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  2. Thought Esprit`s could go under the sea without rusting!! Unless it was film trickery ?
  3. Just an update, I got the PFC08 pads for the front. They're great so far but I also never had issues with the OEM pads. I've used them on the road so far (maybe around 2,000km) and on two track days. The PFC08's do squeak, not too bad though and not all the time. definitely bearable. I think I'll be ordering them for the rear as well.
  4. Generally all cars have a high and low pressure cut out. The problem when they loose gas be it through the input glandseal usually through lack of use or else were as the oil in the system is misable with the refrigerant you loose that as well. Now there's proberbly only about 700grams of refrigerant in the system and only a few fluid Oz of oil so it doesn't take much to loose the oil charge. Now as the compressors don't have a sump they rely on a mist of oil returning with the refrigerant for lubrication. Now unfortunately 2 things are against you when you loose refrigerant 1 with any loss of gas a certain amount of lubricating oil will also be lost 2 if the system is running low on charge the velocity of the returning gas from the evaporator (cooling coil within the car) decreases and leads to oil starvation to the compressor as it leaves it behind in the evaporator. So golden rules Always run the A/C to keep the input shaft glandseal lubricated. It requires a thin film of oil on the carbon and polish steal faces to seal and stop refrigerant loss. If the A/C is under preforming don't run it untill it's repaired/re gassed And try not to engage the A/C at high engine revs as it puts undue strain on the magnetic clutch and the compressor as it's forced to match the engine revs instantly Although I understand this directly does not help your situations it may help you in the future
  5. And I thought the Mary Rose was bad, !!!!
  6. Kicked off the Summer season in earnest today, starting with a suspension refresh on @temple's GT3. Plenty of corrosion and nastiness for a relatively young one! This is going to be so much more than just bushes. Sheared/seized bolts, very nasty brake pipes and unions, shredded balljoint rubbers, a coilover that I doubt will ever move again - and that's just O/S/F. One final cut and the lower arm will be out, but Tracy called time, and she is a very very good cook. I shall resume tomorrow after verifying Alan's credit score.
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  8. Thanks, hopefully will now be fine, the dealer didn’t tell me about the hidden bolts just the seven visible ones
  9. If you get a bolt that doesn’t want to budge then one of these is your best friend to loosen that first bit before using a normal screwdriver
  10. SCCFE33CXVHF65160 1997 Esprit V8 Calypso Red Fort Mill, SC, USA Mine made a boat trip early in it's life, but from the other pond. First registered owner was in Honolulu, HI before it made it to the mainland.
  11. Working on ride height today - something that always niggled me. The front splitter will need to be raised a couple of cm, but that will be taken care of when the front bumper comes off.
  12. Sorry if reviving this post is not appropriate, but think I might have the same issue as the OP. Went for a drive today, then all of a sudden high pitched squealing, smoke from the engine bay and then it cut out. I have been recovered home as its Easter weekend, but the AA will be collecting it to take to Lotus Silverstone on Tuesday. Whats interesting is, I had my 3 year service 139 miles ago, so out of warranty by 4 months now, but when I took it in I said my aircon wasnt working, and apparently it was out of aircon fluid, so they sorted it, but told me to always leave aircon on to avoid future issues. So if this is the same issue, and with such little mileage, I hope I have chances of fixing as a good will gesture. Car has only done 8000 miles.
  13. It’s a very lovely Ford Capri you’ve got
  14. @Bibs do you need pictures of the VIN and the car to proceed or has my time on the forum been enough to convince someone I do own this car?
  15. They are safety hex I just went and got this set
  16. Hi, sure someone can help as I try to maximise the sunny weather what tool/size is required to remove the 2 large silver bolts which are visible once you remove the small pieces of side trim at the rear of the roof. Removed the 3 front bolts , 2 at the rear and the 2 side pieces and then hit a snag! thought they were normal star style but apparently not. TIA
  18. Not sure what else I can say Thomas, except what I said earlier. Hook up the four headlamps for main beam, and it’s simply astonishing. I wouldn’t say that if I didn’t believe it. I drive a brand new Ford, and the lights are better than that. Oh, and don’t go into those woods on foot, I have it on good authority that bears shit in them.
  19. Waze is by far the best sat navigation tool available... its brilliant.. and always 100% accurate with traffic and re routing.. mapo arsealways correct.. IMO of course
  20. Hi I cannot believe Im having major problems in getting a brake master cylinder overhaul kit for my Esprit s1. Ive been on the forums, and someone recommends getting one for a Range Rove however there is 1 seal missing. Another shows a kit but hasn't replied to my enquiry. (it is an old post).SJ. shows a kit but there seem to be stuff missing. Lotus Marques seems to show the full kit (see below) but doesn't list it for sale! Anybody got any ideas where I can get one from? Cheers.
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