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  2. Cut the leather and installed the dash vents. Scary, but happy with results.
  3. Little bit of a noise from the front left. Decided to have a look. The anti roll bar bolt had undone! I can't blame anyone as I built it! Still torqued back up, both front wheel bearings adjusted and I made it to Newlands corner. Engine needs tuning constantly, else the shutdown backfire comes back! Running real,well with a small leak from the cam shaft cover! A young lad was telling his dad how he had that car at home. I laughed to myself, I remember being in that situation in July 1977 - but no longer!
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  5. The Surrey Branch of the forum out at Newlands Corner. Ooops cant upload the pics?
  6. There's a tube frame Esprit project here
  7. I know you can get very close indeed with wrap, but I'd rather "do it properly" and paint it to get it absolutely perfect. The car needs a couple of touchups anyway, so I'll get it all done at the same time.
  8. I agree on the strip color -- it's not close enough to pass muster or "mustard" to keep the color theme going. Before you paint, have you checked with a local "wrap" installer to get a detailed color chart of available wraps? You might get lucky and find one that is "close enough". There are several quality "wrap" manufacturers and they will send you samples directly upon request. Some different manufacturers' sample color charts available here....
  9. I put it on temporarily to see if I like it. I do like it, but I don't like the yellows not matching. I will get it done properly in paint at some stage I think.
  10. Excellent progress today - sunning and drinking in the garden in glorious weather. Sod the GT3.
  11. @GFWilliams -- Hey GF, when did the striping go on the splitter and barge boards? I, obviously, think it looks good.
  12. Saw you at the lights and you waved before getting stuck behind that annoying white Vauxhall MPV, then saw you again as you passed and chatted briefly at the next lights. Dunno who you are are but I really hope I’m as insanely cool when I’m in my more senior years. You left me for dust at the lights.
  13. Spotted you twice. Once sat at the light driving through Bisley and once one my way back to the M3 from West End. Your Exige looked ace. Hope you had a nice drive.
  14. Pulled the S4 out of the garage and cleaned off the layer of winter dirt and grime.
  15. Might also be worth checking on the float valves in the carbs, to see if they are set to the right height and that the needle valves are in good condition and working as they should. If they need replacing get the ones with Vitron tips from somewhere like Eurocarbs.
  16. Hello everyone, I am curious to know if anyone has changed the final drive ratio on their Evora 400 with a kit such as this (they offer 5% and 10% reduction options): One of my concerns is whether or not it will affect anything relating to the ECU and cause CELs or traction/stability control problems (although I normally turn everything off anyway). Komo-Tec also sells revised gear ratios so if someone has done this instead, I would appreciate their feedback. Thank you in advance! John
  17. We will be meeting between 9am - 10am at Soda Bar and Bistro in Waterbeach (now known as Denny End Deli) location information here: At 10:30 we depart and drive in convoy to Hunstanton (we have an excellent driving route planned). If you would like to join us please sign up here:
  18. @Mark030358 - it's on a ramp. No idea how it's mounted to be honest. Got a lovely new engine badge from Komo-tec! Still want carbon engine covers, but other things always take priority... If anyone wants to buy my @alias23 Lotus Badge, please drop me a dm
  19. Congrats! Yes, the transmission noise is quite loud, you'll get used to it, goes away over 2k RPM.
  20. Me and Shelly Schumacher will be attending as usual... Happy Easter...
  21. Welcome Josh and congratulations on making the transition to ownership. I'm assuming you and your dad are aware it's the Lotus National meet near Brisbane from next Thursday to Sunday? I work for an Aussie company and lived in Brisbane for 6 months about 2 years ago. Some amazing scenery and roads, both along the coast and inland. I'm due to be over in a few weeks but booked the trip before hearing about the National, so will miss it by a couple of weeks.
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