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  2. Look Dudes, it doesn't matter if it's a C8 or a CJ5 with 4 wheel drive. The only Evora that will be collectable, (note the spelling), is the S1 NA manual with all the packs. End of.
  3. Redwing


    Thanks to you all for your comments. I keep the beast taxed and insured all year round. I believe a piece of engineering needs regular use. I have a house on the Welsh coast and that is where most of the mileage goes. However, this year, due to circumstances, I have not been able to visit as often as I would have liked. As some of you have pointed out, living in the birthplace of global warming, I have access to many roads that cry out for spirited driving, and I assure you I do not leave them disappointed. Keep on keeping on. Redwing
  4. Yesterday
  5. I find it exhausting that after 30min scouring the internet for an answer, I cannot find 1 person or online shop tell me the actual "Flow Rate" of the secondary injectors? It's like you can have a 3 page discussion about upgrading them and no mention of the size.... Not even a vendor selling an injector for the Chevy S-10 side feed will have any mention of the flow? WHy so top secret, I think I may have to tap into them or get an adjustable FPR to increase the flow of the 8 Cobra injectors that are only 252cc.
  6. The MX2E is 'taught' the gear ratio's during its set up calibration (RPM Vs in gear speed) The dash doesnt know if its Manual or auto (ad doesnt care ) Just need the two signals (RPM and MPH)
  7. $30,000.00 (0 Bids) End Date: Sunday Dec-22-2019 14:50:20 PST Buy It Now for only: $39,000.00 Buy It Now | Bid now | Add to watch list Click to view item
  8. Must second that jez and Sam do a cracking job
  9. If this is still running I served 8 years in the Royal Navy working on Harriers and Seaking helicopters
  10. There was some interesting stuff turn up recently after someone found some items in the loft of a property they moved into. Can't remember exactly what it was now but @Parramint maybe able to shed some light on it for you. chipp
  11. user guide here : time for a night with aim dreams for IPS owner, indeed no way to configure mathchannel. So I don't know if it will work with IPS.
  12. If the GT is granted collectible classic status (still a speculation but a pleasant one) then anything based on the 4xx chassis will be brought along for the ride. For "collectors" (if Evora actually reaches collectible status) then the GT indeed will be the one to have but talk about limited numbers. Thus for enthusiast drivers it's somewhat irrelevant which trim they get (in the USA), being mostly a question of incremental cost. I say all 4XX variants rise or fall within a reasonably predictable ranking by vintage/trim but all on the same tide.
  13. Can you buy a workshop manual or does it have to be a download laptop type. Wanted for dash interior clips etc. Ie in which order to remove dash cap and panels with light buttons in Ps s2 elise
  14. At home in Arizona on a beautiful December evening.
  15. Only been to Folembray so far, and I dont think they care there
  16. Based on the following link is there anymore to the story on Lotus doing some styling exercises of an Elan +2 with the then upcoming Lotus 900 Series engine? Apparently some within Lotus (possibly within the context of the 1973 Oil Crisis) wanted an 1800cc version of the engine in an Elan +2 based car as a stop-gap to sort out engine issues prior to the launch of the Lotus Elite, only for Colin Chapman to insist on a 2-litre and nothing else. - Previously sought to have a similar question answered a number of years back regarding Lotus investigating lower displacement versions of the Lotus 900 Series though did not get much of a response, partly because was then unable to find the relevant information on my end.
  17. Parliament have already debated a change in the way we vote and it was rejected. Is this another case of having more and more votes until the loudest protesters win? My point regarding the % for leave v remain was actually more related to the fact that I voted remain in the referendum but voted for Boris and I know that there will have been Corbyn voters who voted leave but could never bring themselves to vote Tory. At the end of the day - it matters not one jot. 'We' voted to leave in 2016 and hopefully now we have a Govt with a big enough majority to ensure that at least in some form, Brexit happens. Even Farage had the balls to admit that he would rather see any brexit than none at all! I also believe that we will now see the true Boris who isn't constrained by the DUP or by the ERG - if you discount Sinn Fein (who don't take their 7 seats) - his majority is nearer 90!
  18. Big shout out to Jez and Sam at Back on Track for such a brilliant service with sorting my car. They really go that extra mile with everything they do, the real jewel in the crown of garages! Getting the car back like this before Christmas beats any presents! Joe.
  19. $35,000.00 End Date: Sunday Dec-22-2019 12:56:43 PST Buy It Now for only: $35,000.00 Buy It Now | Add to watch list Click to view item
  20. Thanks for some insider knowledge. Do you track the car often? If so, has it been a problem??
  21. I’ve done only a few mods. Have kept all original parts to swap back if desired if I eventually change car. 1 Went From original to V2 smoked GRP rear lights last year now to new unsmoked V3 lights a few weeks ago. Which look incredible. 2 Managed to get the wooden surround gear knob same as the Type 25 430CUP. 3 Most recent mod is the mirror and stalk upgrade by GFWilliams and Imran. I ordered immediately having had a chat with them before the orders went live So was in batch 1. There was a delay with mine as they changed the matt black finish on the stalk for the CUP which I am really chuffed they did as they really do look fantastic. I opted to black wrap to cover the third hole and again can be returned to OEM if necessary. 4. Black petrol surround. I’m keen to get the new AIM dash upgrade but wasn’t keen on the plastic binnacle cover at present so will see if a CUP CF option is released at some point.
  22. Was the coating Crystal Serum Ultra or Crysal Serum light? - With both you can try to break it down at a chemical level, either with something highly acidic or alkaline, try going with a neat strong alkaline wheel cleaner, such as bilbury, or go the other end with a strong distilled vinega - then follow up with an citric cleaner. The paint Lotus use is really intended for inside use use (Sonnebornne and Reick Soft Matt Feel) and specifically states that is will discolour in its early life, especially where it vents differently. This would explain the tape lines and the top and edge line that may have been hit by UV in its early life. Changes to the paint (discolouration of the matt paint) is specifically excluded from the Lotus paint warranty. Being an interior paint it also means its not that hard wearing, so tread carefully with brake cleaner. So if it is a coating, try to removing with acid or alkaline. If its the paint you can try to the following: Expose to UV by parking in sun (hard this time of year), exposing to heat to get it to rebreath (a hairdrier could work, but a heat gun could be a bit extreme), or simply coat again in something like an interior dressing. Using something like Gtechniq C4 would also fade it as it levels out trim very well
  23. I replaced my nylon pulley with an aluminium one that had a ball race bearing. I got it at a boat chandlers, used for wire control cables on a yacht. I found that the nylon one was squashing and then binding when under pressure from the cable. Nice job with your conversion Pete!
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