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  2. since I didn't add my name to the list, I'll do so now, hoping to resurrect the topic 0. Name - Car - Colour 1. CocoPops - Evora 400 - Essex Blue 2. Neal H - Evora 400 - Racing Green 3. Bravo73 - Evora - Red (with black roof, if possible) 4. C8RKH - Evora NA - (not sure on colour, like the red, the black and maybe just the natural polished silver!!!) Oh decisions...... 5. Paulcp - Evora - Essex Blue........(may prefer 1/10 scale depending on possibility & cost) 6. Colin P - Evora 400 - Racing Green or polished - not sure yet 7. Foxy - S1 - White 8. CaptainSlow - Evora S - Black 9. Bobsy Racer - Evora NA - Orange on Black Base 10. Invictusmaneo- Evora NA -Orange on black base (will probably do an engraved placard on the base too) 11. series_one -S1 White 12. Rallyesax - Evora 400 - solid yellow black pack or bare aluminium. Not sure for the size yet. 13 Al. Evora NA/S in texture silver on black base. (or if dual colours end up not extortionate maybe would go for red with black roof). 14. Ratman- Evora NA- polished on black base
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  4. Had the 120 and now have the 130 fitted for the benefit of Dab, but there is a downside to the 130, pioneer as removed the option of putting your own screen saver onto there latest units, so no more nice Lotus logo on start up.
  5. Ooh. Me likey. So, being new & a bit dim to the world of swapping car entertainment gubbins, with this gizmo would I still have to get a unit that accepts DAB (like the 230) or would the 120 (am/fm) be fine?
  6. Actually from the cfd airflow i think the Type 130 may explore a very free flowing air circulation around the carbon tub safety cell cockpit and may push the envelop to the point of this : The Vanda Dendrobium which coincidentally has been developed in collaboration with Williams A.E. The Type 130 maybe a bit more refined stylized in terms of upper body slick lines, the other cars having these kind of airflow are the AM Valkyrie which may be the closest all around thing to it. and also the Ford GT major difference with these last two is of course the absence of internal combustion engine and the difference with the Dendobrium which does use the Williams A.E Skate is that the Type 130 is going to lay on a Lotus own chassis, but it will share the Williams A.E propulsion architecture of the Vanda. and as a result possibly some of the characteristics of the Dendrobium For more info on the Vanda Dendrobium :
  7. Not any more. You can use an FM Aerial splitter to get the DAB signal. All of the extra wiring is kept behind the dash. That’s what I use in my Evora (and other cars).
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  9. Sounds interesting, count me in. Would be good to see some CAD renderings when you’re ready.
  10. Thanks electro_boy. I don't really use the radio too much so might just opt for the easier 120 without DAB.
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  12. The new KT wheels looks great! They are 7.5x17 and 10x18. Offset not yet confirmed by I expect ET26/ET32. Don’t think prices have been released either...
  13. I've briefly used the 120 in a different car and it was fine through Apple Car play. I would stream music through the phone and use Apple Maps for navigation and it worked fine for that. Screen was sharp, clear and bright when using reversing camera. Note you may have to install a separate aerial for the DAB. I have a more recent Alpine unit with DAB in my Evora and that requires a small stubby aerial on the front windscreen next to the a pilar, cable routing is through he pillar so I can't see anything other than the small aerial. Don't know if that bothers you at all but thought I'd mention it.
  14. Saves weight though. Only thing is that iI've never relied on Waze or Google for everyday nav. How are they, especially in Eastern Europe?
  15. Hehehe. Many modern cars are lambasted for their ‘iPad stuck to the dashboard’ designs. And here you go wanting to add one back in...
  16. Actually, your view about mergers is shared by Aston Martin CEO, Andy Palmer. Although, his reasons for them doing so vary slightly from your suggestion. Autocar link
  17. I had to laugh at 1:40~41 when you are watching the rear view and you see all the dust rise from the sand trap. Oops.
  18. Nope, not much sympathy for anyone undertaking in a 2 lane environment, the last one to do it to me nearly killed me (and my Lotus).
  19. It doesn't come with that tray shown, but you can get single DIN storage trays easily enough. By the way, its this one I was looking at :
  20. Looks neat if it fits. Does it come with that box to fit it in, including the bottom open area?
  21. I've been pondering an upgrade to the slow Alpine INE-W920R in my Evora, and am considering the possibility of using a 1-DIN unit with the display on a stalk like below. Another benefit of this would be I could throw my phone in the space below, maybe even adding a Qi charging mat in there! Need to go look at the space available, but I think it should fit in the (somewhat recessed) location of the non-4xx Evoras.
  22. I have recently purchased a 907 engine and gearbox. It was stored for many years and the garage owner hes no idea what car it came from. I'm going to rebuild the 907 and sell the gearbox, but have no idea what original Lotus it was installed in. The engine serial number is I74 05 7 176... No dashes between numbers, only spaces. Any help will be appreciated... Thx
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  24. I haven't even got a bike licence, but I really want that green and yellow one.
  25. Looking forward to it, I’ll be there.. but unfortunately my Eclat will not, as I’m only a 1/4 of the way through replacing the loom
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