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  2. Just make a bloody offer of £32k if you're happy to pay that and walk away if dealer says no. Stop debating, just do it... It's a car, not a potential life partner...
  3. They’re selling on behalf of someone so would have no warranty. It’s 9 years old. One can’t expect for as car of that age.
  4. Giniw


    Because they didn't use their own money? (unless it's different in the UK of course ^^)
  5. Typical Autocar BS. And it looks crap. And the Elan name should be left in history when Lotus determines its new car strategy.
  6. The shaft seal needs to be lubricated via the oil/gas in the system and that can only be done by running it. it's inactivity that kills them they require oil on the mating surfaces to seal you should always try and run the A/C at least once a Month preferably once a week
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  8. It was great to see everyone last night, thanks again for organising, Paul. I've attached the podium pic, well done Tommy, Paul & Dean. Having seen Dean's progress since buying a PS4, I'm going to have to confiscate my sons!
  9. It’s a very pretty car - hope it comes
  10. Spotted the mag on a news shelf today. Checked the goods before buying - and didn't. Almost wholly speculative; certainly not meriting that front cover "Autocar Image". The car some years away. Positioned above the Elise. Few if any details. More about the Lotus design philosophy than the car. The only mention worthy of its space was about the new version Evora due at the end of next year. I wonder if some deal was done with the Lotus PR department. I suppose such a splash presentation of very little was worth some pounds or promises from that viewpoint. All IMHO, of course.
  11. pete


    West Sussex council has had a £36,000 drone for 18 months and has never flown it. Wonder why they bought it in the first place ,perhaps they might sell it @bibs
  12. I knew there was a non return valve in the breather piping - and just behind one filler - the one on the offside, so I was not dreaming Following a discussion with Excel V8 we have decided not to fit any sort of valve in the breather pipes, but to run tubing from both fillers over the top of the tank (through the cavity above the rear interior window) and vent somewhere safe outside the car Simple and cheap Brian
  13. Greta: "What are you doing?" Brent: "I am bringing the leaves down here for them to break down as nature would have them do and to feed the next plants. Done all by hand I must admit. Just me, a rake and a wheelbarrow." Greta: "How dare you! How dare you!"
  14. Double scroll turbos have a better low band performance. For cars with external wastegate, you may replace only a turbine cover(housing). Look for "MAMBA Turbine Housing Garrett" on eBay! Several different specs covers are available. .
  15. $34,995.00 End Date: Friday Nov-22-2019 10:28:47 PST Buy It Now for only: $34,995.00 Buy It Now | Add to watch list Click to view item
  16. It’s also copy righted too..... KT haven’t fully decrypted the 380 ECU for sure. cheers
  17. Oh my conscience is completely clear. I just get irritated by know nothing know it alls who can’t think for themselves and feel the need to jump on a bandwagon, rather like some/many of the extinction rebellion sheep.
  18. You are almost taking your way out of buying it by listing all its issues ? the things are Not major fix issue if I was buying from lotus dealer ? However I skipped a decent car from a Land Rover dealer to purchase from Snows which meant a 400 mile round trip but it got me piece of mind ! I don’t know the dealership but if your local it makes it easier to sort any problems . Are you getting a warranty ? maybe if you stick a slightly whacky offer and see if they bite ? It’s coming up to Xmas and car sales slow down for few months ? Dealer Might say Let get it off the forecourt before Xmas ?
  19. Yes, I was informed that cap and rotor arm failures can be common on S1s and I carry spares just in case. A lot easier to replace than on a Turbo I expect.
  20. Word of caution regarding powerful spark systems as the Lotus engine, like most modern designs, has a very efficient combustion chamber which does not require much in order to light off the charge at the low boost levels used. What high voltage levels will encourage are ground-fault arcs due to dielectric breakdown. Fit high quality HT leads in all cases and use silicone dielectric grease where the boots fit over the plugs, watch out for cap/rotor failures and keep spares for each on board. Cheers
  21. John, Thanks for your ideas; Yup, we had the whole front end apart last year, new bushings throughout, no ovality in holes or bolts. New upper ball joints. Trunions disassembled cleaned and checked for play. Looking at the Parts Manuals ( I see that for the TCS upper wishbones there are 4 part numbers, I presume meaning that they are position specific; whereas in the earlier models there were only 2 p/n's meaning the front left could be interchanged with the rear right and vice versa. On inspection I see that, although there are only two different shapes - it's the bolt holes for the ball joint that are angled/offset to align better with the king pin angle. This all makes me think the parts I've got are the right ones and in the right way and that they are not the earlier design. Next thought; some of my slalom friends will put a negative camber in the front to improve cornering. I have no information of the car's previous life except that it had only done a thousand miles between '94 and '17 when I bought it. That being so, maybe I have non-Europa parts? When I did the o/h the wishbone parts were stripped to bare metal before repainting and there were no signs of having been "doctored", but there were no part numbers stamped on them either. Maybe from an Elan as they use the same ball joint and similar chassis arrangement. Got to do some more thinking before I get out the hacksaw(!) and start re-fabricating. Cheers, Jon.
  22. Sure’ll if I could get it for 32k that would be a bargain. Even with the niggles. it also appears to have lacquer peeling a little from one headlight.
  23. Thanks for the response s. I'm currently trying to get hold of the garage to tell me who the previous owner is. If the reg is different then it may be the other one?
  24. 2015 NA wins it hands down, from a dealership so will come with no issues and as all the MY12 improvements.
  25. £18,500.00 End Date: Saturday Nov-23-2019 17:10:14 GMT Add to watch list Click to view item
  26. $73,740.00 End Date: Wednesday Oct-30-2019 10:08:22 PDT Buy It Now for only: $73,740.00 Buy It Now | Add to watch list Click to view item
  27. Thanks Brett, but not quite... Im after whats under the shelf (if anything) attached to the brackets in my pic. thanks anyway!
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