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  2. Don't be too hasty to judge guys...they maybe just wanted to get her outside to get her number
  3. 1) No - I specifically said that there weren't enough chargers - not that was good. 2) There's nothing to make my mind up about; hydrogen, to refuel a Fuel Cell, is considerably more difficult to store and transport -than electricity is to re-charge a BEV. It is considerably more expensive to power a vehicle as well. 3) Odd - I thought renewable energy assisted powering the grid - not making demands upon it. There a possibility that an excessive amount of people may want to charge at the same time - but then that could be managed by smart charging (see previous link). Some people may be happy to drive to work, plug there car in there, whilst others may be happy to charge at home over night. Clearly the matter does need to be addressed - but equally it is not an insurmountable problem. We actually both agree that Hydrogen and BEV will still be developed and increased. You think Hydrogen will prevail. This time last year I would have agreed with that - but now I'm not so sure; and I can see that as Batteries improve then the advantages that hydrogen has will become diminished. Time will tell on that one.
  4. Nope - I did not say that. I know you like exactness in quotes so re read what I said. Thank you for the link. That is correct as long as you do not have to queue for access to the charger which is why I gave the examples of "volume" of customers served per hour. Already in the UK people are having to start to queue. Also, not all electric vehicles have a range of 375miles so that point is in fact wrong as a generalisation. Granted, some do. But I'm never gonna buy a Tesla at the (in my humble opinion) vastly inflated prices they charge for what it is. I have a Lotus for that :) So you are saying that it is OK for there not to be enough for BEV's but it's not OK for Hydrogen? Remember, Hydrogen is at the start of the uptake, it's taken BEV's what 6-8 years to make the "slow" progress on charging outlets. My argument is that by converting petrol stations (not the whole thing, just part of it like they did with LPG) will be a faster roll-out as the energy companies have big pockets and and a big incentive to do it. Yes, UK centric points. That is the perspective I have been using. I have used Tesla Taxi's in Schipol for about 6 years (they've had them longer than that) and I have also used a local taxi at home that is electric - I got picked up at 2330 from a train from London and my taxi driver did not want to take me the 19 miles to my house as he was not convinced he would have enough charge to get back to his base again! I told him not to worry as it was all down hill back! He was genuinely shitting himself re the range the whole journey to my house! Bless. Taxi's are a bad example as taxi drivers or firms will either have a charging point at home or at their base. So if they need a top up that is where they would go just like a normal taxi would use a petrol station. This is where we fundamentally disagree. You have consistently, if I have read your posts correctly, stated that Hydrogen is more difficult/dangerous. No your saying maybe? Make your mind up. We have a ready made grid but it is NOT made for the huge demands that both renewable energy and BEV's are going to place on it, specifically in high density areas and you cannot say that people will not all want to charge at the same time, a lot of them will based on their lifestyle patterns. I have no idea re the situation in the Nordics, which is much less densely populated than the UK. So again, I am being Uk centric. Also, the roads/pavements in UK towns and cities are congested with street furniture so we have an issue with where to put home chargers for those that live in terraced houses for example. In most UK cities people need a parking permit to park near their house. They are not guaranteed a "spot" and many park "some distance" away from their homes as a result of parking congestion. Finally, how do you deal with 120 families who live in a high rise? BEV's are fine for people who have the space to park them at home etc, but for many people it will prove to be difficult to put the infrastructure in place. So, I'm not saying that BEV's are bad. What I am saying is that they are not THE answer to the problem. They will be part of the solution, but not the only part and in my view not the majority part. I guess we just have to agree to disagree that BEV's are the answer. We can push arguments back and forth all day but neither of us are showing any signs of moving closer to the others ideal. No hard feelings though. Funny you should mention that, believe it or not that is exactly one of the programmes I am working on with the next working group meeting in Manchester on Thursday!
