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  2. Bibs' linked article identifies that it was the Evora that accounted for the majority of their Sales Increase. So it still seems to have life in it. My (perhaps incorrect) understanding was that the 'stop-gap' was to replace the Evora with something based upon it - and still being petrol; but then the intention was electrification. Whilst both the above could be interpreted to being 'Hybrids' I think that's ultimately an evolutionary dead-end. I would tend to agree with @C8RKH that the customer base they should be aiming at is in the £40k (maybe £50k) to £90k range - after all I thought Lotus had indicated Porsche was their main focus to compete against?
  3. Will it go back in? Maybe, the binnacle? maybe, its kind of a signature piece for the lotus but Will have new dials, Im sorry to say bye bye to MR veglia.
  4. Thanks Derek, Forgot about that group. Andy.
  5. Great stuff Ajhep, Thanks for sharing. Does the wheel feel appreciably closer to you? Andy.
  6. The relays are mounted in the front boot on the passenger side bulkhead.
  7. I should have known you were the man to ask Derek, thanks. I can't see an "auxiliary power relay" or an "auxiliary radio relay" in the relay/fuse box. Is it mounted elsewhere? In the meantime I'll see if there's a YEL/GRN wire in the vicinity of the radio. Andy.
  8. Whatever happens, it won't be a Leven takeover now given that has gone to Grange/Macklin. Sounds like they are appointing a new partner, and hopefully if it's somewhere like Parks then that could mean multiple branches - just have to wait and see though.
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  10. $69,999.00 End Date: Tuesday Mar-3-2020 7:10:52 PST Buy It Now for only: $69,999.00 Buy It Now | Add to watch list Click to view item
  11. Ah you say that Petey, but yours has been breathed upon. Know what I mean I want to restore the 2.0 engine either way, and that'll happen first, but then... maybe
  12. Enjoy the peace and quiet. It won't last long
  13. Has anyone thought about how to commit the perfect crime? (There's probably no such thing) Good job we don't have thought police yet, like minority report. With advances in technology, can anyone say that it would never happen?
  14. The auxiliary YEL wire from the ignition switch should feed the coil of the 'auxiliary power relay'. The relay output YEL wire goes to splice 'A' and continues as a YEL wire to fuse 18 (5 amp) after which the colour becomes YEL/GRN. On early cars this wire went directly to the stereo connector block but on later cars it goes through a diode and changes to a WHT/YEL wire going to the 'radio auxiliary relay'.
  15. You just have to hope that no one ever plants your DNA at a crime scene. I don't think I have upset anyone enough to make them want to try that.
  16. Unfortunately im not available on that date - wedding preparations on that Sunday im afraid - not sure I can swing it!
  17. 410 exige update with AIM style interface on the cards
  18. We picked up our new 9 week old springer today, the Evora was so smooth she was asleep in less than 10mins and stayed like this until pulling up at home
  19. Little things for little minds... Resistor kit installed, now I have non amphetamine fueled indicator's Plus I got these little aluminium JBL logos for my speaker grills which I actually really like
  20. Yep seems like an Evora issue with build quality, anyone had issues with the later models? Do you cover the car? My Mk1 Cooper blistered late last year after I wrongly put a fitted cover on it in the garage, it was fine until then, I was devastated as immaculate. It really reduced after I left it uncovered outside then put a heater in the garage. Dave
  21. I think it says quite a lot about the car (and also about the man) that this car is being saved. Ten years ago that would have been a parts car.
  22. we welcome all cars and bikes etc come and help us raise funds for great Ormond street hospital to say thanks for the brilliant work they do a great day out for all this a free event just donate as you wish raffle is huge craft fair food and drinks available and live music AGREAT DAY OUT
  23. So funny! As usual, binned them then someone wants them!
  24. would be interested in these mate - also still not had the chance to look for that spanner....
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