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  2. Sorry for the up Ian, but I was wondering where you sourced the alcantara doors cards? (I suppose they weren't magnolia-ish before you retrimmed them?)
  3. @davevr6car, I have just read here you had the sports seats instead of the free comfort seats option (I am very jealous!) I read you wanted to have them retrimmed, have you done it in the end? (any chance you kept the original trimming somewhere for us? I would buy it as a pattern!)
  4. Nothing wrong or awkward about my S1 tailgate. TBH with at least 3 additional years of development I wouldn't expect the Esprit Turbo to be anything else but be better than an S1.
  5. Looking forward to the photos of this one
  6. Also known as the ‘aux belt’ or ‘auxiliaries belt’ because...
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  8. but there is a supercharger belt, or alternator belt that does need changing periodically.
  9. Does the Evora s have a cambelt and if so how much work to change it and how often thx chris
  10. I have the same knob (!). I found replacement red numbering from someone from France on ebay. Et voila:
  11. Another reason a factory Motorsport tuning makes a lot of sense, to me anyway.
  12. Well I have now almost finished the Turbo and have driven it. Im in a good position to compare the S1 against the Turbo. The styling of the S1 with Tartan is iconic. Its very elegant and looks the part. Its not that quick, but it feels quick because you are low to the ground and really feel part of the car. Its great fun but very basic inside. The Turbo is much much more refined. It feels like a modern car and is very quick. When the Turbo boost comes in you can really fly. Everything on it is more robust and better. Especially the tailgate, which is always an issue on the S1! If you asked me which one is a better car I would say the Turbo wins every time. But heres the odd thing, if I had to sell one reluctantly it would be the Turbo.. I thinks its because I grew up with the Bond movies and the underwater Esprit. Nothing scientific here just my view. I dont intend to part with either!
  13. Hi there, Please take heed, of what is being said, these chaps are only trying to help, or you could loose 10k on the first turn of the key!! Trust me what Mike does not know about these motors is not worth thinking about. Mike helped me out 2 years ago, and when I had finished building mine, I then put it in the back of the van and drove it to Leicester, so a factory chap could check my timing, as I didn't what hours and hours of work and shed loads of cash going pop!! All the best Andy
  14. First point of interest, Gary kemp just sold his last complete set of Nikasil liners to me a couple of weeks ago and does not think he will be having any more.. He does have 2 odd 'A' liners for partial or emergency repair needs. otherwise only second hand units. South West have a few sets on the shelf but won't sell them . they are keeping for their own use.. Nikasil liners are honed with special equipment, but as the coating is quite thin it is not advisable to re-hone , At a push you could just stay within limits if you honed an 'A' liner to a 'B' liner spec, but this will only allow for max 0.0005'' hone. In most cases an engine with 97K miles will have worn close or more than that anyway. The problem as i see it , will be the ware on the liners at the top.. This is at the point where you normally see a step in the iron liners,. What you tend to get on a Nikasil coated alloy liner is more of a dent where the piston rocks at the point of the top ring. This dent is formed by the coating wearing and the alloy deforming behind it. To the untrained eye it can look quite good, until you use bore gauge and measure properly. The down side is when these coated liners reach the end of their life and the coating just starts to ware though, They then go south very quickly. There are companies that will re-coat the liners , they do it for motor bike engines. But when they remove the old coating they can not remove the dent without going oversize. This would then require custom pistons etc etc . This is why a a lot of rebuilds now use ductile iron liners . If your pistons are in spec then all you need is a set of rings suitable for that type of liner. If your pistons are polished or worn on the skirt , you can order your iron liners a few thou tight and have them honed to spec.. This option is more for when parts are not available , personally with this engine i would just buy new. @OwenGT3 being over budget on any Esprit restoration is easy. Owners think we traders who do this for a living are too expensive , until they do it themselves. Good luck with the project, please try not to cut corners
  15. Utter fiction. If it doesn’t appeal to a much broader base than the current cars do I don’t think either Geely or the new Lotus management would have any interest in such a thing.
  16. Just make a bloody offer of £32k if you're happy to pay that and walk away if dealer says no. Stop debating, just do it... It's a car, not a potential life partner...
  17. They’re selling on behalf of someone so would have no warranty. It’s 9 years old. One can’t expect for as car of that age.
  18. Giniw


    Because they didn't use their own money? (unless it's different in the UK of course ^^)
  19. Typical Autocar BS. And it looks crap. And the Elan name should be left in history when Lotus determines its new car strategy.
  20. The shaft seal needs to be lubricated via the oil/gas in the system and that can only be done by running it. it's inactivity that kills them they require oil on the mating surfaces to seal you should always try and run the A/C at least once a Month preferably once a week
  21. It was great to see everyone last night, thanks again for organising, Paul. I've attached the podium pic, well done Tommy, Paul & Dean. Having seen Dean's progress since buying a PS4, I'm going to have to confiscate my sons!
  22. It’s a very pretty car - hope it comes
  23. Spotted the mag on a news shelf today. Checked the goods before buying - and didn't. Almost wholly speculative; certainly not meriting that front cover "Autocar Image". The car some years away. Positioned above the Elise. Few if any details. More about the Lotus design philosophy than the car. The only mention worthy of its space was about the new version Evora due at the end of next year. I wonder if some deal was done with the Lotus PR department. I suppose such a splash presentation of very little was worth some pounds or promises from that viewpoint. All IMHO, of course.
  24. pete


    West Sussex council has had a £36,000 drone for 18 months and has never flown it. Wonder why they bought it in the first place ,perhaps they might sell it @bibs
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