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  2. I merely meant that if Geely said "here's a blank check, make your own SUV." I know that is never going to happen, it was just more of a thought exercise. I mean not even Lamborghini was allowed to do that and they have much more cache than Lotus.
  3. yes, I saw it all, and somehow got wrong link, thanks for reposting proper one CHris
  4. Yesterday
  5. I try to collect all data from the Rivieras and yours is well known here with the former owner @matk i couldn’t get the details as promised. Will do them tomorrow. Until then some teasers :
  6. Any time I see any link to the BS that is the WHO I post that vid! buddsy
  7. @C8RKHThe look on Burnham’s face last night when he thought the £60m was off the table & all he was getting was the £22m was priceless, almost a “oh sh!t, I’ve fcuked up” As a northerner myself (wife also) I also despair of the brainwashed attitude of some of those MPs. I spoke to my sister today and Sue spoke to her parents who all live in South Yorkshire and it was interesting to hear their thoughts on why cases in the area have risen. I won’t repeat them on here though! It just shows how the standard of politics in this country has declined when MPs, Mayors etc are happy to p
  8. Haha, I’ll make sure I’m wearing a harness whilst working on my headlights. some photos I see of the bonnet gaps are tiny! I guess they fitted better hinges on later models .
  9. Your bonnet gap looks just as bad as my S1 hahaha just be careful you don't fall down the gap when you wash the car
  10. I’ve never looked at this thread before, so thought it high time I told you what really makes me unhappy everyday. Leggings. Saggy, baggy, ugly leggings. Why do women still wear them?
  11. Uh rah! @Colin P Totally spot on.
  12. @PaulCP I do despair at the presenters/reporters and so called journalists. My understanding is that the £60m the government offered Mr. Burnham was the same amount (per citizen) as Liverpool and the other areas were offered. So why not ask the tough question of Mr. Burnham and ask "Mr. Burnham, it would seem the £60m offered is absolutely in line, based on value per citizen, with the "deals" provided to Liverpool and other places in the same position. Can you explain why you think Manchester should be given a better settlement to anyone else?" Not a hard question for an investigative jou
  13. During Prime Minister's Question Time, Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer criticised Mr Johnson for not being able to "find" £5m, adding "stop bargaining with people's lives". What must he think then of the King of the North bargaining with peoples lives by stonewalling for 10 days+ There was also a report in which the MP for Wigan accused the Tories of “being their usual vindictive selves towards the North whilst protecting the South” and “driving the North/South divide” On the latter point, wtf did she think her statement was doing then?
  14. The New York times has revealed Trump has a Chinese bank account. 40 million Americans have voted by post already
  15. No stick with original, lots of non original white cars.
  16. Well it was originally white so I guess I should. I was tempted to do it Lambo Miura green or Silver.
  17. I've stripped mine down quite a few times, unjammed the valve, cleaned it out, replaced whatever needed and put back on,not a hard thing to do, 240 seems a bit steep.
  18. Nice job, I take it you are going white? Dave
  19. Thanks for the prompt replies I also fitted 8mm i.d nylon bushes to the inner wing and edge of each pod, it worked really well.
  20. Looks god to me. At least I know what mine might look like when it gets prep'd.
  21. There is an alternative.
  22. I tend to look at is as they are equally shit, but the Tories understand that money doesn’t grow on trees and therefore will do it cheaper and not bankrupt the country.
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