  5. Selling my lovey 410 (need funds for house build). Its in perfect condition and everything sorted. Ceramic coated when new and only has a a few very small stone chips on the front – the rest is perfect. All serviced at Lotus Dealers and all items sorted under warranty. It has all the options and I have fitted the 400 seats which are super comfortable for long journeys. I still have the original carbons which I could sell as well. Milage done over a few long Euro trips and one to Scotland. Any questions please ask. For viewing please contact to arrange. Sport 410: – 70Kg lighter than standard 400 Evora – Super sticky Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tyres – Extensive carbon fibre – Uprated suspension settings – 2+0 seat arrangement – Forged extra light wheels – AC/Stereo options – 410BHP The post Evora 410 with rare Sparco seats appeared first on Click to view item
  6. From 2010 "In 2010, 40% of dwellings had use of a garage, 26% had other off street parking, 32% relied on street parking, and 2% of homes had no parking provision whatsoever. The type of parking provision varied considerably by tenure – 73% of local authority dwellings relied on street parking compared with 20% of owner occupied homes. Similarly, 54% of owner occupied dwellings had a garage compared with just 5-6% of social sector dwellings"
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  8. So you have 40ltrs at petrol stored at home|? I know you don't like links - but here's one just for you Yes, Hydrogen is perfectly feasible and I have said on a number of occasions it clearly WILL be the option for some people. However, I would say that most people who stop for a break on a long journey do so for more than 5 minutes - I'd say between 30 to 45mins. Even with current charging technology (yes the Superchargers) you can get a 50% charge in 20 mins - so with 1Nr 20 mins break you can get a 375mile range As for what do you do when you're not at home - use a public one or a destination charger. Are they enough of these at the moment for everyone to make the switch - no. However, they are considerably more of them then Hydrogen Stations - which only have 16 in the UK at the moment and 200 across the whole of Europe - so the switch is certainly easier than going Hydrogen. So if you want to make a point regarding the lack of public chargers - then its even more so with Hydrogen. I also note that Which only got 336miles out of the Hyundai Nexo - Carwow got 270 miles from a Tesla 3 - so the difference isn't as huge as you appear to think. Here's the test Also, your comments seem rather UK-Centric. Monday morning I jumped in an Electric taxi (Tesla S) - it took me to a hotel that was at a distance of approximate 30 miles away - so on your reckoning the poor old taxi driver would only be able to do less than 5 round trips a day what in my mind you'd be hard push to make a living from. However, they clearly do - so if people who need their cars to earn a living throughout the day can make electric work for them; I'm not sure why its should be so impossible for everyone else? As to the Production, Storage and Transportation of Hydrogen being no more difficult than Petrol - maybe so; the point is that its still very much more difficult than Electricity - where we have a ready made grid for. So why go for something that is no easier than Petrol and furthermore, the overall costs of powering from a hydrogen Fuel Cell is considerably more than an BEV. Does the grid have to be improved - yes, but as identified previously, the 'shock' may not be as great as you might think - as not everyone will be charging their cars at the same time.
  9. The current role out of charging is so ad hoc as to be a joke. What we need is a 'national infrastructure project' to ensure, just like the National Grid, that there is an accepted standard. I would suggest that the majority of built up, urban or even semi-rural developments would struggle to embed home charging facilities - what % of homes have a private driveway? I said earlier about 'Harry's Garage' farmer bloke doing a 'current real life' on road experience with (admittedly high end) EVs - couldn't get charged at 3 places and more importantly, couldn't just turn up, tap his debit card and fill up. It is a farce. However much the Govt get behind this simply puts me off and makes me want to do the opposite - maybe that's just me being anti-authoritarian but if we are being forced out of Fossil fuelled cars (and I'm not anti that at all) then some MASSIVE decisions have to be made at a very high level. If you think back 150 years ago and look at the adoption of the 'motor car' it was initially slow and took time to establish - anyone remember roadside AA huts? Trouble is, like for like, we are not now starting from scratch, with someone threatening ban the horse and cart in a few years. Pretty much everyone outside of busy metropolitan areas is 100% reliant on their own transport. Unless huge re-investment is made into new (replacement) public transport in rural areas, then the powers that be are whistling in the wind.
  10. If Garry Kemp recommends cast-iron liners that's good enough for me.
  11. DixieV6 has fitted gas struts to his Eltech boot lid, but if my memory serves me well, they were not Lotus items. Alternatively, the OEM solution (pics courtesy of MrP... can't seem to quote a post?)
  12. Fancy posting some pictures
  13. Bound to happen. The bloke on the right is still wearing his "IQ drain". The other one obviously has none left so could take off his backwards cap.
  14. I recently heard a story from a TR3 owner. As part of a club event, they all went in convoy in their Triumphs to a professional training centre where young mechanics are trained. Upon the future mechanics approaching the cars, one of the to-be-mechanics asked the owner of the TR3 where could he find the OBD port for diagnosing the car.
