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  2. Capacity? I assume there's no 5-speed option, so I guess I'd have to use it in my truck or WRX.
  3. So about 9% taller than the early Turbo Esprit. Much easier at the drive-through window I'd guess...
  4. Hello George, I've an original Armstrong or 2 lurking in the garage as it happens, just went out and measured 342 - 343mm at full extension. This is from lower through-bolt centerline to the top face of the isolator perch welded integral with the damper stud and minus the rubber isolator cushion. I see the dampers on your car have been bolted through the upper hole in the lower TCA and I believe this to be incorrect. Put together in this way would assure excess downward angle of the TCA so accounting for the clash with the chassis closing plate of the turret. I'd also worry that the steering rack tie-rods would then be tasked with containing final extension of the spring once the aggrieved chassis metal had done yielding. No help from the Shop Manuals on the question of which lower damper attachment is correct, as far as I've found. Reference to bump stop is misleading in this instance, as that would pertain to clash in the opposite direction, right? Best regards
  5. Yesterday
  6. There is quite a crossover between owners of both brands I have found, and its the logical collaboration for the new cars going forward. I have 2 Renaultsport cars. I'd love the current Alpine A110.
  7. That 2CV just instantly conjures memories of the late, great Peter Sellers for me, though he toddled along in an even more ludicrous voiture in one of the films.
  8. Unhappy today. Yep. Each page I look at on classified's getting flooded on TLF with loads of adverts all tied into items I have looked at online over the last couple of weeks.
  9. Sooner have the yellow one in the forum classifieds and save 7 or 8k.
  10. I'm heading down with a few mates , we usually do LM or CLM but have done the Silverstone Classic before. I'm not taking the Evora were heading down in an XC60 and a Mini which won't move from their spots from Thursday PM till Monday AM. Looking forward to a good 3 days. Also camping at the Golf Course.
  11. Good point. It says ‘ENDED’ not ‘Sold’. So, bearing in mind that the previous ad was asking for £34k, I’m guessing that maybe it didn’t meet the reserve.
  12. I thought my car might be Cirrus White but it came out of the factory Monaco White - so I've stuck to that but two pack instead of the original cellulose. Just in case you haven't decided what to do about the wheel arches I had mine done in "Raptor" - a coating for pick-up beds - really tough and looks good; I can recommend it. Pete
  13. There's been a few posts on LT about cracks in wishbones, which then allows the joint to move around. I think the failures always seem to be right at/near that cast line.
  14. So had a bit if a play around on Fusion 360 for a few nights this week and drew up a panel with 2 diaphragm valves in the open and close depending on negative or positive pressure in the recirc chamber. It's only half the width as that's all my printer can handle and a blank plate for the other side. Opens alright to let recirc work but gets a bit whisley on full chat . Will see if it stops the draught in the foot well on Saturday on the run down to Silverstone for the British GTs. Installed
  15. Car went in for its 7 year service at 35000 miles last week and was found to have cracks in both rear upper wishbones along the bore in which the spherical joint should be a press fit. Consequently both wishbones were free to move along the spherical joints until they made contact with the retaining lugs on the hub carriers. The first picture is the left hand wishbone and the second is the right hand and clearly shows the the contact area with the hub carrier after the spherical joint has slipped due to the relaxation of the interference fit in the wishbone bore. It is also apparent in the first picture how far the joint has moved since this is the as removed from the car state, i.e. the joint has not been pressed out following wishbone removal. I suspect these both failed on the same day (last LEGS breakfast run) and within a couple of hundred miles of each other but there was no noticeable effect on the handling. We have had the car since new and it has never been tracked, never been off-road and never even been kerbed, so the failure is not due to excessive or abnormal loading. Has anybody else experienced this.
  16. I'm in the process of changing the alternator on my '99 using jackstands. I hope I don't have to do this again, this is a really tricky process. The new alternator is installed and I'm struggling to get the serpentine belt back on. Any thoughts on how to make sure it stays on the tensioner pulley while trying to get some slack in the belt? I thought I had it buttoned up but the belt popped off when I started the engine. I'm not eager to get back under the car and wrestle with it again...
  17. Cider? Cider you say? Quick @RobinB5 let’s get a bulk order in 🤣
  18. Dobbies have been simply crap this year with dispatch times and orders. we’ve had two or three that have been dragging on and we’ve emailed to cancel - within a week of that the orders arrive 😡 followed by a customer service email saying goods have been delivered. Never ever again will I use them.
  19. Not this time @Barrykearley it was yougarden , well I'm sure it will get sorted as it was on a credit card and lees than £50 so the card issuer may simply write it off.
  20. im thinkin that would keep a whole can of cider cold ? 😁
  21. Yeah fair enough Steve. It would definitely be good to know the length of an OEM damper. I did check with some fellow Esprit owners and more than one has experienced the same damage to the chassis.
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