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  2. Okay -that's a very expensive way to get a V8. I've seen pictures of that intercooler installation before, but it looks like he's still running a UN1 gearbox.
  3. As a styling exercise, I like those.
  4. Yep - that's Devon and Cornwall Police for you - anything to save them from going out and doing their jobs. Policing really is a total joke around here.
  5. @mike_sekinger Well I was just as curious.. How do you spend EUR 100k ?? His car started life as an S4S... Back in the day in Greece cars were taxed based on engine size.. So the 2.0 / 2.2 liter S4S cost much less to buy new than the 3.5 liter V8.. Next he bought all the parts including engine and did a conversion to Esprit V8.. Next he put some carbon fiber parts rear wing etc.. Custom ECU.. 8 new injectors.. Next he installed intercoolers with custom piping and custom air intakes (he removed rear quarter windows) He chose a custom Quaife I think g
  6. Last year I bought her a wheelbarrow for her birthday to save her having to carry bags of compost to the bottom of the garden. However, she fell over using it during the dark evenings so I bought her a head torch for Christmas!
  7. Exactly that If these figures are true (which I doubt very much) then China are now set up to profit from the virus that they allowed to be spread around Europe and the States by allowing their people to travel the world during Dec 19 through to Feb 20. A virus which is now crippling the economies of western nations is probably being hailed as a success by Chinese leaders.
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  9. The problem you're going to have if the propshaft is still in place is securing the fuel hose to the inside wall of the chassis. Can you get access to that area? Pete
  10. Took it to a specialist garage
  11. How on gods green earth does someone spend over 100K € in upgrades on an Esprit V8? What did he have done to amass that kind of expenditure?
  12. The only thing any form of lockdown is achieving - is ruining the economy, smashing business, boosting big business like Amazon and online, restricting people’s freedoms and distracting us from the fact that this is utter pishe. All the while hundreds are landing on beaches every month rife with Covid infections and then stuck in hotels - while the people in this country are left to suffer. enough is enough. We need a fight back. We should be banning all Chinese imports now with immediate effect and ramp up manufacturing in this country
  13. DVLA MOT and Tax checker website doesn’t list any car for that registration. Maybe still in the process of being re-allocated? Nevertheless it shouldn’t be on two different vehicles at the same time!
  14. @mike_sekinger is your man for the job
  15. So I finally decided what is best for my Lotus Esprit V8.. It was a tough decision because I had my friend (who tune Audis and Porsche Turbos) telling me to go for full power RED, I had my mechanic saying to leave it stock because he doesn’t want to rebuild the engine again, and my good Lotus forums friends @mike_sekinger , @Barrykearley and @cweeden advising me to take the S350 and forget about the RED as it will ruin my gearbox.. I also spoke to two friends of mine Lotus Esprit V8 owners.. One had installed RED and broke a driveshaft powershifting 1-2nd gear.. And the other after h
  16. Must have been a different plate then, only saw it momentarily in a line of traffic.
  17. The original Berkeley’s were not good, a mate of mine had one, and it was dreadful. These new ones look like Porsche styling exercises, nonetheless, I wish them all the best.
  18. 2VXT use to be on a black sport 410. It now lives on a white McLaren 650s. Strange you saw it yesterday, the guy has had it on his McLaren for some weeks if not a month or more now..... Hmmm, I'll message him to see if he knows.
  19. Well from the point of view of reducing the number of new cases, the first lockdown did work. It was only after restrictions were raised that unsurprisingly the R rate started to rise again.
  20. They are certainly impressed, and the porca comments are interesting.
  21. ↑ I posted with a different account. Does HVAC require special settings?
  22. My car is a 2013 model Elise with a 1.6 engine, but when I add a display with the new SW, I get an error in the engine mode and the traction control doesn't light up. And HVAC doesn't light up either. The serial number is 7700200. Does anyone have the same trouble? And unfortunately, the new FW does not turn on HVAC.
  23. If the first lockdown worked why would we go into a second one? If the first lockdown didn't work why would we go into a second one? .......
  24. Happy Halloween everyone! (from a Facebook Lotus Group)
  25. Hi everyone, has anyone got some larger Olin Mark VI for sale ? @[email protected]
  26. Hey glad to be added here! I'm a big delorto carb fan and Lotus's have always been a fav of mine (86 Esprit turbo). What is the best area on here for tuning talk?
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