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  2. It's likely that your ECU is fried... It's good that they are cheap to replace. Do Not sell or give away or throw away your MEMCAL cartridge!!! That is worth it's weight in gold, and you need it for your new ECU. That MEMCAL is Lotus Esprit specific! The ECU wires should look more like this. SO maybe it's worth it to tray and get your wires figured out before plugging in a new ECU.
  3. Good to know the operational details, Fabian. Oil pressure figures look entirely fine. No less a figure than A.C. Rudd, guest speaking for the benefit of our local Club in '86, offered the design criteria at 10psi per 1000RPM to a happy minimum of 45psi hot. No issues with somewhat higher pressures up to 65 psi, but no more than that to be beneficial. 4 months of operation with notable presence of particles or beads in the oil would account for the scoring, can't imagine what else could be the cause of that. Visible scoring is localized and association with anything further is speculative, whereas absolute wear must be confirmed by measurement Perhaps the fracture in that tappet was coincident with a score line, this is a known mode of failure in a brittle component. That the tappet broke is certain and indicative of brittleness. Well aged cast iron in question by various accounts. For there to have been sufficient wear in the tappet - bore area beggars belief and would have raised quite an audible ruckus, one would think. Get those measurements in hand and then consider the likelihood. There is always the option of presenting the tappet remnants to a materials analysis professional for expert evaluation, likely at quite reasonable cost. In summary - scoring is due to oil contaminant(s); PRV stuck due to same; tappet failure yet TBD pending measurements / expert evaluation but brittleness seems unavoidably linked. I do not expect proper steel would have failed in this situation, scored or not. Ultimately the stuck PRV and tappet may or may not be linked by way of the contaminant(s), scoring conclusively points to contaminant(s) and late arriving oil pressure is absolved of blame. The tappet failure has yet to be shown as other than coincidental.
  4. Check the chassis above the rear suspension where it runs across under the body. My chassis elsewhere looked fine, but at this the most common rot spot it was actually coming apart! (See early on in my :5 minutes a day fixing a lotus" project post) Fibreglass and paint can be repaired. Of course if the car was recently imported, someone should have checked these common weaknesses already.
  5. We are all early adopters here for this product. Hope that AIM will solve quickly these small problems.
  6. KG

    Evora GT430

    Ready for the rest of the week!
  7. This is Lotuses 72nd year so I suspect the awaiting masses will need to brace themselves for some 72nd anniversary special models dressed in the F1 Lotus 72 colours of red and gold? You would also hope there would be something at Goodwood ‘for the drivers’ , or at least maybe ‘for the dealers’ to help move the current stock and maintain sales through to the ‘new’ product, because without an energised and robust dealer network you’re fubarred, Or maybe we just settle for a new font ?
  8. Have you read the number on the actual engine? That's the one that can't be a mistake
  9. Today
  10. Can you confirm J1/14 - I thought the numbers went ABCD depending on the row ??
  11. Actually demand on the grid is reducing year on year - mainly due to reductions in energy consumption and more efficient appliances. Investment and government targets are driving green energy investment - it’s far more costly and kWh sold is decreasing - hence costs rising. believe me - smart metering is going one way and one way only.
  12. Mark As a new Evora owner my advice is go for it, you won’t be disappointed as these cars are simply sublime. Yes the early cars have a few niggles and things to tinker with but that only adds to the joy IMHO. The drive is great and the engine sounds superb! Forum support is second to none so worth reading the various posts and owners reviews. I wanted a first edition car and found a cracker so my advice is go have a drive and don’t look back Good luck with your search and please post on your progress? Dave
  13. Just fitted 225/45R17 & 295/30R18 TrofeoR on my Exige. Both fits!!! The front touches only when the steering wheel is turned fully to the left (really fully). But that was happening also with the Yokohama 215. Also, when fully turned, between the top of the wheel and the arch there is almost a finger - it seems not so different than the 215 to be honest. I will post some photos later.. so far happy! Just comparing the 295 Yokohama with the 295 TrofeoR I can tell you that the TrofeoR is 5-6 mm wider.
  14. But why? Is this just scaremongering or do you have evidence of a future government plan? I'm not saying it won't happen (probably will) but those pesky 'leccy drivers have got to be taxed somehow (kidding!). The government has got to pay for Brexit and HS2 somehow.....
  15. Smart meters will end up going one way and one way only. it will be used for increased billing if you own an electric vehicle, it will lead to increased flexibility tariffs at peak demand times. All in the interest of climate change avoidance you understand
  16. I really don't get all this angst and repulsion for smart meters. Aside from the cost to the public with the abysmal mismanagement of the roll out, I quite them. Our previous house never had a smart meter and was surprisingly never asked, however I was interested in the house's energy consumption so fitted my own type of device that records energy consumption. This was from a nerdy/geeky curiosity of what we were consuming on tick-over. I thought 500Wh (0.5kWh) was a bit high so took action to drive it down which I did, to 200Wh very easily. Guess what? It actually saved me money. Or to be specific, it changed our behaviour to be more energy conscious and in turn saved me money. But it took effort and initiative, a smart meter won't save you money by itself. Yes, the smart meter in-house unit actually consumes energy, a whopping 1watt or about a quid a year depending on your tariff. Since moving to a house with a smart meter I don't need my own device, the smart meter does what my previous device does and more. I don't have to search the junk drawer looking for the meter key, fight the resident spiders and brush the cobwebs away, usually in the dark! I know what my bill is going to be before I'm billed, no estimated over or underpayments, just by pressing a button. Perhaps it's just my geeky mindset that I like the information and convenience.
  17. heads been down the engineering shop today - it’s flat and true. Completely expected due to the failure mode of the gasket. ive had contact with the previous owner whom has confirmed the source of the gasket - I have also found the receipt in the file. It’s all a very very long time ago - but needless to say this gasket and failure just like it do seem commonplace. I won’t name the supplier as it’s not appropriate given the length of time passed and the fact it wasn’t me whom purchased said gasket. There are multiple examples of this failure in exactly the same way all over the net if you look hard enough - plenty in the USA particularly. Bloody head gaskets - it’s worse if you have a V8 as the issues with those seem dire. on the plus side - goetze gaskets appears to be the gasket to use - and they are freely available. If you are reading this and wondering what to opt for on any of the suppliers websites - don’t even think going cheap. Ill place and order for parts later in the week and I can get this engine ready to put back in.
  18. The relevance is in whether you follow the herd or do what you believe is right. Hmm. What would Colin have done? Me thinks he would have found his own, different path....
  19. It’s the street version which has the same overhang as OEM, I think the one your thinking of is the track version which has double the overhang
  20. Yep we were there but I was just leaving when I saw the Elise come in. We will definitely be going next month and we meet at Exeter services before
  21. Between Minute 1:32 and 1:45.......blink, blink, while reving ......light Indicator, battery sign, etc
  22. Perhaps I should have given a more detailed description regarding the "sealant". The guy who did it laid the cam cover on a sticky sheet of high temperature resistant plastic sheeting. The edges were then cut off and the bolt holes blanked off. The cam cover was then blasted,(cant remember what type), then powder coated, then baked in the oven. When it came out the plastic was then removed. So there was no sealant on the underside of the cover. Ive tried to find the episode on youtube and although there are bits on regarding the car I cannot find the pertinent bit on the cam cover.
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