  15. Please be aware as @ChromeOrange has posted above - there all sorts of "internet miss-truths" about the Evora and you need to buy this model or that - the wiring harness is just another one of those... The clutch and track days is another one - the clutch will likely get more grief driven poorly in stop/start city traffic / traffic light launches every day than the occasional thrash on the track. Best advice is drive the car. Buy on condition and service history and the chances are you'll be fine. Even better if you can get someone to look over it for you first who really knows the Evora.
  16. $69,999.00 End Date: Saturday Feb-22-2020 6:21:28 PST Buy It Now for only: $69,999.00 Buy It Now | Add to watch list Click to view item
  17. Hi there I got these ones when I got them fitted I also asked for the drilled disks to be cleaned out (as suggested by someone above) so that could have been contributing to the problem
  18. Oh, yes the technical complexity of refilling the washer bottle is far beyond the capabilities of the millennial man. If it can’t be done on a mobile phone, then it can’t be done at all.
  19. New Ultima Products From Chord Electronics + 2go and 2yu Announced! Hi all, So what with the Bristol HiFi show just a few days away Chord Electronics have unleashed 5 new products at both ends of their product ranges, 2 new Stereo power amps in their Ultima Range and a new Ultima 2 Pre-amp + 2 really interesting new products called 2go and 2yu, 2go bolts onto Hugo 2 to make it a dedicated streaming / player unit and 2yu is a really interesting product as it turns 2go into its own Dac'less streamer / player which can be connected to any DAC + can be used with the M Scaler which really is brilliant and it can be used with the Qutest, TT2, DAVE + any other DAC, a really interesting product. I won't go on about each product but please find the relevant links to each product on our website and needless to say they will be on demo shortly - Chord 2yu - Chord 2go - Chord Ultima 5 & 6 Stereo Power Amplifiers - Chord Ultima Pre 2 Reference Preamplifier - Cheers, Paul.
  20. Hi all, So what with the Bristol HiFi show just a few days away Chord Electronics have unleashed 5 new products at both ends of their product ranges, 2 new Stereo power amps in their Ultima Range and a new Ultima 2 Pre-amp + 2 really interesting new products called 2go and 2yu, 2go bolts onto Hugo 2 to make it a dedicated streaming / player unit and 2yu is a really interesting product as it turns 2go into its own Dac'less streamer / player which can be connected to any DAC + can be used with the M Scaler which really is brilliant and it can be used with the Qutest, TT2, DAVE + any other DAC, a really interesting product. I won't go on about each product but please find the relevant links to each product on our website and needless to say they will be on demo shortly - Chord 2yu - Chord 2go - Chord Ultima 5 & 6 Stereo Power Amplifiers - Chord Ultima Pre 2 Reference Preamplifier - Cheers, Paul.
  21. Getting Hydrogen to the petrol station is no more expensive than getting petrol, or indeed LPG, which is a gas after all, there. With the range of the Hydrogen car being twice that of the BEV - 500+ versus 250 miles customers do not need to charge or fill up as often. My mother lives 295 miles away. That is not a current journey I can do with a BEV car without a lengthy recharge stop whereas I can do in one go in my diesel car and even my petrol 410Sport! One of the biggest obstacles to the adoption of new tech and ways of doing things is changing peoples habits. Filling up at a Petrol Station (ironic that the US term of Gas Station will become the reality) is what people are used to. Also, during most long journeys people will need to stop for a pee. They would most likely want a coffee/snack etc. So 5 minutes at a Petrol Station is convenient and it is was people are used to. Obviously younger generation coming through are not use to it, but then the numbers of young people buying cars are reducing quite dramatically - petrol/diesel or BEV/Hydrogen etc. We get that BEV's can be recharged at home and that it is convenient, when you and the car are at home. Hell, I have 2 x 20ltr petrol cans in my garage so I could argue I can fill up my car at home too when I need to. No one is arguing with the fact that a BEV charger at home is not convenient. However, what do you do when you are not at home? Yes, there are more charging locations than petrol stations - 9300 versus 8400. Are all those locations available for anyone to use? The average petrol station has what, 6-8 pumps, and the average fill up is what, 5 minutes - so that is 72 fill ups an hour per location assuming the lower pump number of 6. The average EV charging location has 3 chargers, typically 1 fast and 2 not so fast! It takes 20 minutes on fast charge (about 20% of the charging points) and 40 minutes plus per top up on not so fast. So that's 3 for the fast charge and 1.5 each for the slow charge per hour, so that's an absolute maximum of 6 an hour, per location. So there are more EV charging points but there is less volume capacity and therefore the chances are your delay will be even longer with a BEV station. I think we need to change the argument from slugging out stats and stuff to reinforce our pov's. Are BEV's a good thing? Yes Are BEV's the only answer? No Is Hydrogen viable? Yes Is Hydrogen going to take over BEV's in the future? Yes (in my humble opinion) Why? - Because the cost and the volume of chargers that will need to be installed, on already congested streets in the UK, will be prohibitive, as will the energy grid upgrades etc. when this is compared with the cost of re-purposing existing assets like Petrol Stations for Hydrogen. The cost of the petrol stations upgrades will be a financial cost to the owner operators, not the consumers (public) through their monthly energy bills (Grid asset upgrade costs are always passed back to the consumer for recovery meaning higher energy bills. As ever, cost of adoption will win over everything else in the UK and Hydrogen will only look better once them old Lithium Ion batteries start to pile up and god help us if a storage facility for those batteries ever goes on fire! But then you could argue it would not be a pretty site if a hydrogen storage tank, or a petrol or LPG one for that matter, went boom!
