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  3. Thanks for such a warm welcome Here are a few photos
  4. Esprit is an iconic shape. There are not many cars that this could said about. Therefore, if there is a new Esprit, it has to look like an Esprit. Not a carbon copy of any of the previous generations, but like a current 911 is clearly related to it´s predesessors. The problem is that Esprit was created to be a part of certain design philosphy for the whole range. Evija, Evora, etc. are based on completely different disign priciples that the wedge thinking that the Esprit and Elite/Excel. The worst solution would be to bring back the name, but having it look like another variant of the Evija/Evora.
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  6. Bibs

    Almost there!

    Very cool Greg, well done mate
  7. I think the only time the word Autocar is written on here is when they come up with one of their guesstimates of what the next Lotus may possibly look like, be powered by, cost and so on. They just seem to make it up as they go along.
  8. Bibs

    Hi from Halesowen

    Welcome to TLF and thanks for the kind words Matt. It's a nice choice to have to make. Happy shopping
  9. Awesome, thanks. I see there are several diameters available. What diameter is the one you've used? Andy.
  10. Because of Photobucket mate. When they stopped free accounts linking their images externally IPB changed this software to take all images and store them locally so that won't happen again. They still link to your external images though so if anyone clicks them they'll see them on your site.
  11. Esprit federal rear valance brand new still in Lotus packaging. Collection only. as in example photo. Call, Mark on 07788 780 307 The post Esprit federal rear valance appeared first on Click to view item
  12. Welcome to the forum. Sorry to say that most of us are still wrestling with the conundrum of which Lotus to choose, oscillating between Elise and Exige is particularly common and seemingly incurable. So expect plenty of discussion but not any lasting solution! Just to complicate things I now own an Evora just when I thought of myself as an Exige man for life but still regularly yearn for an Elise! All I can say is Elise is still magic, just as great as you remember, Elise Cup 250 is even better than you remember, seriously impressive car with seemingly endless reserves of grip, the sweetest, most benign chassis balance of any modern Lotus, amazing stamina on track and by far the cheapest running costs if you like trackdays. For mainly road use a 220 Elise is more than enough, slightly more compliant and more adjustable (= fun on the road) with a little less ludicrous grip but a Cup 250 does feel very naughty on the road in a good way. Think of it as an S2 Exige continuation. Only thing you’ll miss is revving past 8,000rpm. Exige 410 is a proper angry beast of a car. Laugh out loud outrageous on the road, full of feel, communication and tactility on track. Hard laps are a workout for the body and frazzle the brain. It will test your bravery. A full-on experience, super intense but also surprisingly good on the road when taking it easy (decent gearing, ride is good, V6 smooth at low rpm). Not a great daily car due to limited rear visibility (Elise wins here) ingress/egress challenges (esp in tight parking spaces) but for weekends and special drives very little to touch it for engagement and excitement at any price. If you’re above 6’2” you will probably need to look at an Evora but you shouldn’t feel short changed. Exceptional drivers car with a broader range of abilities than the other two. ‘GT’ is a stretch, it’s a proper pure sports car with a bit more refinement than the other Lotus models. The others score on the ability to take the roof off but the Evora seems to have an answer to every type of road and feels very competent on track but calmer and more composed than the Exige which feels more wild and savage. A near impossible choice but also one you can’t get wrong. They are all brilliant in different ways but also have a lot in common. Best get out there and get test driving!
  13. I'm sure a few of you have seen on social media, I've spent the last few months working on this amazing project to launch the car and of course the brand, which has been an absolute privilege to do. This was the first shoot, we closed down Hollywood Boulevard for 3 hours to shoot this and the official video. As the video always takes priority (not sure why, more people see the photos!), I only had about 20 minutes to shoot these which meant sticking to natural light and making it work. The next part of the shoot was on Highway 1 where we also closed the road, this time for short intervals to do a quick pass back and forth down the road. Up to San Francisco a month later and we shot the car overlooking the skyline from across in Alameda. These were to be the first teaser images of the car. Onto Laguna Seca where this was my favourite shot: In a studio last week, I had a day and a half to shoot the two Geneva cars, then a day to retouch them for the launch. A pretty unrealistic deadline, which meant we had to compromise on quality a touch, but I did over 16 hours straight of retouching while struggling with Jet Lag, and produced a set I'm pretty happy with considering. I shot these on the Fuji GFX100 which is the latest mirrorless medium format camera which Fuji & WEX Photographic kindly lent me. I shot each car individually as it makes more sense for controlling reflections, then pieced them together in photoshop. After extending the background a bit to give the cars space around them, I was up to over 300 megapixels for one image... If you're interested, you can see full res here: @Bibs why does TLF kill image quality with compression? I tried linking from an external host but it insists on locally hosting and killing them
