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  2. hi and welcome.... hope you enjoy TLF and find it useful...... nice racing wheels.....
  3. I'm surprised no one has mentioned the Key yet........ It's got more that a whiff of 1990's Ford Orion about it
  4. Quite like it myself - although looks a bit Porsche like from the back
  5. Today
  6. Hi Guys I'm after a 912 aircon compressor bracket from a late car - can anyone help? It's part no A912E2276F. (I know you can buy them new but I'm trying to spend less!) Thanks Pete
  7. Dealers usually have samples aswel. I did also check the picture thread first though. I think it's a big mistake they don't have a clear picture of every color on the Lotus website.
  8. Sorry just checked and i'm afraid we don't have and stock. We have the S3 owners handbook and the S4 ones but no X180. Kind regards James
  9. How is the performance of the car? Does it feel completely flat or electric ? If you have no boost control, the car will spin off down the road like a greased weasel..... if you have no boost, then the engine will feel really quite flat by comparison. If there has been no notable change in performance, then I would be checking your gauge connection. If it is reading 0 at idle, then I doubt that it is connected or receiving any real pressure from the manifold.
  10. C8RKH

    Stratton Evora GTs

    I think it would be worthwhile Stratton getting some new wishbones cast. The moulds must be around and current GTE owners would I am sure be relieved to know some spares existed for the future. Maybe a motorsport outfit could take on?
  11. If you'd like to share it @Bruss, I, and I am sure others, would be grateful to exploit the fruits of your labours.
  12. The thing which marks out the Stratton cars as a complete no-no to me is that they appear to use a simply massive hub spacer on the rear rather than the longer wishbones. That is surely going to knacker the rear wheel bearings in short order and I'd be concerned about the possible impact on handling. On an 84 grand car? Eh, no, I'll pass thanks! I fully expect these cars to be still for sale come the spring with a much reduced price tag.
  13. This would be a good place to start... I'd work from the last page backwards.
  14. I moved from ZZR's to ZZS's on my track focused Type 116. I drive the car to the track and back and the ZZR's on wet roads were not good! The ZZS's are much better in the wet and on the track I have not really noticed any drop off in performance, though, I am not a driving god. They are holding up well from a wear perspective too.
  15. We’re you able to establish where in the engine it was? Hydraulic lifters make a racket until they pump up, but it’s not known as an issue with Toyota’s, Iidler bearing make a squealing noise when the outside is rusty.
  16. C8RKH

    Bit of T-cut?

    Quality Ford items those stalks. No wonder Lotus still uses them.
  17. pete

    Bit of T-cut?
  18. Last time I checked which was last time I drove it, it was 3/4 up the stick. Here's the noise It just suddenly came on. Last time it was fine. I know what it sounds like but there has been no warning, it runs smoothly when I ran it over to moms to put away in the garage. It was freezing last night but that shouldnt make a difference.
  19. Bibs

    Bit of T-cut?

    Blimey, not much left is there! Amazing that they're trying to sell it, what the use of what's left over?
  20. Bibs

    New on TLF

    Very nice, welcome to TLF. That's a great collection of sports cars
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