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  2. Pilkingtons? As well as remanufacturing the glass there would have to be sufficient extra fittings (handles and tongues etc) as there are quite a few bits and bobs involved in those and all out of production too. SJ Sportscars have it all but exactly how many full sets only they could say. Therehas been suggestions in the past of getting them done in tinted polycarbonate (makralon or some similar modern hard wearing stuff) which could also wear a clear film to protect from wash scratching etc. This seems a good idea as using polycarb the thicknesses at the edges and hinge points could then be moulded thicker to re-use the existing fittings from the old solid roof. A lot of work for someone to emgineer a small run, which could end up costing as much as the 2nd hand glass ones?
  3. Great to see everyone at the Mayfly, farmyard smells and all! Can't make the next meet, will be sunning myself in Sardinia (conveniently near some well known Lotus filming locations). but hopefully see you in June. Happy to enquire about another Wonston Arms gathering for June maybe? Pete
  4. If you are planning to use Machine Mart sign up with them first, they regularly do VAT free offers that can save an awful lot of money if you are willing to wait (they had one just recently). You are obviously paying VAT should you be able to claim it back, it's just 20% off. I saved about £200.00 when I bought my compressor, then claimed the VAT back making it really cheap .
  5. I still get that, it’s hard not to follow sometimes, they turn and your instinct is to also turn but they were on line and now you are turning early! keep the updates coming as it’s great to hear others experiences. We need to all get more video up as well.
  6. But that doesn't really work, because any nationalised industry knows that if it runs out of money, they'll get it from the government.So they can spend what they want rather than what they can afford.
  7. Haha yes I also got the ‘don’t follow them that’s the wrong line’ I will also give jack a go at some point as well.
  8. Other than the "country air" taking its toll one of the group, it was another good gathering. I look forward to the race night on the 7th and the meet up on the 28th.
  9. Thankfully I didn't need fibreglass repairs, just a new bumper and bits behind it and a headlight.. Can't fault their work in any way.
  10. All that looks good, the second, slightly larger, compressor gets my vote. You'll need a handful of male and female fittings too, to allow the hose and inflator to be coupled/decoupled from each other and the compressor. Have a chat with the staff at Machine Mart as they're usually very helpful and will make sure you've got everything you need. Don't be afraid to use generic terms and names if you don't know the specifics, they won't care!
  11. However, they do these days have "help to buy schemes", zero deposit schemes and also increasingly shared ownership schemes where you buy say 25-40% of the house, rent the rest and can then buy a bigger share as you grow older and can afford it. Then, like my 25 year old daughter, there are the "help to save ISA's" that thje government puts free money into to help/encourage youngsters to save for a deposit and other schemes too. As I said, it is in reality no harder now than it was then. It is certainly NOT harder now, nor was it easier then! The £50-£60k deposit is I would guess a "southern" England thing. Here in Scotland you can get a really nice 2 bed flat in a nice town/city for anywhere between £60-£100k - as Tebbit said they can get on their bikes and move! The south of England is not THE ONLY place to live surely? I've spent my time in my career working all over the palce and regularly moved for a job/promotion whatever. I never expected it to land on my door step. I do think our views are similar, I do think I am probably less tolerant than you and probably not as nice a person! ( That's a compliment by the way - I don;t give them often so you better bloody well enjoy it! lol...) That's my waist! I was entitled to eat the pies and so IO bloody well ate the pies!
  12. Skiving off school is hardly activism or suffrage. When the new generation stop buying tons of worthless shit, porking McDonalds or voluntarily clean a public park instead of playing computer games, then I'll take them seriously. There seems to be a backlash of hatred about "the older generation" causing the current generation's massive "suffering". I'm sure the youth of 100 years ago would consider their lifestyle heaven compared with going to hard manual work at 14.
  13. 52? Pffft. I’d had you pegged at 61, at least.