  14. Is it just me or are cars nowadays designed by committee somewhere, perhaps the People's Republic? All modern sports cars regardless of manufacuturer look mostly identical - genereric, teardrop formed masses packed with technology and devoid of any sort of elegance or lasting beauty (the new DeTomaso is an exception). There's an open goal for the manufacturer that decides to cash in on nostalgia and put out an angular car, and to hell with the drag coefficient etc. If Lotus thinks releasing an Esprit derived from the Evijas design will be successful they need only look back toward the success (or lack thereof) of the revamped Europa; a car loved by very few. There should be a respect of heritage. Get Giugiaro on the case again. Me personally, I'm biased - I'd like something based on the G-Turbo or preferably Turbo SE Stevens shape - square and angular, but with a modern twist. Oh and that Bahar-era Elan was dope. It was by far my favourite of the lineup. Shame it never happened.
  15. Not convinced by this ..... I understand the reasoning but not the Logic.. Lets just say you had some media lodged in the cam covers that had not washed out on all the clean ups you did.. Its then released when the engine got hot... Its path will be to flow with the oil into the sump. From there it will go into the oil pick up and pump inc the PRV.,. From there to the cooler and filter... Journeys end ... It could not get into the main oil gallery to grind away at those cam bearings and other parts as indicated.. You have to realise these bearings are at the ends of the oil run and the oil is under pressure within these. There is no way any media could go against the pressure flow.. Any media that was left in any part up stream of the filter then yes, but to do the damage it did it will need to have been on the lines of aluminium oxide.. so unlikely again.. All the damage you have shown is what we would expect to see with the engine running dry .. once this damage was done , then it was a slippery slope to eventual failure.. I expect the initial start up and lack of primed oil pressure for far to long was the primary cause.. It was as you stated escalated by a stuck PRV. This may have been caused by ingress of media from the source you mention , But looking at the PRV pic you posted , there was an obvious previous issue within that area which had been overlooked.. So as to the reason it stuck this time being the last build or a previous oversight not being picked up on, will be a matter of conjecture. I feel you must now put the causes behind you . It serves no purpose to look for a scapegoat.. concentrate on assembly with knowledge gained , most importantly prime the engine prior to starting and monitor closely during break in period..
  16. It’s a smaller diameter wheel and asymmetrical - even smaller lower half of wheel - kinda D shaped
  17. Ah, cool. So what generates the extra leg clearance? Andy.
  18. Good job I'm an affable English man then @Barrykearley I have no fondness for this company nor its leader so maybe I should gave posted this in the What made you happy thread"!
  19. As can be seen on another thread, putting the charge cooler in the oven to harden the paint off turned out to be less popular than I thought. Relations are almost back to normal now, but I'll have to figure out another paint-curing method. I'm now at the stage where I'm waiting for bits to arrive. Main bearing shells are OOS, which means I can't start building even if I had the rest of the stuff. Vernier sprockets, cam tensioner are also OOS. The gearbox parts are apparently somewhere in the delivery pipeline. I should be able to pick the alloy parts up from the cleaners this afternoon, so it's not all bad news, I'll have lots of shiny bits to sit and look at.
  20. Mark030358

    Almost there!

    brilliant, and a gret colour too
  21. C8RKH


    Why? Did a model in Poland think getting a tattoo artist to dye her eyes black was a good idea? WTF? Really. Poor girl is now almost completely blind at 25! Beggars belief.
  22. TFL is Transport for London by the way, which regulates which cars have to pay charges to enter London, which from April means quite a large area out to Dulwich, Putney etc... this will be coming to a town near you soon (Europe at least). Sorry for the thread drift.
  23. This is probably not helped by the fact the Lotus castings of the day were not very good, they were a typical 80's British motor industry product. They have a rough surface and they had problems with porous castings sometimes.
  24. Good work. I have toyed with the idea of a flat bottom wheel to aid driving position
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