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  2. at least two to three weeks
  3. Is there a way to disable the system and see if the rich running goes away? I think mine is disabled, at least I thought it was.
  4. Is it not the one on the thermostat housing ?
  5. start deep dive cleaning, exterior, interior. day 1 : Need to remove the grills to clean that : Start to remove the front splitter and the reinforcement plate, but some screws are completely damaged (what kind of guy can put back this screw... I am pissed) I am for the moment blocked here, I have to find a way to remove these f*** damaged screws. View between splitter and clamshell : Finally sucessfully removed the seats, easy when you have the good tools... Under the seats : ...
  6. Freescan is showing temp is 80... dash temp is 65ish I found the ecm coolant temp sensor A910E6928F. Where is the dash temp sender ? I looked in the parts manual and it is referred to as 03a/A082N6075F but isn't shown in any diagrams!
  7. Today
  8. Understand and agree, Andy, just pointing out the way the balance is tipped. imo, prop rep would be the very worst model we could have.
  9. Good job on arranging the Sunshine Club Variety Bus instead of Uber. Which one of you lot invited Val Hoonigan?
  10. $103,645.00 End Date: Tuesday Jan-14-2020 11:11:33 PST Add to watch list Click to view item
  11. If you leave it unlocked with that red flashing does battery go dead fast ?
  12. Cost me £28 in total. The second time round was £25. excellent value for money
  13. Very interesting article from the Daily Telegraph - IN 2015
  14. To release the immobilizer
  15. Congratulations, lovely looking Elise.
  16. Festivity has started , @Bibs mincab services anyone
  17. Looks like this when done. Screen tape hides the transition area and makes it look neat. If your bonding the screen in dont put the sealant too far up the screen, it will squeeze al, over your newly trimmed scuttle area. It has to be low on the bottom edge. You may recall I trimmed the scuttle area using new hide. I would not advise taking this leather off as it will rip. Then its a big job with a new hide to repair!
  18. I did many installs but the cabling in the Exige is demanding due to space constraints in my opinion. On a positive note, fitting the side vents with a chrome ring was very easy and I think they look great:
  19. Hi Steve, I think I know what you are refering to. The scuttle area is trimed with a piece of material or leather as above. It needs to bend over the top slightly to cover the area that can be seen if you dont block out the lower part of the front screen with tape or black screen colourant. It also extends to the lower area so the other bit of dash sits on top of the end. This part is trimmed on the bench. You need to replace the foam when you trim it to get the material to sit correctly. To be clear they are trimmed separately in the same material. As above.
  20. As the powder coating took more than expected I went for a 2-DIN conversion from SSC This is how the „guts“ of the dashboard look now: The kit came with flexible pipes for a different AC plenum so I will be replacing them with rigid piping between dashboard and plenum.
  21. there are problems with all systems. The current first past the post in a defined area, gives a known person clear accountability to those living in that constituency. the elected person is supposed to represent those people. But if that person gets the single largest share of the votes, and the same happens elsewhere you can end up with a party getting not the greatest share of the votes yet getting all-but one or at least the majority of the seats in the HoC. Pure proportional representation, means that (subject to small variances) the number of MPs a party has aligns to the proportion of the votes the party received, so in this case LD would get c66 MPs, SNP c26 MPs etc. The biggest problems are that you don't get a clearly accountable representative of an area (or at least not one that was elected by those locals), you don't get any possibility of independents / regional / small parties (not if it's a small regional party), so Like SNP in their early days, PC in theirs or even UKIP in the first few elections, they'd just not get enough of a vote to get seats. It also means the government tends to be more moderated, so a big swing from one party to another actually doesn't happen, it only really happens in the current system, so you get more hung parliaments/ coalitions, which is what we'd be facing today if we has proportional representation, Cons would need LD to form a coalition to get even just over 50% of the seats in HoC. The markets don't like them, they tend to struggle to get anything through parliament and eventually fall out with each other and call another election. There are other systems, but each has its strengths and weaknesses. The disproportion between SNP share of vote and share of seats reflects the more sparsely populated trying to not lass less-dense,,,) areas that make up each constituency in Scotland. can you imagine the uproar if the govt body tried to merge seats on a tree-to-one basis to even it out? There'd be people with weapons and blue crosses on faces screaming as they attacked. Even worse, they could split the seats in England on a one-to-three basis, and we'd have nearly 3x the number of MPs and need new HoC to cope with them. The expenses could bankrupt the country.
  22. The delayed Boundary change should now be brought in - which should even up the number of electors in each constituency. And people call the Tory Part the nasty party - he went full dalek at one point.
  23. Hiya pete. Thanks mate. So it locks the car and opens it. How come you press again ?
  24. Looks good and welcome. Yes you need to push fob everytime.
  25. tim_marra

    TLF GT430 Club

    For me the GT430Sport is the discerning mans choice and the one to have. It is a sports GT after all. If you want the balls out variety then get the Exige. For those who have a Evora 430 I must be the Corbyn option . The biggest issue with the B&C car was the colour IMHO. The new owner has a cracking car though
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