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  2. I am deciding between burnt orange and metallic orange, anyone can share photos on each of them? Appreciate your help.
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  4. Actually I have just found this brochure with a contact info at the end: by lotus.pdf I don't know if it's up to date though ...
  5. Does anyone know what size bolts go either side to fix the lens on the housing? Seems close to M4 but looks like it's not a metric size.
  6. Unfortunately I can't help but I am looking for the any available infos on the S4s sports seats too ... Would you mind sharing the photos you already have? That would be quite helpful! I once found a Spanish seller who have (had?) a S4s with the original sport seats but he couldn't/wouldn't take any more photos than the one in his car ad.
  7. Great control cornering on two wheels...
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  9. Ten Sims at one time but the more the merrier. I would fancy some classic racers but will give anything a go....might throw Tommy off if it's an oldies race
  10. Abbott and Corbyn have safe Labour seats where even in winter the temp is ok. Oop north where the labour strongholds are people will continue to walk around in tee shirts in the snow. It has always been this way
  11. Or if need be, just desolder the other resistor and check with a meter to confirm resistance. If it blows again, next logical step is to replace the surface mount transistor next to it. The resisitor may have acted like a fuse and gone into meltdown due to a failure of another component. Transistors on the other hand dont go into meltdown, they just stop working, possibly/probably going into shorting state where they just pass voltage/current through 24/7, which is a bad thing... if you are the next resistor in line. Electronics are fun.
  12. Now for that nice but dull beige 90's interior...time for some 70's electric blue bling. Of course that opens up more cans of worms, broken nylon bushings on the selector master unit, done... But the nightmare will be the jammed heater valve, I can see the cable disappear above and behind the pedal box, I can just about feel the valve with my fat fingers but I ain't looking forward to trying to get it out, SUGGESTIONS...
  13. That thing on the right is a doobreyflip isn't it? Fits over the header noggin in the offside baffle tube. Non-federal commonwealth export models only though. Most of my car is looking like this. Using the workshop manual is like looking at the picture on the lid of a jigsaw puzzle. ... in fact could that flat piece mid left be the reinforcing plate under the u bolts that hold the power steering rack down on to the chassis? Looks about the right size, but my s1/power rack plates are a simpler shape.
  14. Welcome and best of luck darren. Stick the ad on here and some experts will fill you in. The riviera seems to be the most desirable model, so the most likely to rise in value. Many of these cars parts are inexpensive and home serviceable, but an interior, chassis or paint job will be a big spend. It doesn't really matter though, if you're enjoying yourself
  15. Updates may be few and far between, mission creep has become near mission stop, after an expensive legal battle with the stepmother from hell has left me broke but now the owner a derelict bungalow with a huge but damp garage. There has been a little progress over the summer but not enough to shout about so here it is. Engine bay and quarterlight panels back from hydrodipping. Happy birthday to me...Quaife TBD and GTO shaft and gear kit, should i by chance get bored over those cold winter months.
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  17. booboo93

    Dump valve

    Hi there, Could anybody point me in the direction of the dump valve, Please, as mine sound like a boy racer car! There is a air leak when boosting, that does not show on a static smoke test? Thanks Andy
  18. like new. used for two winters. bought from EliseShop. balance of warranty expires 12 Dec 2021.
  19. Firstly, Hello, I'm new here :-) Now down to business! I'm looking at purchasing a 82 Lotus Eclat Riviera, apparently it's been sitting around for about 15years and has 75k on the clock. The motor turns but the current owner hasn't tried starting it yet. Being totally new to Lotus I'm a little unsure about what I should be looking for, has anyone got any advice about typical areas to inspect? Also, I've noticed from the pictures that the interior is cloth and not leather, is that possible in the Riviera? Thanks in advance Darren
  20. The dye is quite easy to spot with a UV torch. even in ambient light - so you will be fine in your garage. My guess is the compressor shaft seal, but obviously a guess. However its worth changing out the original hoses anyway. Cant see any major issues with your plan other than gas is expensive.... It may also be kinder to the environment and 'more legal' if you run the test with the hydrocarbon gas you were planning to use (the 3 cans illustrated earlier). Replacing oil is a black art, there is some good reference material available from Sanden online. NB I've just bought one of those super cheap Chinese gas sniffers as I'm chasing a leak in my daily driver. probably be a couple of weeks before it arrives. I'll let you know if it works
  21. Its crazy to think how year on year Panda evolves not just in slight increments but sizeable step changes, this year to date I have to say the big improvements for sure are the revised intake and the 350 gear shift mechanism... but before the season ends another addition in the way of enlarged scoops and carbon fibre porn! It can only mean the side scoops are now installed 25mm bigger in all the right places which can only mean better air flow for the intake and cooling for the engine! Is this the last upgrade for the year... well I do get bored over winter so we'll see...
  22. All sounds very positive Imran - thanks for the info & your efforts so far I’ll say it again they look magic!!
  23. So someone like Lotus Silverstone or HPE Auto would easily be able to get them done in 3 hours I reckon and I’d be happy to give them a call to walk them through the install. As you’d expect I’ll be looking to do full photo step by step guide as standard.
  24. hi to all, finally took out the existing tubing as you can see it fell apart as it was touched, however I did find a oneway valve lurking behind one of the filler caps, 6mm id at one end 8mm id at the other and there is no 8mm id tubing in the boot. Interestingly there is only one of them. You can just make out the ball bearing in the valve photo. I have put the new tubes in as per the original install both pipes running all the way around the boot and exiting just behind the number plate. Any suggestions greatly received. john
  25. $74,950.00 End Date: Saturday Oct-26-2019 13:21:05 PDT Buy It Now for only: $74,950.00 Buy It Now | Add to watch list Click to view item
  26. Ok that’s another point to look at. I believe the clutch is still an issue that I needs to be resolved first however. I think it is not opening enough which would make the gears hard to get due to clutch drag.. There seems to be too little travel on the fork. Apparently it should be 30mm according to a thread on PistonHeads. I have only about 15mm of travel. I found the answer finally to which hole on my clutch pedal is for the clutch and which the brake. For info it is the upper hole for clutch and lower for brake. Predictably mine was wrong. I swapped it and the pedal is much lighter now but the travel distance is hardly affected. Barely 1mm . So next stop is a new master cylinder. I have (if memory serves correct)a Land Rover mc. It’s probably the wrong part and hopefully it’s not giving enough travel. The pedal is short by about 20mm of travel. I suspect that will only give me a couple of mm more clutch fork throw but who knows, it might be enough. The adjustment on the cross gate seems to be very fine indeed so finger crossed. It arrives in a day or two so I will report back then.
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