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  2. You can pay this sort of money for a Sierra Cosworth, not so good a Ford even back in the day, so why not for a much superior Lotus?
  3. Finally, the wheels go back on tomorrow and Alan will collect at the weekend, subject to test drive. As usual, a suspension refresh turned into so many other things necessitating multiple parts orders. Despite shedloads of heat, quite a few bolts sheared. Replaced all bushes front and rear, front dampers, steering balljoints, NSR wheel bearing, one end of NSR upper link fabricated, a couple of brake pipes and three hoses, OSF upright & backplate and a huge pile of fasteners. The reciprocating saw and blowtorch both got a lot of action. Alan will get the car back with a baggie containing a fair few front shims - there were loads. Geo revisit will be interesting. And I can't wait to get the courtesy GT3 back! Some more pics to prove to @temple I've actually been doing something...
  4. Holy shit that took a dark turn, sorry for your loss.
  5. Thanks Stephen, don’t know if that’s good or bad news
  6. Exactly, The Jay Leno video has been the biggest piece in years.
  7. Re operation of the valve in sports mode - this is normal. To maintain the valve open : I haven’t tried it, but see Julian’s post above.
  8. Funerals are funny things sometimes. You spend an hour listening to someone you don't know reading out a description that doesn't tally with your experience at all, then there's an afternoon making small talk with family and other people you haven't seen for over thirty years and are expected to know who they are. Oh well. Anyway, bye Dad.
  9. Yeah, I've had a sort of greeny brown (browny green?) car.
  10. Seeing the post on the group 5 silhouette racers, reminded me that I had a picture of the Lotus Esprit, built by AET Motorsport and driven by Tony Sugden. Picture taken at Brands Hatch 1985 Thundersports Trophy, support race to GP of Europe.
  11. From Friday, May 17th till May 19th, 2019 Club Lotus Austria celebrated their 30th anniversary with a nice event at the Austrian Lotus museum in Bad Aussee. There were over 30 Lotus related cars of all eras present on display in the museum. A few more arrived at the parking space outside. The weather was also very nice. All in all very impressive ! I´ve attached a few pics:
  12. It should only handle the lowest frequencies. So on it’s own it will sound muddy and horrible - not musical. sounds like you have confirmed it is working.
  13. I think the answer to that one is........”they’re all like that Sir!” Although my passenger one is almost completely water tight........but when washing the car water will get in on the drivers side if I’m not careful.
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  15. how on earth did these cars ever get to be worth 75k let alone that ridiculous 124k..
  16. ^^Which i far as i know is a proprietary design and can't cope with over 480nm according to Getrag its supplier. Geely group has developed its own DCT so maybe Lotus will be able to build it up for its own purpose... the other option being to purchase a unit from Borg Wagner or ZF...
  17. Do all S3 Exige have a small gap at the top of the window at the side. not very well described but it seems that if you were outside the car standing just behind the door if you chucked a bucket of water over the car towards the front , water would get in the cabin. or maybe my roof or windows aren’t properly fitted ?
  18. bass beat , yes but louder than normal. No music as in a tune.
  19. thank you for your return. I hope to have other user feedback.
  20. $89,988.00 End Date: Friday Jun-21-2019 11:57:20 PDT Buy It Now for only: $89,988.00 Buy It Now | Add to watch list Click to view item
  21. Hmmm well, not entirely successful but I’m now thinking maybe I don’t fully understand precisely what a sub woofer does. With the volume turned up and the balance towards the back, I could hear just a sort of bass beat going on, but not the actual music itself. Is this what it’s meant to sound like? As you can maybe tell, I’m an old git and not really in to the niceties of hifi sound! Think perhaps I’ll just leave well alone and stick to the simple stuff, like turning off the head unit and listening to the exhaust note which, to be honest, is generally all I did anyway until the wife commented on the audio sound quality.
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