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  2. Great to hear you got on well. You did the right thing getting some tuition, it makes a huge difference and accelerates learning and confidence. David is a great choice, top guy and a Lotus fan, many on here have used him and speak well of him. I would recommend booking him again at a later stage once you've done a few more days as he can then help develop things further for you.
  3. Kimbers - all this does is to illuminate how broken the welfare system is! I agree with you in principle, however, by the time the current 'youth' come to pension age, having paid significantly more in dues (at least financially, if not in sacrifices elsewhere) than the baby boom generation, there is likely to be much less cash available and they won't get a state pension until 70+ (IMO). I'm older than you and therefore closer to receiving any pension due but I can see how unaffordable the current state of affairs is (and I have contributed since the age of 16). Our Politics is broken (as has been made evident by the last 3 years) so I won't challenge on the vote attracting, but that's nothing new. The grey vote is still massive - The triple lock was a MASSIVE vote bribe to them. Tax pounds in the UK need to be spent better. It seems any administration is always happy to sign away £billions on questionable projects (HS2, Trident replacement etc etc) but can never find enough money to fund the things that matter to real people on the ground (Education, Support for the needy etc). It is always easy to look back and imagine things were better in the old days but the current youth don't benefit from any form of Mortgage Tax relief or enough affordable houses. I'll probably be very unpopular in my view but second home ownership should be taxed out of existence IMO. That would go along way to providing a market correction. Until (if ever?) we get away from the relatively recent concept of houses being investments instead of somewhere to live, I think it unlikely anything will change.
  4. In addition to the 45th anniversary of the Elite and Eclat it is also 25 years since Chris Boardman won an unprecedented triple crown (Tour de France Prologue and Double World Championships) on a Lotus 110. Seeing as the 25th anniversary of the Olympic Gold passed almost without mention it would be a shame if other milestones aren't celebrated.
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  6. Ah knew it looked familiar, that's where I'd seen it! I think I prefer the Bahar Elan more? Maybe put the front bumper of the new model on the Elan?
  7. The Bahar era proposed Elan looks to be the basis of their renders... Certainly no bad thing - it was the best looking of the five IMO.
  8. Thanks for the info. If you can update this thread when you hear back in the adjustable traction control from komotec, that would be great! It would be a shame to lose it.
  9. ohhh are those Autocar pictures from Lotus or ones Autocar created them selfs? I really like individual bits of the car but not sure it works 100% all together? Looks a little squashed could maybe be a bit longer? Its certainly a nice design but needs a little tweak in my opinion before its finished.
  10. This has F**king outraged me. Absolute pandering to the Youth for votes. How can this not be Discrimination after a lifetime of paying their dues!! 'End pensioner benefits to help young', peers say Removing the triple lock for pensions - ensuring the weekly allowance rises by a minimum of 2.5% every year Phasing out free TV licences based on age (currently free for over 75s) and ensuring the government decides on whether to give free licences based on household income Limiting free bus passes for the over 65s and winter fuel payments until five years after retirement age
  11. Cheers for posting John, Intresting car, have never seen one before, some of the dimensions are a little off as i think it looks a bit kit carish, but nice none the less looks like the love child from a mazda Mx5 and a fiat Barchetta
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  13. Article on the Vegantune Evante which was based on Chapman's Elan but never really took off. Interesting read in Pistonheads.
  14. I know about the abs motorsport system as also Jack fitted it to his cup r and might install it but what I was wondering is that if I compare the old exige cup system with the 380 cup oem system both driven on the same track with similar tyres the 380 cup oem abs works perfectly and I was wondering what are the differences as if I could just buy the oem parts for the 380 cup abs it would probably be ok and cheaper.
  15. I wonder if it will become an Elanor clone Love the fastbacks , the Ring Brothers who are custom car builders from the USA built a full carbon fibre body shelled Mustang, must be mean as hell on the road !
  16. I need a quick favour if so, please pop me a PM. Thanks
  17. Do you know if your oem cables were already the same spec as the latest 380 cup ones? I was told that the lates ones are almost as good as the ssc ones. replace the brake fluid and clutch fluid with something better as castrol srf or motul rbf 660 and make sure there is no air in the clutch system.
  18. I'm keenly awaiting news of a Lotus Festival this year. I understood that negotiations were under way for a return to Brands Hatch in September, but have heard nothing more. I called Brands Hatch and MSV yesterday. MSV said there was the Elise Cup meeting on 7 September, but neither organisation knew of (or admitted to knowing of) any plans for a Lotus Festival. From a selfish point of view, I was hoping that we could use this year's festival to mark the 45th anniversary of the Elite and Eclat, and a number of former Lotus executives involved with these models were interested in coming along. However, with no news either to confirm dates to these people or to alert Elite and Eclat owners to attend, then I have to look for an alternative. If there is to be no Festival it will be a real shame. Despite the teething problems, the celebrations at Hethel last year were a great success and everyone was hoping that the 'see you next year' banners meant it would happen again in 2019. There is a huge community of support amongst Lotus owners for an annual event, and if this stops happening then it only serves to fragment this support - so I hope to see an event this year, but fear we won't. Would be great to have some news either way! Cheers, Richard
  19. The ABS has been tuned to work with the OEM tyres. Semi-slicks or slicks will give it a real headache which you're seeing here. @nimes has the Bosch ABS system fitted to his monster 3-Eleven to alleviate this issue, it can be used with whichever tyres you wish as I believe it's fully customisable for levels of traction.
  20. Talking of cars Barry, has your Elite buyer picked it up yet ?
  21. I can change gears without any issue when engine is cold. I experience the issue only after driving the car for 20-30 min intensively (on track). I have some concern regarding how the dealer will be able to properly re-adjust the cables if the car is not in track condition...
  22. Think on your side of the pond Conner JAE is your best bet, very good folks and have a lot of knowledge and parts to help your project, I do not think they will take your old alternator in exchange though lol, I think ebay sell new ones as i seem to remember folks on here buying some. it is a shame with a factory standard car not to have the bumper fitted on the rear, but i have to admit i think the esprit rear end looks pretty cool with no bumper, I opted for no bumper and built a custom rear valance made of mesh with a framework around it, simple idea and does the job as it fills the hole but you can still see through it
  23. Hi Russ, the link you posted takes me to a list of vendors selling the correct size for the rear 19 wheel. That has always been available in the UK. Its the front tyre 225/40/r18 that is not available in the UK.
  24. I've always had great service at Murray/Leven and still take my car there for its annual service
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  26. Yes the rev limiter is changed an around 7000 rpm Only problem I noticed with the 380 cup is that the adjustable motorsport traction control that should work when in tc off mode is not working anymore I did not get a reply yet about that from komotec but another tuner in Italy told me that in fact you can t really raise the rev limiter on the 380 cup map so what they usually do is to upload all the ecu files from the exige 350 that have the rev limiter as standard at 7000 rpm in tour or sport mode and then remap the oem file to be suited for the 380 cup and the mods. Probably in that case the file to make work the adjustable traction control is missing. I don t know if it could be manually added and they just forgot to do it or if not and in that case you can t make it work if you want the rev limiter at 7000 rpm. still the adjustable traction control is not really that useful as on a dry track most of the time is better with tc completely off and if you want to get the normal traction control and esp you still have all the other settings working as tour sport and race. In fact it becomes just as the 380 sport.
  27. Pretty much any functioning one will do
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