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  2. Yes you may be right Stephen, TBH it was the sunroof which put me off most, I removed one of these on my white S1 which was quite a big job. Always makes me smile when I see that car in magazines etc (TNR160R). Dave
  3. Colour had been changed from original Dave - never a good idea.....I think swerving this one was a wise move
  4. Yes you really notice these early bikes now, had a go on a RD350LC recently which was fun until laying it down on the bends, just didn’t feel safe anymore. In their hay day these used to give my RGV a good run. Mind with Allspeeds the 350LC’s do sound fantastic. My mate is building a X7 cafe racer at the moment which sounds nice Pete and starting to look pretty trick now. Long live the strokers! Dave
  5. I see Helen Macentee was whining on saying UK must not diverge too fat from EU rules as their must be a level playing field. I guess she has forgotten the hundreds of millions that Ireland and Luxemburg have sifted from rest of EU with their tax rules. How was that a level playing field again?
  6. Another trip to the Midlands... Lb's prices are very reasonable, It's just there are a lot of them
  7. It was 0969, came very close to buying this one but the French garage never managed to get it running very well. Looking back it was probably the better car. Dave
  8. How bad is the damage to the housing? Could it be repaired by white metaling it?
  9. ...for now. There is bound to be an electric 911 one day.
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  11. Yes mate I have looked at that one. But it's Chinese & some of there parts are not good. Thanks anyway Paul
  12. Whilst watching coverage of the Daytona 24hrs last night, the commentators interviewed someone high up in the Porsche hierarchy, can't remember his name. He stated that although Porsche are investing in electric powered cars there are no plans to power the 911 by anything other than a petrol engine.
  13. Partly inspired by Harry Metcalf's impending Turbo HC video (can't wait!) I thought I post my engine audio recording tests ahead of filming Kawasaki's new road bike range next month. The S1 hasn't a complete cabin interior, so it's especially loud currently, and with temporary instrumentation. Lotus Esprit S1 drive and audio recording tests
  14. I was under the understanding that the letter, A - Aussie or D - domestic indicated where the car was sold in the world, the part order books only list a few countries that the cars were exported to. I don’t know if the letter change was implemented earlier than 93, but it seams odd to date it in 93 if so. This is what’s causing me the confusion... My HVAC panel only has “esprit” on it. Could this possibly be an idiosyncrasy with an export model. i would like to fit the correct panel but am struggling to find one...
  15. Might be of interest to you - but I noticed the weave isn't the same as OEM, but thought I'd share in case you wanted it.
  16. I was responding to jep, who stated that he did buy two new HID bulbs.
  17. The SE also has an RPM relay. A lot of generic Serial USB converters don't like (will not work) with the 8192 ALDL baudrate despite the registery "hacks". A long time ago I bought an PCMCIA serial interface (more expensive) which works like a dream with the odd 8192 baudrate. FYI if you use freescan (if you get the interface to work) it shows the right 26A and 26B errors but the descripstion are swapped. Espritmon is the way to go.
  18. I think the intent is to carry some cheap bulbs to met the French regulations of caring spares, rather than spending major money on factory led's and HID lamps.
  19. Wowsers........Harry you a brave man - that car is 33 years old!! This is going to be a video worth seeing for sure!!
  20. Afraid not Lex - I never actually confirmed whether it actually sold either. @LOTUSMAN33 was in contact with the vendor at the time I’m pretty sure. Can you help out Dave?
  21. He hasn't been seen on here for nearly 4months
  22. A few updates to share... I think folks will notice that this winter my focus is currently on the interior which is odd given that last year I made the effort to remove as much as possible Anyway with the AiM dash install and a need to re-wire for the SmartyCam behind the seats it felt a good idea to remove the whole interior including the side carpets. I have longed for a full carpet setup but after one supplier sent me a LHD set three times I gave up... so I decided with some help from a friend to make my own set! Using a 350 Sport we were able to take a design, add a few tweaks, and finally make a proper cut for testing. At this point nothing is 'stuck down' but I've very happy with how its turned out and love the proper cut outs for the footwell mats and seat fixings. The last thing I wanted was to have to cut these bits out manually with a stanley knife. Carpet used was just test carpet so I'll now go on to get them made in a better quality carpet for final fitment! I also managed to find a cup holder on eBay, I've found by removing the black leather bit you can get most cups sitting nice and secure, so hopefully no more coffee spillages! Finally all my interior bits (including AiM dash binnacle) have been sent of for a re-trim in Alcantara so more interior updates to come in the coming weeks!
  23. Hi Filip, In the engine bay relay box, top row, second relay from the left. ((in between rad fans control relay and the fuel pump relay) Definitely got Espritmon looking at the correct port. I plug the USB adapter in and then go to devices. I note the port number that it is plugged into and then enter that in the Espritmon config file. Andy.
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