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  2. Highly likely the cables just need adjusting a bit. They’re quite sensitive and go out of alignment occasionally.
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  4. Damn, that is just awful. Indeed, a bait and switch. I always said, that Lotus doesn't care about the US market. Lotus is dressing the Evora 400 as something else for 2020. I guess they believe US customers are stupid and will get the car just because it is more expensive and a little different? HAHAHA
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  6. Nice car, Nice color....I present to you the Americanized cousin.
  7. Very many miles have you put in your 410?
  8. Thanks TomE! Yes we are aware, lucky duck he’s going to the lakeside track meet tomorrow and then we will be at the Sunshine Coast meet on Saturday morning and looking forward to it! Bummer make sure to come back sometime and enjoy the roads again, great area. Thanks kimbers, my old man is on here somewhere ha! I’ll have to track him down and get him to post some photos of the evora.
  9. True, but I think it will be the Battista which people will primarily compare it with - just on name alone. I suppose we'll see group tests with all three! The Sun claims a Lotus insider has told them the Type 130 will top Pininfarina's 1,900 horses, while Evo claim Lotus are aiming to keep the weight below 1,000kg. Could be interesting! The Tesla Roadster is starting at $200,000. It will be interesting to see how close in performance it is to the Battista, Rimac 2 and Type 130. I wouldn't count on it necessarily matching any of them for aero, handling etc. but it has the potential to be a real fly in the ointment! Actually, I can't especially see any standout aero on the Rimac or Pininfarina so that may well be how the Type 130 truly distinguishes itself. Looking forward to the London reveal...
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  11. So komotec can take the limiter from 6700 up to 7000 on the 380 Cup? Hoping so!
  12. The best steak I ever had was from a Herefordshire cow - slaughtered on farm and hung on farm. Highly irregular in the legal process of meat and the pishe which goes with it. But oh my - that was one superb steak Frankly that’s why most supermarket stuff is tasteless almost veal like meat. Some of it is bloody awful. cant beat 42 day old chicken
  13. Not sure if you can easily see the clutch on the compressor if the middle is turning then the compressor should be turning if the middle is stationery then the compressor is not running If the system has lost gas then the compressor should not run all the cars I've worked on have a low and high pressure cutout switch. If the compressor is running and the charge pressure is low don't run the compressor as it requires returning refrigerant to cool the compressor and also an oil mist in the refrigerant to lubricate it. It could be that the valves in the compressor are damaged and so not compressing the gas time to get some gauges fitted to check the pressures. If the pressure is low Standing pressure for R134a at 20'C should be around 4.7bar. @ 15'C should be approx 3.87bar and 10'C 3.14bar Then start looking for a leak as Dave said you can check by pulling and more importantly holding a vacuum. But to find a leak then a pressure test with dry Nitrogen will be required paying perticular attention to the glandseal behind the magnetic clutch on the compressor. If there is a leak hopefully it will be large enough to find with bubbles or you may be able to hear it if it's small then you may have to add fluorescent dye to the system run on test then look round with a UV light to see the dreaded glow of a leak. Hope this helps a little Golden rule when recharging after repairing a leak always weigh the charge in and never overcharge the system Trust me more refrigerant does more harm than leaving the system slightly undercharged
  14. It's also an insurance broker in Hillingdon or somewhere like that..
  15. Reading this thread makes me feel that unless you live here and are keen on following the Evora market, you will have no idea how chaotic it is. From what I can glean US delivery of the GT has again been pushed back. This on a specification I'm still unclear about but comes off sounding like a US spec 410 to me. I think that is essentially what the extra carbon infused top spec '18s look and are priced at. The real differences start to blur to me which confuses the equation. Regardless, if one thinks any of these sell at MSRP here, one would be mistaken so adding to the questions are notions that pricing is mercurial if not unstable. The differences between the '17, '18 and whatever the GT may be all seem unimportant if what one wants is the driving experience. The notion of rarity as respects Lotus is a given and the effect on the hoi polloi is the same so poseurs need go no further than the 400. At some point good 4xxs of any specification may start to level off or even go up in price but for now and here, pricing for any 4XX derivative has to take into account the price of the least expensive new '17 Evora 400 because frankly, in this country no matter how much you hold your nose, shake your head and say no no no, it doesn't matter what they call it. What you are going to get is very (very very) heavily based on the Evora 400. The "used Evora 400s" on the market are almost all being offered by dealers. What used means (in the context of car with 46 miles and a warranty) is a matter for debate. But nonetheless I think this is what the market baseline is for late model/new Lotus cars in most American cities. It's more of a problem for Lotus than it is for me. This isn't the time to have been an early adopter and then be offering my car for sale so as long as I enjoy it, the market price this morning is meaningless to me. If I was a new buyer in the market, I'd be looking at the new or slightly dusty '17s and '18s that can be had in excellent specification at prices in the mid 70s and up for a new car and just a tad bit less for used ones, whatever that term implies. As I said, I think It's no time to be selling a 400 as the first owner/early adopter. Buying a similar one would be hard to do a second time for me. The new 'Vette could very well be a disrupter but I love my car so I'll keep it for now. Lotus has a lot of work here to sell a new car so similar to the old one for more money. I don't know who the customer is.
