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  2. Hethelsport used to carry these, but I don't believe they're available any longer.
  3. $45,900.00 End Date: Thursday May-30-2019 9:48:56 PDT Buy It Now for only: $45,900.00 Buy It Now | Add to watch list Click to view item
  4. $52,900.00 End Date: Thursday May-30-2019 9:48:55 PDT Buy It Now for only: $52,900.00 Buy It Now | Add to watch list Click to view item
  5. 2 years with no support for me. Waste of time fitting it in my view.
  6. Only cos you like me and many others were too ill informed to make a decision apparently. Now I’m sure you are far better informed - and will vote just the same way as the first time round
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  8. I guess that isn't the end of the world except for the cost of having to drive to them, pay for their labour rates to install the 475ps kit (since that is effectively what I would be after as part of the quiet it down process for track use), map it on their rolling road, etc. I wager that is about a £8,000 - £10,000 proposition when all is said and done to travel, stay at a hotel, pay labour rates and cost of parts for the upgrade. Extra cash towards a GT430 instead? Would be nice to be able to buy your own exhaust mods and get someone to tune the car in the UK and cut that proposition in half to c.£4,000 - £5,000.
  9. Or best offer. Built an electric car on it, chassis had 14000 miles; I added 200 miles (couldn’t get the car registered in Connecticut USA. NO TITLE. I have bill of sale from yard in Pennsylvania in 1998. Please see Eebay listing item number: 283494131772 for many images and complete info The post Complete 1988 Esprit S3 Turbo Chassis or its Parts appeared first on Click to view item
  10. Excellent condition, low miles. See Eebay listing: item number: 283484875173 The post 1979 Esprit S2 transaxle appeared first on Click to view item
  11. Just back from the dealers. As I suspected it was the AC Compressor clutch. They said it had some swarf on it from fitting the new one (seems odd, but whatever). Said everything looks good and I can no confirm the sound has gone. YAY. Now to hopefully enjoy it again as the good weather is back, just need to keep the AC on all the time to ensure never have these issues again didnt notice quite how noisey the AC compressor was before, takes the attention of the transmission noise I guess. Just sounds like got ALL the fans going from the outside even on low, lol.
  12. re the seats, it would be easier & quicker to buy these brackets: (Jon is a 410 owner who posts on here). re the ECU, Lotus started encrypting their ECU code a few years ago. Komotec seem to be the only people who have bothered to crack the encryption. So, unfortunately, it isn’t really possible to livemap the OEM ECU in the UK. UK specialists will tend to offer a custom ECU instead.
  13. 5146 is the correct belt. It is only 1mm narrower. If the entire belt is on the pulleys then I wouldn't be overly concerned. Have you started the engine yet? Have you done any other work on the car?
  14. Okay, you measured the Pr and Sec resistance of the Lucas coil but the coil now doesn't fire, or perhaps the spark is too weak for the engine to fire up. But the engine runs when the Viper coil is fitted. Is the Primary resistance for the Viper 3 ohms? I am wondering whether the CE module has partially failed so that it overheats or breaks down when a higher current draw is required. Perhaps, it would be prudent to carry out the following checks and report back.
  15. You don't happen to have fitted a round tooth belt instead of square tooth belt ? Neil
  16. No matter how it ended some were bound to be disappointed. Just knowing it was over was a let down that meant no ending, happy or bittersweet, far fetched or logical, could really tie it all together in a buttoned down way that would leave us in a happy alternative universe. What kind of happy universe doesn't have more GoT seasons? I say congratulations to the entire GoT team for being able to keep the attention of the world's presumed 'adults' using only zombies, dragons, wizards, reincarnation and a gratuitous helping of beheadings and boobies to maintain prurient interest. I don't usually go in for this kind of thing but somehow they hooked me from episode one. I kept thinking: is that really what it was like in pre-history Scotland? No wonder they go to war in kilts! I just had to know how week after week how it came to such a pass! But the question is: is it really Dany's end? Everybody knows you can return from being stabbed in the heart, even easier if you have a dragon! Just make sure the right kind of sorceress is on call. You don't want the kind that leave you alive but with the intellect of a zucchini. The future is bright with potential. We've already agreed to believe anything they toss at us! In the real world of Trump and May, Brexit and US immigration policy, I have been steadily groomed and prepared to believe anything can happen. Dragons surviving the combined fire power of the Iron Island fleet? Arya finally finding something that gets to her? A guy who actually has a complete sense of history ruling the kingdom? Piece of cake!
  17. Not the correct wheels. The current owner bought it off a lady who, when the time came to hand over the car, suddenly felt she had gotten too little money for it and withheld the original wheels Edit: but it's all good because SWMBO can now kerb the daylights out of them and I won't give a damn.
  18. there was a clip of her driving....and you could see the shoes...... so I think yes she did wear them to drive it........ and yes I was amazed at an ex F1 driver going for the porker.......... I hadnt got a clue about the other two journo's........... you might aswell have had Steve Wright and Margaret Rutherford
  19. She had them on when she got in and out but I don't know if she took them off to do the driving. She absolutely raved about how great the car was to drive. Still think the Porker win was ridiculous.
  20. Quick update - Car is fighting fit again.... Almost! First test drive happened earlier this week following about 6 months off the road (unbelievable how time flies). Following my cleaning up of various grounds and connectors, and the installation of a new battery ground and a new ground from the o/s front chassis leg into the frunk which services the lighting, horn and washer pump circuits it was nice to see all electrics feeling a lot more positive, in particular all gauges (bar the speedo as it's mechanical) are rock solid and exactly where they should be. This has highlighted a new issue which is I am only achieving 0.5bar boost at WOT. I've checked all the throttle linkage which is fine. Also all vac hoses, intake hose, turbo to wastegate pos. pressure line are all new and in good order. Wastegate actuator on the other hand is in a right state... It's got a nyloc nut for the rod adjuster which I am sure isn't original, and the rod adjuster itself is only 5 teeth off max adjustment. Guessing the PO had problems due to a worn internal spring which has been compensated for over the years. I'm not messing around, for the sake of £12 I've ordered a new Garrett OE one. Will post the results when I fit it! The next problem is my starter... I've had an intermitted no start issue ever since I've had the car where even when I've got plenty of juice the solenoid just clicks rapidly. I whipped it off after work yesterday and, well, have a look at the state of it. I'm another £200 in ( ) but awaiting delivery of a high torque starter from SJ so hopefully it will be a nice little upgrate! Installation should be quick and easy... Getting to know this engine bay quite well now! All good fun....
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