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  2. Hi I cannot believe Im having major problems in getting a brake master cylinder overhaul kit for my Esprit s1. Ive been on the forums, and someone recommends getting one for a Range Rove however there is 1 seal missing. Another shows a kit but hasn't replied to my enquiry. (it is an old post).SJ. shows a kit but there seem to be stuff missing. Lotus Marques seems to show the full kit (see below) but doesn't list it for sale! Anybody got any ideas where I can get one from? Cheers.
  3. Welcome Conner, Like others here I'm up to my elbows in restoration work and will be sure to offer any advice I can as you request. Excellent car, but take good note of words of caution regarding engine operation! Cheers
  4. Right Neil, the upholsterer advised that aerosol can adhesive would fail in the heat of sunny days and showed me the product that would hold up, saying it was to be applied with a LP gun using a coarse spray tip. I will be tempted to have the stuff rolled onto the roof, leaving the fabricated headliner to be sprayed in turn. Any method chosen will demand careful masking and I presume the best point for installation would be after body paint but prior to interior assembly. Correct? Cheers
  5. We will be meeting between 9am - 10am at Soda Bar and Bistro in Waterbeach (now known as Denny End Deli) location information here: At 10:30 we depart and drive in convoy to Hunstanton (we have an excellent driving route planned). If you would like to join us please sign up here:
  6. How do those do for long distance? Most of the LED stuff I've seen has great fill and brightness in the foreground, but lose intensity for main beam throw. I'm well beyond rural, with black bears and moose going bump in the night, so the main beams are my focus. I'd love to convert, but would need to best the 100 watt halogen bulbs I'm running now before I did.
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  8. There may be other "content providers" I prefer to follow but like the rest of us, I avidly devour all new Lotus content and Tyler (AKA "The Virgin") has enough experience with other supercars to winnow the wheat from chaff. Ignore a few of the (expected) minor errors and enjoy the rave.
  9. Further details: We will be meeting between 9am - 10am at Soda Bar and Bistro in Waterbeach (now known as Denny End Deli) location information here: At 10:30 we depart and drive in convoy to Hunstanton (we have an excellent driving route planned). If you would like to join us please sign up here: or put your name down in the Forum!
  10. Hi all, we have a new post for this here: hope to see you there!
  11. Both please. Front and rear, thanks.
  12. Hi Dan. It's a nice honest car with good history. I'm only helping the current owner get it advertised, hes well into his 70's and not so good on his feet now, hence the need to sell. I recon for what it is, he has priced it very fairly. Sell the private plate for 400 squid and you have an even cheaper car.
  13. LOTUS EVORA / S FLAT BOTTOM STEERING WHEEL PERFECT CONDITION. I have recently upgraded my steering wheel to a 400 and so have my original to sell off. My car is a MY2010 but only has just over 4.5k miles on the clock and this steering wheel is in really really good condition, it looks practically brand new. Dispatched with tracked and signed for postage from Jersey in the Chanel Isles. The post Original Steering Wheel appeared first on Click to view item
  14. The parking meters at Newlands Corner are out of action and are expected to be out of action for the rest of the weekend. Happy Easter!
  15. Haha. Are we going to shoot another one??
  16. Oh, the ilx-f903d doesn't do Wireless CarPlay, and the newer generation Alpines aren't out in the UK still.
  17. The adapter plate from Poland does fit this gearbox apparently as one of the options is the M20 engine bolt pattern
  18. You can get high temperature contact adhesive, so make sure you use that. If you get the tins you can smear it into place rather than spraying. As mentioned above, the material would usually have some kind of foam backing and the S2 headlining was stitched so it was "panelled" although mine wasn't done like that and still looks nice.
  19. The ones I fitted were the Blueprint discs and they are fine. I did not know what they were before I bought them. I was just buying aftermarket discs from a reputable dealer, and that's what came. If I had seen the scotsdave discs I would have been tempted, but even with hindsight would have paid the extra for brand new. I am happy with my decision. It was 630.00 including pins, pads and discs. I think its one of those "you pays yer money and takes yer choice" scenarios!
  20. Welcome to TLF Josh, you take some lovely pics of your car, very nice :D
  21. You can also get one of these (and lots of other wonderful things) as a TLF Gold Member
  22. I can't believe Mike at lotus bits has no 45E's around as he does conversions to throttle bodies as well. I too am going to convert to throttle bodies as it takes out the biggest fire risk in the car. (and makes the engine run better) however I am not ready yet so my 45's are not for sale at the moment. (I'll keep an eye out for you for some 45E's, does he need 1 or 2 ? )
  23. Got any photos of your car, Dave? You must know how much we like photos...
  24. I also tried to adjust the clock but was unsuccesful. I dis not jet find any info on how it should be done. So I tried the obvious solution and poked the two holes under the display with a couple of paperclips. Nothing happened. Is it broke or is there a trick to it? The clock works but its just a bit over an hour wrong.
  25. That must’ve been me, apologies for the late reply. I was in a hurry to get to the open pit lane before it shut, would’ve gladly said hi had I known!
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