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  2. Some eye candy..
  3. It's the "height" of the knob - the original Evora one was egg shaped remember so longer that the silver shiny ball knobs. Devil in the detail....
  4. There's an access panel at the back behind the seats/panel - but that is best left to those who like screwing inanimate things, as to those who prefer....
  5. Painted knob looks great! Unfortunately mine is the Elise shop variety with the sticker on the top not the engraving. When people talk about the new MY12 knobs needing a different lifter in order not to sit too high - this doesn’t make a lot of sense if the height is determined by the stick? Unless the new lifter just helps you screw it down a touch further...
  6. I am paranoid about these engines now. I triple check everything after my oil pump issue!
  7. And before you put the knob on for the final time - finish the job on behalf of Lotus. mine emulates Brendonian’s thanks to some black and red nail varnish borrowed from Mrs mik. Using nail varnish makes it really easy to remove any excess. Clik here It still looks great years later as there is no contact with your hand...
  8. Me educating some kids!! 1.26, vid should start at the right spot!
  9. Lol, sounds about right! Where are you @Cdm2018? Yeah I had never heard of it before and yes @C8RKHThey told me you have to take the rear panel out to access it from inside. Sounds like a nightmare but once it's done it's done!! just going in for MOT so fingers crossed!
  10. Today
  11. Hi guys , Cant THANK YOU enough . Did the 5 key trick and warning light removed ! Really unsure how Williams Bristol don't know about it as to be fair they never charged me for the reset ?
  12. Welcome, I think "Rodney the Rollerskate" has a better ring
  13. The burrough and other gauges work fine for the normal belts. Personally I wouldnt bother double checking with the frequency on those. The blue belts are just harder and I dont think gauges work hence the frequency test. buddsy
  14. Yes, I remember it will well now you have reminded me lol! My memory is not what it once was. I'm still in Abernyte, been there 24 years now, and regularly get out for a blast - went out last night for a quick blast around a favourite loop as had a shit day with work, was totally stressed. I find just driving nowhere with the windows down, no stereo on, just me and the car, so relaxing. Superb route on mostly back / empty roads.... Would be good to catch up one morning for a bacon roll and you need to join us on one of the LEGS breakfast meets, first Sunday of the month... Here's my route
  15. From this view, the front looks like the mouth of a guppy fish and the wheel it's big eye. I'd expect to see something like this swimming in the depths of a film like the Abyss. Pretty it is not.
  16. This one?
  17. Once you have made the change wait until you screw in the grub screw that holds it firm. Test you can actually use the lift action to get into reverse. You can screw the new ball too far down which restricts the movement of the lift tube preventing selection of reverse. Once you have it right then screw down the grub screw.
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  19. I used a Burroughs gauge. I found this and will download an app and see what frequency my belts are, as a double check. Trouble is the apps I have found need belt info input and I am not sure of some of the parameters.
  20. Yesterday
  21. Now this is nice to see, young people appreciation of Automotive beauty and history, while you cant see his face, I think his voice clearly communicates his excitement as he learns about a Brand. I dig it, (it was on my feed and I thought I'd share)
  22. No way to adjust the gearstick length/height. And the new knob should have a setscrew in it as well, which is what keeps it on the shaft. The lift tube position isn't much different from stock, and there isn't any noticeable threads or gap that I can see.
  23. I think that the tolerances are pretty tight as standard. Im running stock front Cup 2's on my 380 (215's I believe) with standard Bilsteins / ride height, albeit shims removed for extra camber and the tyres rub slightly on full lock. It may vary between tyres as they often have a slightly different profile.
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