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  2. jbouw

    Resistance is Utile

    I've been running through all of the wiring on a 1990 Esprit SE, and found a secondary injector resistor (part A082M6442F) with familial resemblance to a depleted kipper tin, soldering iron scorch marks aside. I wonder what the original story was? I think this accounts for stumbling in upper RPMs. It looks like there was an effort to reattach one of the resistor leads, but it's all been left open, and the resistor's ceramic case has crumbled. A kind correspondent on the TurboEsprit mailing list tells me that this should be directly replaceable by a 10 Watt, 3.3 Ohm resistor. In the US, Digikey has these for $.81 at
  3. So if you stick your Lotus in for a service will you get a McLaren as a curtesy car
  4. Driving into the base today and a Jay decided to dive bomb in front of me, gutted as hate killing anything, I thought it went under the car until the MOD security said oh mate it’s still blinking pointing at my grille...... Poor thing Dave
  5. DB5 no competition Some interesting views and agree totally, I was born in 75 so like most my childhood car fantasies were all movie based, I loved the Lotus Esprit S1 but never really remembered the FYEO turbo probably as not a corgi or matchbox toy as I remember. The A team was big and for me faces corvette was just gorgeous. knight rider was a tea time favourite and the thought of a talking car.... Later night viewing was Miami vice, such style Weekend afternoons were the cannonball run with that awesome countach or my favourite film Always had Mini’s in my life and absolutely love these little fun machines My two wheel fix was street hawk My son is 17 and I’ve owned many cars from 911’s, 944 Turbos, Esprit’s, Astons and a couple Ferrari’s along with fast fords and naturally the mini. The only car he ever really liked was the JPS Esprit as we went everywhere in it and the DB7. When I asked him if I was to have any car what would you suggest and he said a BMW....never going to happen or a new Range Rover which is ok I guess. I think that’s why I prefer working on classics than actually driving them as the sparks just not there like I had when young. I still remember that first drive in a black S2 Esprit knowing one day I would have one (Addiction for life). Dave
  6. I recall the force was very dependant on getting as close to a straight line as possible for the cable to work in. Too much of a radius, and the pull force started to climb ridiculously. One problem was that it was impossible to eliminate the last tight curve to the lock pull. (Just thinking aloud as I type, maybe I could fit another 1:1 90 degree lever under the latch, or modify the cable and take it around a roller!! - uhmmm - got me thinking now. Oh dear.) Tony
  7. I agree but an ex-boss of mine, who is in his late 50's, loves Austin 7s. Another loves Model Ts. It's not rational.
  8. Yes, I was speaking about the dowels. I am trying to find the eventual differences between the SE bellhousing and the GT3 bellhousing. Kind regards, jacques
  9. Description STUNNING BRITISH V8 SUPERCAR…..Finished in Lotus racing colours this is the only one ever made to this spec with factory fitted options.Sports seats.Alcantarra headlining.Massive service history with all receipts.The last 7 years used for shows only with 4000 miles covered. Cambelt changed 4 times last at engine fitted under warranty by Lotus in 1999.maintained by Lotus Specialist GST Performance.Runs like a dream with no faults and never let me down.stored inside.Previously owned by director of sports car company and has had a huge amount of maintenance to keep its fantastic condition and mechanical perfection..YOU WONT FIND ANOTHER LIKE THIS Next MOT due 01/07/2021, Full service history, Green, 5+ owners, £50,000 Vehicle registered: 24/04/1998 This car comes with Air-Conditioning Alarm Electric Windows (Front/Rear) In Car Entertainment (Radio/CD) Metallic Paint Upholstery Leather V8 Style Seats The post ESPRIT V8GT SUPERCAR appeared first on Click to view item
  10. @PPH there will be absolutely no noticeable difference in downforce. Two GRP canards will generate next to no downforce. If it does, I guarantee it won’t be noticed driving. for me its a mod to improve looks, but that is of course subjective.
  11. I wonder which one has aged best.
  12. I find the wet approach is always best. Get it nice, wet and slippery and it will go in, I mean on every time.
  13. Lots of soapy water and a real good squeagy then.
  14. Social distancing bud - it's just a small bit. :)
  15. If anyone's interested in some 400 rhd mats I've popped some on the classifieds I ordered in error.Thanks Cheers Paul
  16. My sump plug is knackered unfortunately as it must be the wrong one as it’s biting into the alloy sump on the hex also I want to put a T in for the ecu and gauge temp sensor thanks Chris if you could that would be grand
  17. Best way to apply ppf - is to get someone who is used to fitting it to do it .
  18. Assume there is something in those cardboard boxes!!!
  19. Peter, Could you do me a favour and take some detail pictures of the extra rubber strip on your car.
  20. I can take a look tomorrow if that works? Are you still looking for an adaptor for the oil pressure gauge?
  21. I have 2 kids aged 27 & 25 and neither of them would want my cars. If I dropped down dead they would be on ebay before I was cold!
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