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  17. Yum. Is your farm a Bovine University by any chance?
  18. So the US GT is a disgrace. I had the best opportunity last week at Lotus. I signed up for the Lotus driving school. It was worth every Euro. Get a flight and go take it. Since I have a Evora GT on order I arranged a factory tour. On the original timeframe. I should have had a car in the middle of production. I knew it was delayed but the trip was booked. I’ve dreamed of going to Lotus and it didn’t disappoint. Bucket list checked. Some really great people work at Lotus. I have met them. While there I inquired about my car. I was able to see the full US spec. Car. First view I was very disappointed. I still am. It’s a 400 with a few bits and a new lower price. So basically they are trying to sell a 5 year old model design with a few extra horsepower. I wanted a 430GT. I’ve waited. I Did put deposit down knowing it only had 422hp for America. Who cares. Horsepower! That’s a easy fix. After agreeing to spend over $150k US with Tax (VAT. Let’s keep the number even with europe) I’m not getting anything near what was on the order sheet. Now the car will be around $138k with VAT. I can order a non optioned version for $120k with VAT. The problem is that it’s the same model now as the 400. The front bumper is from a 400 then it’s a 400. I can buy a new 400 in America for $83k with VAT. Why would I buy this car? It has no collectors value. It’s not the ultimate example of this model Evora. It is not a GT430 or GTsport. It is competing with cars for resale value that are selling with a $12k rebate matched by another $12k off from the dealer. I can’t buy this car because if I sold it. I would take a giant loss. A bath as they say. So unless Lotus wakes up and gives the US market the correct car, Then this is not a safe car to buy for the money. ‘This is a bait and switch. I’m disappointed. I’ve even been told buy a Lotus rep that I had the wrong information when I ordered the car. I have the order sheet. Blaming a customer is embarrassing and wrong. Talk about a spin by insulting a customer. ‘I’ve been told by Lotus employees that they are a great engineering company. Yet, they can’t engineer a car to pass a crash test for America. That is not a loss of engineering expertise. That’s a lack of caring. Ive dreamed of owning a Lotus since I was a kid. Now it looks like it won’t be a Evora GT.
  19. march


    @tim_marra - Dairy is a tough life for animals, we live next to a large dairy farm and another neighbour has the contract for taking the calves and raising them for a few weeks before shifting (that is definitely an exercise in shifting animals, they only get the care they need to get them to a point to sell them on). We know when the calves are taken from the mum. If we could buy Milk locally from an ethical dairy farm we would but their aren't any locally. With our beef cattle, if anyone asks we can tell (or even show) who the mother and father is, we also keep them a lot longer than most to get the optimal taste, they also start their lives and end their days on our farm (well apart from a small trip to the abattoir). Most of our meat animals are about 3 before going to slaughter (the animals for the supermarkets are slaughtered at around 12 months if they are lucky so not much of a life) and their lives are made as happy as they possibly could be (fortunately we can afford to do this). I hate taking them to the abattoir but they are here for a reason.
  20. I have no issue with my TPMS. No weird errors and is actually accurate. But yes I must also have all the pressures matching! I'm not sure there is much value in adding it if not already present. if you really want it how about a "smart" valve cap instead. Lots on eBay and Amazon that will talk to your smart phone via bluetooth should be a lot cheaper than getting the Lotus system installed?
  21. is there any obd2 bt adapter working with torque and able to read and erase codes?
  22. Thanks Dave, I’ll post on here once we find out what went wrong. My original post was to see if anyone had any method or experience of testing the system e.g. by using a digital multimeter on any sub-circuits or relays.
  23. @march you make dairy farming sound like a council existence, which many folks enjoy BTW, I am a meat eater and an animal lover, and certainly not somebody who would tolerate animal suffering. Not sure I always get sympathetically raised meat though
  24. Sounds like you need to get it vacuum tested for leaks, and then re-gassed. If it has suddenly stopped, then it probably has a leak somewhere... Dave
  25. Could be the AC unit needs checked for a leak? I know the older s2 Exige were notorious for the pipes in the sill cracking but haven’t heard this as being a common problem in the S3. Sorry cant be of much more help. It does sound like the unit needs recharged and a check for leaks.
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