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  2. Hi Bud... well just heard tonight one chap running the intake with the same system you have and currently all he reports is good. However I’ve never personally tested. If you do wish to go down the ECU route let me know and I can put you in touch with RRR. I’m hoping to get back on intakes this week so will seek to give an update on progress end of week.
  3. Hi Imran it’s a Full system, Manifolds to back box, including 200 cell Cat. I’ve seen loads of mixed comments more so now from the comments above about people running this system on stock Ecu. My plan was to get the Ecu done, so I probably still will - who’s the go too company to use? Any update on when my intake will be ready? I’m itching to have it fitted. Cheers
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  5. Toeside

    Hello All

    Drove the 350 Exige before the Elise ............... what a 'blast!' Its a beast of a car
  6. Well that’s nice and easy then.
  7. Been removed. Scam
  8. pic of interior all back together. pics of climate control controls. The rear heated screen button is wired up to bring on the front electric windscreen heaters. The air con compressor is all plumbed in and wired up to alfa system through original esprit wiring including rad fan engagement). More pics of alcantara headlining, cup holders and lotus logo door down lighting to follow.
  9. couple of pics for carbon dip interior parts. can take some in daylight if required. i also had the ally wheel centre cap rings, rear number plate plinth and headlight surrounds done at the same time. Although these parts are exposed to the elements they still look great after a years motoring in some rubbish weather!!
  10. I have a 400 and love it. The interior quality has improved each stage from my LE, S1 MY12 to the 400 now. However go sit in a 911 under 3 yrs old, let alone a new one or any other comparable. The interior in a Lotus is now great if you are used to Lotus, but trying to tempt those from other Marques it falls a long way short. Indicator stalks, mirror controls, key (from a 20 yr old Ford?) etc etc I love it but I really think you need to WANT a Lotus to have one.
  11. Hi New to the forum and looking to have a quick way of jacking up the car. I saw the video below and would like opinions (specifically) on the lifting bar used in it for the rear of the car. Is it good practice or a No No? Thanks
  12. Stuck on, 3 strips of foam double sided tape
  13. Is the plinth just stuck on or screwed on?
  14. Doing a similar thing on my Elise. Looks great with the smaller plate arrangement above!
  15. I seem to remember SJ changed the length of the purple bushes as the first ones I got were far too long. The second ones I got were fine and I have used them for 2000 miles. cheers C43
  16. Yep, if you have a 5 or 6 digit plate, you obviously have a far smaller plate but still completely legal which makes the holder massive. So I got a shorter plate made up, removed the plinth and mounted direct
  17. naasaa


    What Jon mention regards a lean mixture might a point check. I installed a lambda sensor and found that I consistently is running lean under boost. it is happening about 3500-3700 rpm. Havent solved it yet, thoug being going thrue the carbs numeral times. gave up and purchased EFI throttle bodies!
  18. You'd be better to check the spark voltage using a meter which is a pair of sharp points where the gap can be altered, the shortest distance at which the spark fails to cross, gives you the voltage of the spark. Then just compare to Accuspark's specification (you may need to contact them to get that).
  19. I’ve bought an Exige 350 and shall be putting my private plate on the car this week. Given the holder on the rear, has anyone shortened this or come up with another solution? I’d like to use a shortened plate, to show more of the satin black finish on the rear
  20. 82s3


    It won't the float levels. Max of Max 500 sorted the carbs for he earlier this year when I was having a hot running problem. Is it possible to check an Accuspark unit with a multimeter? Bob
  21. $74,950.00 End Date: Tuesday Dec-17-2019 7:11:49 PST Add to watch list Click to view item
  22. Dear all, I am actively new to this forum but have been following it for a while. I own a 2018 Exige in Black Metallic with EX460 upgrade by KomoTec and am using the cold (and wet) season for some upgrades including ICE. The setup will be quite simple: - Headunit - 4CH Amp incl DSP in the dashboard - Subwoofer in the passenger foot space - Extended range speakers with important Xmax (EAD H100HD MK II) in the dashboard. I started disassembling the dashboard, removing the original speakers and steel supports, replacing them by 10mm aluminium rings that subsequently were bonded to the dashboard (alumnium charged epoxy glue and aluminium putty). The speakers will be glued on the dashboard rings and they will be fixed with anither 10mm ornamental ring that will hold the protection grill. I am uncertain on about how to finish the ornamental rings and see three options (plus one - I need your help there): a) Anodizing as the other interior aluminium Lotus parts - afraid of reflections b) Painting in metallic black as the interiour colour pack - may be too much? c) Powder coating in a colour close to dashboard colour - may be too boring? d) Anything else you might think of! Thank you in advance for your feedback and comments! Patrick
  23. Well that was a waste of time. Alpine back in! On a positive note there was a bolt loose/completely out on the right side. Circled in red. Which is now tight again. I looks like it has to be out in order to get enough wiggle room to get the mounting bracket ears passed the facia backing/mount plate.
  24. I'm not sure the new interior is really that different functionally from previous (4XX) ones but it has been nicely restyled and dressed up with a bit more attention to detail and if my eyes serve me properly, an incrementally improved level of fit and finish. All US bound cars get carbon seat backs and some carbon hard parts with those handsome contrasting seat panels that look terrific. I think for most folks the seats have always been comfortably form fitting without having being overly confining and that has been retained but the look has clearly been improved upon. I prefer a leather wheel but admit the Alcantara version looks good. I find my 400's interior a perfectly nice place to be, suited for purpose as they say but the new one is incrementally better in all visible areas. When you get down to it, complaints usually center around features. Repeating the usual refrains, there are no gauges for oil pressure, voltage, and coolant temp as we'd expect on a full featured sports car. The infotainment systems takes the now expected heat for a lack of full integration, etc. While (again) I'm not sure full integration (abandoning the double din approach) is a plus in the long run, most cross shopping people will expect a bit more in that department. The door handles are plastic, a place where I think a few ounces of nicely cast and polished aluminum would have been welcome. And so it goes. But if like many traditional Lotus customers one appreciates the simplicity and basic functionality of a clean cockpit then the interior fitment and feature set won't disappoint. Unfortunately not everyone sees it that way. A lot of the griping is about feature sets rather than actual quality per se. It does seem that build quality has been improving with each new iteration. If you're a Lotus person, this is all a plus. Yet if Lotus is looking to expand its market appeal, then the interior can be criticized for the very qualities we (the add lightness crowd) may be somewhat indifferent to. The new car's interior looks great with visibly improved fitment and a more generous use of color yet is still much like the one in my 400 as regards function. But we're the Lotus Elite (pun intended) and for broader appeal we can probably expect an expanded approach in the future in respect to feature sets. And likely, a different manufacturing approach as well. Do I want more gauges ? (I do). Do I need power seats? Not really but such things are viewed as "progress" and a process that is required to sell more cars. I just hope I can reject the things I don't want (power seats, needless gadgetry, etc) while quality and functionality continues to be improved where possible and as necessary. Oh....I don't care that the car uses Ford switch gear and many common parts. I actually see that as a plus that will likely disappear as the company further integrates all the manufacturing processes and parts acquisition. All hail the new Lotus. Just let's not fully abandon the old one in the process.
  25. jonwat


    I'd lean towards the Accuspark as it sounds like an ignition problem to me as it's only happening when under load, unless, of course, it's the carb float levels. If they're too low that could be giving you too weak a mixture which can cause misfiring under load.
  26. EXCEL V8

    Elite S2 Exhaust

    Steve - if john doesn't want your over-axle pipes I'd be interested! Pete
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