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  2. In my case a 50mm ratchet strap was required, wrapped around the box and tightened to compress the O-rings. Then the roll pins were knocked in after filling the holes completely with sealant, with more sealant forced in after they went in. A cramp may do the job, but of course it depends on the O-ring size which, incidentally, I neglected to measure when I did the job Sorry, I can’t help with that!
  3. I am almost coming to the end of restoration work and one of the final jobs is to replace the old "contact breaker" type SU pump with the modern electronic pump. I am still debating in whether to add a relay or not, given the fact I am trying to retain as much factory originality as I can. Also bearing in mind, this also puts at risk, an almost irreplaceable, if NOT ENTIRELY IRREPLACEABLE ignition switch.
  4. Thank you everyone for the replies. It's such a shame the original tyres are not available any more but at least we can keep our cars on the road one way or another. At the moment I'm probably going to go for the Vredstein Sportrac 225/60 R15. I looked at the Pirelli 600's but they are over twice the price with no great difference in performance (or so it seems). I'm not doing track days etc or high milages don't need to worry about wear etc. and can always change to Pirellis or something else in the future if I'm not happy. Richard
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  6. This was normal practice on older cars, Ignition was never fused and fuel pump usually not. The thinking behind it was these systems need to be kept going if at all possible, even with the risk of some burend wiring.
  7. Agree, its not possible to come up with a definitive amount. Although its not the correct way, I simply added gas till it went cold then added a bit more. As happened with R12 before it, R134a is shooting up in price and would have been a great investment for someone to have bought a whole load of it a few years ago. The 12 Kg cylinder I bought 4 years ago for £90 is now worth aroung £400.
  8. In addition to the different weight of gas, I think most of us have slightly hyprid systems, eg I run a smaller compressor and the diameter of some of the piping differs from original, some of the other guys use different condensors etc , so I set mine up using temperature/pressure charts, but the gas used will not be identical to others.
  9. I can't find a stabilisor in the diagrams for the SE or S4. The regulator on the alternator should be sufficient to keep the voltage well withing working range of the (modern) instruments. You could check the actual voltage at different revs to confirm it's fluctuating or not. Filip
  10. Wow, awesome tune from an awesome band ! Thanks for the smile Jenna.
  11. $35,900.00 End Date: Sunday May-26-2019 20:52:05 PDT Buy It Now for only: $35,900.00 Buy It Now | Add to watch list Click to view item
  12. Sorry, I meant to to say buy them as a set from SJ's. My mind was a million miles away when I typed this.
  13. There is also a suppression capacitor that runs from the supply wire to earth. Worthwhile taking that into consideration. Seems crazy not to supply the fuel pump through a relay though. Not you, but Lotus factory.
  14. The factory AC system is filled with 1.4kg of R12 refrigerant. Anyone here worked out what the equivalent weight of R134 is required?
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  18. So build so far. Should I black out where lotus milled the original wheels or keep?
  19. @GFWilliams I have heard from SSC that they are engineering a full custom retrofit linkage that looks the same as the linkage from the 410/430 for the earlier exige v6's. So that could be another option in the future.
  20. That was exactly where I got my information from! Yup, it is referred to in various articles on the 430 Cup and you can see the different throttle body on the parts lists. If a larger throttle body could be procured for a reasonable price, I think it could be a good mod, especially if done with an exhaust, intake and remap.
  21. Not sure if the below is any help, sounds like Toyota use a 76mm on their V8 engines but an adapter is available to fit the V6. I’m no expert so maybe looking at completely the wrong thing
  22. Apart from the voltage issue this type of pump will get very noisy when the fuel supply to it runs out, then it will stop completely. Might be worth checking the tank outlet is not bunged up with crud.
  23. Getting bored with pounding up the M6 this afternoon, a diversion off into the Lake District was rewarded with a photo opportunity on the western side of Ullswater - well, it would have been rude not to.
  24. I became a multiple Lotus owner yesterday. The Exige was joined by an Esprit GT3. Some pics on the Esprit photo and video thread.
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