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  2. Man maths is the only way..... Yeah def doable ...... a silver one popped up at Porsche Aberdeen for £74.5k Ironically I brought my wife's Macan GTS from there in January. I don't fancy that drive there and back ever again Aberdeen to Taunton was a slog!
  3. Sorry, can't help, but I'll be watching this thread in the hope that there's a simple solution! Mine does the same, occasionally it has a good day and will display a clearer image.
  4. Welp... this is the only evidence I have, and I don't see any cracks, so I'm going to call them good and pretend this conversation never happened. (Good tip on checking them regularly - I'll put that on the list. Thanks!)
  5. 2010 NA Last 2 weeks the screen shows up mostly black with some specs of light of moving pixels, when reverse is selected. Switching in and out of reverse ~3 times and the picture does appear, but sometimes redish. I did a search but can only find no picture = dead cameras. Since mine sometimes works Im guessing and hoping its cables aging badly. Anyone had and resolved cable/connection problems? 134,000 miles now. Still loving her
  6. Yes - they crack on the bends below the trunnion at the end of the arm. I've got several sets of early arms and they are all cracked - even the later galvanised ones before they doubled up the thickness of the metal on the last ones. I have to admit the cracks are hard to see when they first start. I think so long as you know about the cracks you can check them at regular intervals and you'll be fine. Pete
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  8. You'd want to try this one (it's 5/16" instead of 3/8"). It looks like it might be a bit too long before the bend, but I would definitely give it a try. Worst case, you might have to pull off the fuel pressure regulator, stuff that in, and slide it back on if there isn't enough room to stuff it in normally. Funny, I couldn't find anything like that when I was searching. I would get 5 or 6' of hose just to be safe. I used plastic braided, as I saw a lot of
  9. I can't help I'm afraid and I wish you good luck, however the Sport 300 is also a very rare and sought after model so there won't be loads of these hiding in the woodwork. cheers -Chris
  10. I love that sort of man maths. Starts at mid-40s and now up to mid-70s. Result. Personally, I would definitely hold out for a GT430 and I reckon that £75k will be doable before too long (if not already).
  11. Hi all I have been directed here by a friend of mine who is in the club and I hope someone can help. I am looking for a head unit from an Esprit Sport 300 as referenced below and I can’t find much info on this model so suspect they were not very common The reason I am searching is that I have a special edition lesser car (compared to an Esprit!) which is a 1992 Peugeot 205 GTI 1FM of which they made 25 for Radio 1’s 25th anniversary. I have saved a car which has been off the road for 10 years and have got it back on the road and sourced all the original Clarion radio, but my
  12. This is great information much appreciated. Thank you. I came across a 3/8 GM Quick Connect Male BLACK Z148N -6AN 90°: Would you think this would work instead of bending a straight adapter? Last question, how much hose would be needed? Take care, Jason
  13. I think you are correct then, sounds as if the gauges (or grounds/earths) are lacking a good connection. Old British cars (Esprits up to the Stevens body style) have a voltage stabilizer, but your SE doesn't. You should be able to remove the top cover of the instrument binnacle to check with a multimeter. But it might be easier to 'Assume the Lotus position' (head under dashboard, feet sticking out roof ) and re-seat the connectors to the binnacle. The cabin's 'earth' point is in the left A pillar. The 12V power comes in from the rear, in a similar manner, at the RH
  14. Back on the hunt, but in no rush. Car was inspected and not quite as clean as was implied in discussions. By way of even more budget scope creep have my eye on a GT430. Not long on market and they seem to hang around forever so will sit a wait a few months and see if it creeps down towards my upper limit in the depths of winter and if something else comes up in interim will snap that up. Budget now even more flexible as wife approved of spending up to £75k on the next weekend car now (need to top up car fund from the share ISA for that level) so I have set some ranges... ~ £44-4
  15. Hi Guys, on my 1975 Elite S1 I am having difficulty seeing where the fuel pipe runs along the chassis from rear to front, currently a previous owner has cable tyed a length of rubber hose to the brake pipe, which is obviously not right. I have ordered a new nylon pipe from SJ but where to route it (and secure it to the chassis) Thanks
  16. You’ll need to do another one to qualify for 2021
  17. 2021, so voting next year. I’ll remind everyone - unless I forget!
  18. Nope! Didn't know that was a thing. I did spend quite a lot of time cleaning/painting, but I wasn't looking for anything specific. Where do they crack - I'm guessing along one of the 90 degree bends? (I ask as I frantically look through all my disassembly pictures) Finger's crossed that they are OK - there's no way to see cracks now that they're coated.
  19. Brilliant Brian! It's looking great under there! Such a shame none of it gets seen again . Did you look really closely at the trunnion ends of the lower arms - they are often cracked on the early arms? Glad it drives well. Can't wait to get mine to that stage! Keep up the good work. Pete
  20. It's very green isn't it.
  21. Hey CarBuff, Thanks for your swift reply! I checked the voltage at the battery: When engine off: 11,6 V with lights off and 11,5 V with lights on; When engine running: 13,8 V with lights off and 13,7 V with lights on. I didn't find any black goo on the compressor, the alternator and regulator looks clean and dry. So...any other place where to look? PS: There is only a small sea between France and England; maybe that's why they both built fabulous cars........ Rowald
  23. Don't think I've ever seen so many photos of a car before! Got to say that whilst I hate the interior, I quite like the outside look. Particularly the material around the clock looks like Kermit the Frog was sacrificed for it. Re paint job, I think they photos are of too poor quality to judge. That interior would have to go though....
  24. Sorry chaps, going to be a lightweight and miss the xmas meal. A table of random women? Buffets have obviously changed. I've heard of a desert trolly, would that be a dolly trolly?
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