14. Wow, never saw that before. My binnacle was alcantara and I took the cover to a shop to attempt to match the rest of the car. They didn't quite get it perfect but I would suggest bringing your old and new to a shop that could probably order you alcantara. So a few questions: - HVAC display update - is there any way to get a Beta release from AiM that would fix this? - Reverse of the Reverse camera image - are you telling me that they can't add this to the software. I nearly hit a car yesterday. My camera was already on the car and I just got the wire from Aim so I could use my ca
  15. If you're thinking about doing something then do it, no regrets later. Mission creep is in full force so just strip the damn engine and do it right to satisfy your concerns, it's already apart so easy enough to do now. I'd rather have a car mechanically perfect than cosmetically perfect.
  16. 6”6” and still room with a helmet on.
  17. No. You are not the only one - I’m with you all the way here. I’ve always thought/described all Audi’s BMW’s Porsche’s as the pinnacle of average-ness.
  18. Sadly I don't think I'm going to be able to get to the Mayfly on Tuesday. However that does mean one less for the rule-of-six planning for everyone else!
  19. @PaulCP Yeah agree. I did actually when I booked it and they put me in that cue and train on the way out but didn’t on the way back. It was also the mate I went with who happened to be in the drivers seat at the time so he feels guilty. I probably should have moaned at Eurotunnel staff at the time for not putting us on correct carriage to maybe get some monetary compensation towards fixing. Only a rim but still annoying.
  20. Ouch! Always book the high vehicle carriages on Eurotunnel (they are wider). It was a Eurotunnel employee who told me to do this on my first trip with the Evora as he directed me in that direction when boarding. They don’t charge any extra and and it’s always amusing to see others pointing their finger & laughing at you when they think you’ve taken the wrong lane after check in
  21. My name is Brent and I have a serial Lotus buying habit! I bought my first in 1969 and have been doing so ever since. This is a self help group session isn’t it?
  22. There’s just something so right about how the GT40 looks. Always been one of my favourite cars & the only Ferrari imo than can shine a torch near it is a Dino. Ive often looked at the Tornado replica but the closest I’ve ever got to owning one is a Scalextric model I had in my youth. Good lunch with the bid
  23. The engine has to come out to get the gearbox out unfortunately. No telescopic propensity on these.
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