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  2. I think this sums it up nicely. If I really have to explain why then to be honest you are part of the problem.
  3. That’s correct. It’s not rocket science to check. If you have no oil pressure and start that engine then you risk a full engine rebuild - and on a V8 I’m reliably informed it’s somewhat expensive. Others on here have had just this issue happen on 4cyl engines and that’s expensive enough..... i for one would prove beyond all doubt that you have oil pumping and circulating before risking a £10-£15k bill
  4. You can measure from the edge of the casing to the hard rim of the seal. But it's unlikely you'll get it exact. I'm not convinced it need to be that exact though. I had no problems on my first Esprit. I did the seals when rebuilding the gearbox, so with excellent access and no driveshafts to get in the way. No special tool used, not measured that accurately, and no leaks. I had less success recently with my current Esprit. RHS was good first time, LHS needed to come out again, I managed to split the seal while installing. So I ordered the tool (and was far from pleased to find it needed tinkering to fit over the driveshafts!) to make sure the seal was nice and straight when pushed in. I think that is the biggest advantage of the tool, not the depth. Filip
  5. Hi Paul, I have an insertion tool that I've lent out before. I'd be going out on a limb having not met you but if you would like to borrow it and promise, promise, promise to return it then I can post it to you. I know what it is like to need an expensive special tool just once in a while that you know are out there sitting idle most of the time. cheers -Chris
  6. Interesting point about demonstrating about Wuhan and they way the Chinese state have handled it. Australia has been vocal with criticism and China responded with veiled threats. I believe well over 100 countries have expressed in interest to join with Australia in pursuing China, let’s see if anything comes of it. Interestingly the only other country's leader to openly criticise China is Trump..... and interestingly enough every time he raises valid points (which his opponents/critics are too scared to talk about) he is declared racist. Seems familiar
  7. It looks like both gauges run from transducers. The oil pressure transducer take off tapped into the oil filter housing as described in the following section of the manual, however I don't think the later cars have this take off machined into the housing and the housing may be slightly different and not have this capability, I'd need to check... Pressurised oil then flows via a passageway along the LH side of the crankcase to the filter head which also provides take offs for the oil cooler and temperature/pressure gauge transducer. An upper port on the filter head connects with the crankcase passageway and directs oil via external pipework to the oil cooler radiator. The boost gauge transducer will be monitoring the plenum pressure which will sometimes be under vacuum and others at positive (boost) pressure, the location of the transducer is shown below, item 'G' on the far right. cheers -Chris
  8. Probably, as long as they are not white. As white lives don't matter as much to some as they think all white people are privileged it seems!
  9. Today
  10. I just think the whole hysterical global reaction thing is completely out of proportion with what took place. One man was pinned down by a policeman and tragically died as a result. Take it to Court and get justice. That’s what the judicial system is for. Are we going to have mass demonstrations every time someone around the world is killed? What about the 388,616 people who have died globally so far from CV-19, thanks to whatever was allowed to happen in Wuhan? Why no demonstrations about that?
  11. I think its in the same place as I said above. Unless its moved.
  12. Bit harsh @Francisco Franco. I think we do need to have a proper debate about and around racism but just as there are many who refuse to accept it is an issue, there are many who seem to revel in a state of almost martyrdom about how life is unfair to them due to their race/colour. What I find strange is that for each of those in their perpetual state of martyrdom there are an equal number who have got on with their lives and have hugely successful careers whether in the arts, in professional jobs, in managerial positions, in sport etc. So just like with every one, regardless of colour and race, you can either sit around proclaiming how unfair life is or you can get off your arse and make the best of it.
  13. LOL the fuel filler-cap was down to a loose relay; they are right next to each other in the rear fuse-box panel and in swapping them over for testing, the filler-cap one wasn't quite clicked into place. One less drama, but a tad embarrassing . So.....back to the air-con only: Does anyone have a clue where the ICM is physically situated at all? Thanks @agentdr8 for the comment on C9. . Do any of you whizzes know the whether the trinary switch be to earth, or live (green box)? Don't want to fry the ECU.......
  14. Perhaps those that seem to despise the “ white run western democracies ” ( blacks and whites) should take a leaf out of the Jews book and have the gumption to form their own state.... plenty of room in Africa.
  15. They don't have the imagination to have hopes or dreams @series_one
  16. You do need to use it though Justin.
  17. I think I may need to stalk Britt and get her paw-print on the handbook to go with the Prince Charles squiggle. The 50,000th Lotus is still original paint and trim, hopefully will still be so in 2047. Justin
  18. It's just complete and utter bullshit @Bibs to be honest. It is the fcuking mindless younger generation who get sucked up by the "tribe" thing. I'm sure many of them have no idea whatsoever about why they are doing it, just herd mentality at it's finest. Oh, and how ironic that at a "demonstration" today it was an emergency worker who was set upon and beaten up by the protesters - so what's it now, it's ok to be reckless and endanger someone else's life whilst protesting about a life lost through recklessness. Don't get me started on the irony in that. It's a bloody job I'm not in a position of power as I'd have sent in the police on horses with huge batons and fcuk the lot of them! I guess I'm just too bloody tolerant!
  19. Is it just me or is the 'taking the knee' thing a bit ironic bearing in mind the poor chap died as a Police Officer knelt on his neck?
  20. Well it's not the battery, sadly. Have jury-rigged two wires to the fuel filler-cap to activate the solenoid with 12v if needed. Tested the compressor and it works fine if powered up separately. I'm guessing that somewhere in the loom from the dash area back to the engine there's a loose connector/wire......will 'enjoy' tracing that over the next few days. The common part I can see in both diagrams is the busbar; anyone know where the connectors from that are?
  21. Yes. Usually they are a one peice item
  22. On the 2001 Esprit V8 is there an extra hole for the oil pressure sensor on the block ? Can I use the combination of A082N4038F - OIL PRESSURE SENDER (1995 to 1998) with A082N4035F - OIL PRESSURE GAUGE (1995 to 1998) from an earlier Esprit V8 on my 2001 Esprit V8 ? Can I use the A082N4036F - BOOST PRESSURE GAUGE (1995-1998) ?? Does this work with a vacuum line ?? Thanks !!
  23. Fresh rubber for the new wheels. Looking forward to getting those mounted. It will be a while before they are needed though.
  24. Mine doesn’t take much pulling, but I’ve not fitted the rubber seal yet , another item on the list. I have three door seals , how does I fit on the top corner 90 degree near roll bar. Do they have to be mitred.
  25. @JayTwo that screenshot brings back so many memories! @Nelly if they come with all the gadgets, I'd have to chose KITT. The poster should include a Batmobile as well.
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