  14. I do indeed agree with a lot of what you say there...!
  15. Today
  16. It’s easier just to blame everyone else and accept no responsibility for your own life. seems to be the way of the world these days
  17. You can borrow mine. Can’t help with lack of the air-con, though.
  18. You and I are exactly the same age and I suspect have a very similar view on life! I agree with you and I wasn't necessarily saying that the past was great - it is just that there was historically a very different set up which tended to support the average family (not saying it was wrong, just unsustainable at Govt level). My Dad built up and ran his own company from the late 60s until forced into Bankruptcy in the early 90s (another story!), my Mum largely stayed at home but also had a part time job. I cannot imagine how hard it was being 'entrepreneurial' through the 70s. They did, however, benefit from Married persons tax allowance, 100% Mortgage tax relief and house prices that reflected your annual wage (not 5x multiples). It is always dangerous to generalise and I see many great kids today who are prepared to work f****** hard, just like you and me and those before us. I went through the same hideous interest rate crisis as you did and had a house repossessed as a result (which took me 10 years of chuffing blood sweat and tears to recover from but I repaid every penny and didn't declare myself personally bust (which would have been quicker and cheaper) - we did though benefit from 100% mortgages and low deposit requirements. We all (well most of us I hope) try to make the best of the opportunities we are presented with at the time but I genuinely feel for any one who has to save up £50-60k as a deposit on even a modest income. I exclude ALL spongers from my assessment - they deserve what they get. The genuinely in need I would support with my last penny and I fear successive Govts have left many of these people behind in an attempt to weed out the spongers. Happy days
  19. $18,000.00 (0 Bids) End Date: Thursday May-2-2019 9:39:03 PDT Bid now | Add to watch list Click to view item
  20. I think you get a compulsory 2 day ban, and sit in a corner to consider your actions, for mentioning the b word.
  21. Yeah well, we decided to do something about that -it was called Brexit - just our bloody politicians then went and screwed that up to! (yey, do I get a bonus point for getting Brexit in?)
  22. I would go but I don't have a Bremont!!
  23. I wouldn't go as far as to say you are all stupid Ken. However, your crazy federal/state requirements and nanny-state safety laws don't really help a low volume manufacturer do they? And the fact that the small volume manufacturers need to accommodate those fooking looney features means that the rest of the world gets stuck with shite features like what look like bicycle reflectors stuck on each side corner of the bloody car. So whilst you aren't all stupid, their is plenty of American influenced stoopidness that the rest of us have to live with on our Loti!
  24. It depends on where it has cracked. Most of those I've seen were on the side where the pipe from the exhaust breather exits. Mine hasn't cracked (yet) but I often get a small deformation 'hump' which dissapears when the car cools down.
  25. The packaging of an electrified mid-engined rear wheel driven 2 seater sports car sounds like a very interesting challenge. I wonder if it means just a 48v battery paired with a V6 or a full on hybrid motor paired with a 3/4cyl engine, shoehorned in the engine bay, with a battery bank slotted on top of the gas tank or between the passenger. I wouldn't mind seeing Lotus loose on Geely own V6 to get the thing integrally "lotusified", be it turbo or supercharged with a spec sheet to play the part 7500 max rpm, 450bhp+, 550nm, a 6 speed manual for the purist and 7 or 8 speed DCT or auto gearbox. I fully trust the Lotus design team and Geely parts bin to put together a cabin that will not only bring Lotus in the 21st century but also give some of the established players a run for their money. I do like the 2010 intent Prototype Elan too, but for some reason I think that Russell Carr and is design team will try to stay as far away from it as they can, and the shadow of the Type 130 seems to point with curvier shapes...
  26. Don't laugh at us, you now have pedestrian crash regulations raising the front ends of cars up above the knees, required crush zones above engine (front eng) for body to be cushioned in fall onto hood, noise standards that eliminate exhaust override buttons. Our air bag and emissions standards this year become your standards next year .. I do hope we don't get the reversal of your upcoming mandatory electric cars.
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