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  2. That's seems consistent with the tyres position in the range - on the track the compound and tread block design doesn't hold to to prolonged track usage. Bedford autodrome is a great circuit by the way! Quite a long lap so enough space for cars to spreadout.
  3. Parked at PC world a few days ago. looked amazing in black with 2 red stripes over the top. Several people came over while I was parking nearby, some folks walked over to take a look commented on how awesome it was. Cracking car.
  4. I want one for inflating the tyres of both our family cars and bicycles. I've had numerous footpumps, which are too much like hard work, especially for the 70PSI or whatever of the bicycle tyres. I've also had 12v cigarette lighter pumps which soon blew themselves to bits, so I don't want another 12v DC version. I want one I can just plug into the garage wall mains socket and do the work quickly, reliably and accurately. Any recommendations?
  5. I find the TPMS works really well and it advised me of a puncture which I was quite happy about. It does occasionally "lose" a sensor every now and then but not that often. I have also found it to be very accurate. When the Autel sensors are only £20 each and fit the wheels better than the original GM sensors its not even that expensive either.
  6. That’s it - no question. Alibi sorted off to buy a car
  7. C8RKH


    Oh I am very much with you there! I have no issue with Vegans other than they do seem to be like religious fanatics in that they deem it their duty to try to convert everyone they meet who is not the same as them. I like meat. They don't don't. Great, get over it. I already have..... If the whole world went Vegan overnight the world would be fecked and many more would starve than do now. Do we need to eat less meat - yes, purely in my mind for health reasons. But then i go past a nice independent coffee shop and the smell of that fresh bacon sandwich hits me and in i go for my black Americano with bacon sandwich. it's like a reflex action, the brain is not consciously involved in the decision process. A bit like buying an Evora 410 Sport if i think about it.......
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  9. A couple of photo's of my car from Piazza Italia (Horsham) last weekend on Sporting Bears duty.
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  11. Spinney


    Well yes, my remark was slightly flippant and I am aware of the life cycle of a dairy cow. I could never willingly become vegan, as I simply enjoy all the things they wouldn't consider eating, far too much. Vegans have gone from being considered on the slightly loony fringe to becoming more mainstream and each to their own, but not for me, I'm afraid. On the subject of folk not eating certain foods, either for ethical or religious reasons, I once went to stay with a Jewish friend and his family but at the breakfast table, was slightly taken aback to see they had bacon. I said to him, I didn't think Jewish people ate bacon, to which he replied in a conspiratorial tone, "ah, we don't normally, but so long as the pig has been circumcised, then it's ok."
  12. US customers are stupid if they think Lotus doesn’t care about their market! Its a front bumper away from a euro GT430 Sport. Ohlins are available for those that really want them from the UK importers, same for J-hooks, they should be available from AP Racing. Failing that, fit even better aftermarket rotors. If Lotus didn’t care they’d have fitted the rear wing anyway and sold a car with an aero imbalance. Evidently they do because the lack of wing will cost them sales. Which brings us neatly back to customer intelligence again.
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  14. Keen to keep this thread going re Evora Servicing costs. My 410Sport had its first annual service yesterday (1 year or 9k miles) at Leven in Edinburgh (formerly MMC or Murrays). Hassle free service from then and full cost including VAT etc. Was £395. I bought their 3 year service plan for the next 3 services at a fixed price of £1100 which will save me around 20-30% and also provides access to Edenred for discounts on shopping, holidays and travel and a host of other things. If I sell the car I can transfer the service package to the new owner, or, another car. I like the approach as I now don't have to worry about the service costs for 3 years.
  15. C8RKH


    That "rogue" steak may explain an awful lot Barry!
  16. Update for anyone who might be dealing with oil cooler line replacement; I got myself a 30mm and 28mm wrench. Used the grinder to make the 28mm wrench a little thinner as there was no way I could get one wrench on the oil cooler and the other on the flange of the oil cooler line. After trying to break the Oil Cooler line free I figured out it wasn't going to budge. After reading everyones comments about breaking off the flange coming out of the Oil Cooler I soaked it with penetrating fluid several times, same thing.. felt frozen. Next I picked up some Pure Lye Pellets from the Hardware store (sold as drain clog opener) dropped probably about 2 heaping table spoons in a small glass of water.. Drew the caustic soda into a syringe and poured it over the threads and collar holding the oil cooler line to the oil cooler. Did this several times, be careful as the Lye Caustic Soda is hot and will burn your skin not just from heat but chemically After this the threads looked cleaner but still didn't seem to want to budge, finally after hitting the trouble area with a butane torch for about a min or so,, then finally cooling it off with a liberal amount of WD40 it came loose. Very excited I got it off without any damage to my oil cooler. I am not sure if it was the Penetrating Fluid, The Caustic Soda or Butane Torch.. Maybe all of them together. If your having trouble getting that line off try these steps and be sure to hold that first wrench firmly so you don't bend or break the oil cooler. You can feel by how everything flexes that it wouldn't take much to ripe that connector right off. Best of luck, now I am on to taking off all the zip ties and pulling the new plumbing thru with the old line. Will update after this next step.
  17. So once I had another look at the wiring diagram, it was obvious. Took me about 10 seconds. Common earth via both switches. Got the daughter to hold passenger door switch while I held drivers door switch in and hey presto! everything works as it should. I hate electricity.
  18. au-yt

    Evora GT500

    Ive said it before the Factory have seen 550 HP out of the 2GR but lots of people have cried BS its unreliable at that because of the cam phasers wont rev past 7000 RPM.
  19. Highly likely the cables just need adjusting a bit. They’re quite sensitive and go out of alignment occasionally.
  20. Damn, that is just awful. Indeed, a bait and switch. I always said, that Lotus doesn't care about the US market. Lotus is dressing the Evora 400 as something else for 2020. I guess they believe US customers are stupid and will get the car just because it is more expensive and a little different? HAHAHA
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  22. Nice car, Nice color....I present to you the Americanized cousin.
  23. Very many miles have you put in your 410?
  24. Thanks TomE! Yes we are aware, lucky duck he’s going to the lakeside track meet tomorrow and then we will be at the Sunshine Coast meet on Saturday morning and looking forward to it! Bummer make sure to come back sometime and enjoy the roads again, great area. Thanks kimbers, my old man is on here somewhere ha! I’ll have to track him down and get him to post some photos of the evora.
  25. True, but I think it will be the Battista which people will primarily compare it with - just on name alone. I suppose we'll see group tests with all three! The Sun claims a Lotus insider has told them the Type 130 will top Pininfarina's 1,900 horses, while Evo claim Lotus are aiming to keep the weight below 1,000kg. Could be interesting! The Tesla Roadster is starting at $200,000. It will be interesting to see how close in performance it is to the Battista, Rimac 2 and Type 130. I wouldn't count on it necessarily matching any of them for aero, handling etc. but it has the potential to be a real fly in the ointment! Actually, I can't especially see any standout aero on the Rimac or Pininfarina so that may well be how the Type 130 truly distinguishes itself. Looking forward to the London reveal...
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