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  2. When I had to transport my Esprit from Swindon to the Highlands of Scotland beyond Inverness I used Robins Recovery (07789 660190, [email protected]). Nice chap, was recommended on here, knows how to tie down an Esprit (others too I'm sure), but he's based in the south of England so he may factor that in when pricing. Talking of which, he wasn't cheap at over a grand but it was a hell of a trek of almost 600 miles.
  3. It may seem like a trivial but spending time and effort on small things like this will elevate the brand in the minds of customers at relatively small cost and effort. It’s pleasing to see.
  4. And @GFWilliams you were captured on #DriveByCarShow too! Video uploaded on 2nd July.
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  6. So is this how they're presenting an order of Provenance from the Factory? If it is, what a great way to feel part of the lineage! What an amazing touch that would be if so (I'm becoming a bit of a fanboy, please excuse me being giddy).
  7. You need several different sizes of copper washer to remove ALL the Bosch fuel components. Years ago, I bought a boxed kit of various sizes. Most of the car's are 8 mm, but there are a few 10, 12s, and 14s (or is it 15mm? sorry). During this pandemic and lockdown, I amused myself by smoothing the pressed ridges on my old washers so that they could be used again. Developed that 'skill' one time, when I was short on new washers while removing the WUR (Warm Up Regulator). The smoothing process works! No issues The Injector Fitting Kit is needed when removing the injectors for spray-pattern and opening pressure testing. The thin ones on the tip are really important (if torn, that is a vacuum leak). The fatter green or black one at the top merely centers the injector in its 'hole'. If you are just removing the manifold, you don't need to remove the injectors. Just the compression hex fitting at the end of the plastic fuel line.
  8. Excellent interior, I particularly like the bank of switches in the original radio slot location.
  9. theelanman No issues with viewing the gauges....
  10. @guitar hero @guitar hero how is the view of the gauges tho'.......the ones I've seen with the rising horizontal spoke seem to obscure the binnacle a bit.......???.. I'm trying to keep the horizontal spokes as the original and below the steering column shroud
  11. I'm looking for a rear subframe for a v6 Exige... hopefully someone has one laying around and willing to sell to make space available... but downside is i'm in the US and I'm sure international shipping wouldn't be cheap but still I figured i would ask anyway
  12. I'm liking that. Two spoke variant and I'm sure would look great. Tony
  13. This 5000 mile Lotus 211 street registered and fully titled in the US. Street legal head lights, directionals ect installed and inspected. She is in perfect condition with numerous spares and upgrades including billet shifter, oversize oil pan, quick release Momo wheel , 4 point and 5 point belts, free flow exhaust, complete set of 4 new shaved Proxies on rims, numerous new pads and rotors, full receipts and manuals . low miles, perfect condition, from large British Car Collection The post 2008 Lotus 211 Launch Edition ( fully titled and plated) appeared first on Click to view item
  14. MOMO 3 spoke fits a treat...with adapter boss. Mike
  15. Black leather with brush finished spokes.....
  16. Being 6 foot, or near as damn it, I have the issue that I cant see the Indicator Telltails or the Shift Lights in the digital dash as they are obscured by the OEM steering wheel. Both of which are a pain TBH one from a safety standpoint and the other losing a significant driving aid when on the track. This Shift light module solves the shift light issue but not the indicator issue. Two potential options. 1. Move the indicator telltails to the bottom row of telltails on the dash and move two from the bottom to the top of the screen that are not require whilst driving, perhaps the seat belt warning light and the air bag light. See below 2. See if AiM can configure the left and right most Shift Module LEDs as Indicator Telltails whilst having the remaining 8 LEDS for the shift lights. As an obvious point of note, the binnacle in the picture posted by seriouslylotus is not the AIM binnacle which has a flat top surface which will make the sitting of the Shift Light module on the binnacle a much more palatable affair. My only wish was that the cable for the Module was a permanent fixture exiting the unit at the bottom and not a 712 connector on the back of the unit. This would enable you to permanently attach the module to the binnacle without any unsightly cables hanging out the back and seeing the routing of the cable under the lip of the binnacle hood. Yes it would involve drilling some holes in the binnacle but they would be underneath the module and out of sight. The Module connects into the dash either through the GPS 712 port on the back of the dash or a data hub if you want to keep the functionality of the GPS which I am sure most of us would, so it isn't easy to have it as a temporary fixture as taking off the binnacle would be pain if one was doing it regularly. (Here speaks a man who has spent hours searching for the Binnacle retaining springs under the cars dashboard which have pinged off when the binnacle was removed). I am sure that most would have the Module as a permanent fixture unless you are happy having everything hanging out in the open. Whilst I am on my Soap Box my only other gripe is the graduations on the rev counter and that they go up to 9K RPM and its fixed. I know that this has probably been designed this way to accommodate all Lotus types but my 380 Sport tops out at 6.8k so I am only utilising just over half of the visible scale as it is linear. Now difficult would it be to make the scale customisable through RS3 so its not the image that changes but just the rev numbers and the bars showing the revs are the adjusted programmatically to accommodate. Perhaps a couple of options for different car types which have different rev limits to accommodate all. See below My 2Ps worth....
  17. After a layoff since October, while ive been renovation the inside of my Esprit S1, I took the car out for a shakedown run a couple of days ago. All good, except when I returned home and put the car in the garage and switched off, I could hear the radiator fans were still running. I waited for a while but they didn't turn off. In the end I removed a wire from the relay and of course the fans stopped. Yesterday, I reconnected the wire and the fans didnt start up. I took it for another run noting the temp gauge was just slightly over half. Returning to the garage the same thing happened. I again waited (a bit longer this time) but the fans still didnt stop so again I had to remove a wire. Any thoughts? Im suspecting a faulty otter switch.
  18. Very elegant! are you intending to go for a polished finish or Matt black?
  19. Not driven the car much recently and haven't done any upgrades, but here's a quick snap from last weekend...
  20. I have looked and looked for another option for Elite Steering wheels Basically there seem to be non......personally I think the available replacements look too modern I love the original 2 spoke (Im only doing this as mine is knackered and now doesn't fit with my bright shiny new interior) to this end..........Ive done a design....and am going to find out how much it is to get made Ive stuck with the 2 spoke theme......but tried to soften the big 'block' infront of you...and add a bit of the old in, by using typical drilled spokes the moment I'm at 'design' stage thoughts and ideas are much appreciated.......and I have thick skin so please let me know what you think.... cheers G Steering Wheel Design_01.pdf
  21. I could be tempted next year... I'd rather go to Komo-tec though I think
  22. Slightly off topic I know, but for those that watch Harrys Garage over on Youtube which I highly recommend BTW, he's just done a video on the latest Porsche Turbo, its worth a watch and highlights quite nicely what I like about Porsches and equally, why I would never get one!
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