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  2. Not any more. You can use an FM Aerial splitter to get the DAB signal. All of the extra wiring is kept behind the dash. That’s what I use in my Evora (and other cars).
  3. Sounds interesting, count me in. Would be good to see some CAD renderings when you’re ready.
  4. Thanks electro_boy. I don't really use the radio too much so might just opt for the easier 120 without DAB.
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  7. The new KT wheels looks great! They are 7.5x17 and 10x18. Offset not yet confirmed by I expect ET26/ET32. Don’t think prices have been released either...
  8. I've briefly used the 120 in a different car and it was fine through Apple Car play. I would stream music through the phone and use Apple Maps for navigation and it worked fine for that. Screen was sharp, clear and bright when using reversing camera. Note you may have to install a separate aerial for the DAB. I have a more recent Alpine unit with DAB in my Evora and that requires a small stubby aerial on the front windscreen next to the a pilar, cable routing is through he pillar so I can't see anything other than the small aerial. Don't know if that bothers you at all but thought I'd mention it.
  9. Saves weight though. Only thing is that iI've never relied on Waze or Google for everyday nav. How are they, especially in Eastern Europe?
  10. Hehehe. Many modern cars are lambasted for their ‘iPad stuck to the dashboard’ designs. And here you go wanting to add one back in...
  11. Actually, your view about mergers is shared by Aston Martin CEO, Andy Palmer. Although, his reasons for them doing so vary slightly from your suggestion. Autocar link
  12. I had to laugh at 1:40~41 when you are watching the rear view and you see all the dust rise from the sand trap. Oops.
  13. Nope, not much sympathy for anyone undertaking in a 2 lane environment, the last one to do it to me nearly killed me (and my Lotus).
  14. It doesn't come with that tray shown, but you can get single DIN storage trays easily enough. By the way, its this one I was looking at :
  15. Looks neat if it fits. Does it come with that box to fit it in, including the bottom open area?
  16. I've been pondering an upgrade to the slow Alpine INE-W920R in my Evora, and am considering the possibility of using a 1-DIN unit with the display on a stalk like below. Another benefit of this would be I could throw my phone in the space below, maybe even adding a Qi charging mat in there! Need to go look at the space available, but I think it should fit in the (somewhat recessed) location of the non-4xx Evoras.
  17. I have recently purchased a 907 engine and gearbox. It was stored for many years and the garage owner hes no idea what car it came from. I'm going to rebuild the 907 and sell the gearbox, but have no idea what original Lotus it was installed in. The engine serial number is I74 05 7 176... No dashes between numbers, only spaces. Any help will be appreciated... Thx
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  19. I haven't even got a bike licence, but I really want that green and yellow one.
  20. Looking forward to it, I’ll be there.. but unfortunately my Eclat will not, as I’m only a 1/4 of the way through replacing the loom
  21. Germany is good at productionising designs and at quality control. They have a rigorous approach to those tasks (But the Japanese are better) They are not very innovative and cannot move dynamically. The USA leads at that, followed by the UK. Thats why all German car makers have design offices in the UK. They dont shout about this. I have worked on a project for BMW and it was run and tested from their UK office. Look at F1 engineering. BMW tried to start an F1 team in Germany and it was a dismal failure and they abandoned it in the end. On the other have Merc bought out a British engine manufacturer (Ilmor) and British team and kept everything based here, with great success. Another thing we dont shout about, only those in the know are aware that both the car and engine are British designs.
  22. Can't you take it to court? He was breaking law staying in outside lane FFS. One of my pet peeves, UK is much better behaved generally than Australia though!
  23. Will have mugs by then (and in time for Donington) - look forward to seeing you there (if you get a pass out!) Richard
  24. I found Hamilton's, it's the black/purple one in the front:
  25. Hello all I'm still suffering the original Apline 505 (with the Blackbird pratnav) in my pre MY12 n/a Evora. I've stumbled upon this thread while scoping out replacements. I'm an iPhone man & have latest iOS12, so the SPH-DA120 seems ideal & cheap as chips. The DA230 is only about £50 quid dearer - gives DAB. Any reason not to go with either of these 2 units or is there anything better at similar price point in 2019? Cheers
  26. Just having a look at the UK stats (VEH0124/0125) shows 2 "Lotus Model Missing" on the road and one SORN'd. Will have a look for the full EU numbers when I'm back in the orifice next week although obviously all of those numbers are based on real registrations. Edit: Year of first reg is 2017 for those in the UK. MCN had a ride in 2016.
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