  22. Hi, Seeing if any one has gone from a 350 Sport to a 410 Sport and any real world differences on road or track. Any common issues with the 410's different to 350. Seen the odd report of noisy rear suspension. Test drives as I'm coming from a 350 may not be that usefull as newer car vs old car could be a difference hence after owners thoughts. My sport is coming up to 3 years old and owned from new with no mods. Driving will be mainly road use with the odd track day. I've driven a 410 around Hethel but as this was 20 minutes and no like for like comparison hard to fully appreciate. Thought behind the change is man maths, upgrade, you only live once and warranty etc. Thought about not changing is i know this car, nothing wrong and all paid for. Warranty about to run out and as clutch in 350 can be an issue and clutch in 410 is a different one this could be a £2-3k consideration and better future proof. Peace of mind and have seen aftermarket Lotus dealer ones for around £2k for 3years so there is always that option. Upgrade - on track i've never felt i need more power but better brakes yes, better ability defo and obviously any better handing. Never had noticable heat soak on supercharger but on a hot day did feel like gearbox needed a cool down a couple of times. On road - more power yes and no. I do charity events and taking people out extra power for low speed acceleration is nice for the experience. From what i've read nitron 3 ways look to improve road characteristics so this looks a viable option and better brakes is always good way to go. These are 2 mods i'd do or think about doing The carbon fiber stuff doesn't bother me. I can take it or leave it. Forged wheels, gearbox oil cooler, charge cooler, more power nice additions and possible future mods. You only live once - the only super car that I'd love is a Mclaren but couldn't afford one and the running costs and even if i could not sure as Exige and Arial Nomad sounds better:). Misses can't stand Porsche and loves the rawness of the Exige so much so she didn't like the Evora 410 either after driving it on track in a back to back drive with the Exige. So a 410 ticks the boxes on this aspect. Man Maths for arguments sake - 410 new £80k on 50/50 - if anyone knows of better deals in 2/3 years time say worth £60k then that's a £20k loss thinking mine might drop 5K in that time. PX value now £45k So that's £15k difference in real world. For £15k i get Warranty/clutch 5k, nitrons 4k, gearbox cooler 1k, brakes £2k. 12k so far. Wheels, charge cooler, power increase and 3 year newer car for £3k Downside money in car not bank in 2 years time. Is car going to be that much different. What are Lotus likely to bring out soon. Although doubt there will be an Exige 420 any time soon cheers Graham
  23. Hi all, I started installing an Eltech bootlid to my Exige V6 and am encountering the difficulty that once the struts are installed, the right one is touching the compressor which means I cannot close the bootlid. As I am not talking about one or two mm but actually about 2+ cm I am wondering if anyone who has installed the same bootlid faced similar difficulties and if so, how these were overcome. I also would appreciate if anyone could provide pictures of the struits and their fixing to the car and bootlid. Many thanks Patrick
  24. Nothing wrong with biscuit or tan in the right coloured car - just not a pink one lol...
  25. If you find yourself bored one evening Fabian you may enjoy reading about this guy's Ferrari 360 engine which includes a disintergrating oil pump, it's a good read with plenty of pictures & may well cheer you up.
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