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  4. I just looked it up and it was Jan 2018 when I made the first trip to Florida to see the Bond car. Then I made a second visit as my styrofoam plugs weren’t correct. I have been making these racks for almost 2.5 years now. It seems a shame not to put them on. , especially after my design was given a thumbs up by an engineer I know. I am thinking it would be simple to fill the holes and repaint the tailgate, If thats someones preference. There have been quite a lot of other people that have installed ski racks of one sort or another. I have spent hundreds, probably thousands of hours making these as close to the originals as possible. All the points made are valid and thanks all for the input. I will finish them and then make the decision. If they come out as I expect I will be very tempted to install them. For the moment I am spending all day every day to complete the racks, at last they are moving forward to the finish with most of the work done. I have almost completed a prototype lockable mechanism for the upper racks. Today I shall paint and fibreglass the lower mounts into position. I am probably a week from prepping these for spraying. I already have another litre of specially mixed copper fire paint ready to go. Lots of pictures when they are done, regardless of whether I install them or not. On another subject is anyone interested in getting some of the front and rear abs plastic door finishers that fit to the inside of the door? I can make them out of ABS plastic, but It will take a lot of time. I was thinking if there are enough of us I could ask Mike at Lotusbits how much he would want to manufacture them.
  5. If you don't like the raw aluminum Evora SC and want to eliminate the cover .. just paint it! and fit fwd Exige cover (rear isn't needed, that part doesn't show through hatch.
  6. July 1 is Canada Day - national holiday - but this year was a bit different as the vast majority of events were cancelled or had some sort of a virtual alternative. I normally alternate between two events - either volunteer work with the local RCMP to help out with the crowds at the beach or at a car show put on each year by some friends who run a high-end restoration shop called Jellybean AutoCrafters (shameless plug, but their work is good enough to have been shown at Pebble Beach). Both were cancelled this year but my day was saved when I got an invite from Jellybean to join a max 25 car one day tour, lunch included route not known til the start, all gratis. So away we went. Took the Esprit and were one of two European cars in a group of 22 hot rods and muscle cars. Despite some crappy weather, it was great fun. The first shot, assuming I can get them to upload in the right order, is us at the start. The Jellybeans car show is always held at the Langley Speedway, a now defunct 1/4 mile paved oval that was used for stock car racing from 1965 to 1984. I went there as a kid. It is now part of a regional park and has largely been taken over by the nature and horse crowds, but our hosts got approval for our group to get onto the old track for a few (slow) laps. Still a lot of fun; I could remember where the pits and grandstands used to be and imagine the crowds. Especially when I managed to hang back to create some space and give the Esprit a bit of wellie through the east end of the old oval. The second shot shows the cars stopped on track after a few laps. Our hosts had a photographer there taking video and drone shots so I will look for that on their Facebook page in a few days as it will undoubtedly have better pictures than I took. After that it was off along the back roads to Chilliwack for lunch and then the long route up a stretch of the Fraser River and back. The spring flood is on and the river is almost as high as I have ever seen it. Great drive, if not quite as brisk a pace as I would have done on my own. Great day nonetheless. The last two shots were taken at the end of the day - one shows that we weren't the only Esprit there after all .
  7. Front 8x17 ET24 5x110 Rear 10x18 ET30 5x114.3 actually fitted with 225 and 265 trofeo R tyres And on track with some friend cup R also fitted with BC Forged RZ 39 in matte bronze
  8. Thanks very much! I’ve test driven a few cars and am totally smitten by the 380/410 and 430. looking to try and find a nice one, preferably privately owned from new!
  9. To anyone who finds themselves reading this little thread of mine, I wanted to introduce myself and start a new thread on my purchase and ownership of my new to me 2019 Exige V6 350 Sport in Solid Red. I have been a Lotus enthusiast since I was a child due to my dad having many lotus’ since he bought his Elise S1 111S in yellow, which was a brooklands edition. I was lucky enough to finally buy my first Lotus, a 2004 Elise S2 111R in yellow with black alloys from Stratton Motor Company. I had this about 18 months before divorce meant I had to sell it. It was then a long 4 years before I finally was able to purchase my second Lotus, a 2009 Lotus SC using the same high revving 2ZZ engine from the 111R with a Larini full exhaust system. This was purchased from Williams Automobiles near Bristol, they were brilliant and really looked after me. I had been on the look out for a series 2 exige but prices were too high for me to part with that amount of money. The SC was a great car and I really enjoyed the look of the optional sports bucket seats as well as the forged wheels, but I knew I really wanted to get into a V6 exige. I sold the Elise SC last October and started to look through all the car sites (as we all do) on a daily basis if not a hourly rate. It’s taken a while as I really wanted to try and push my budget to get a 380, but I just can’t afford that as well as being a single parent...using man maths and speaking with Tom from TGE TV who put me in touch with Mike from Charles Dean finance company who did me an amazing deal on the car in question. I noticed a really nice 2019 solid red exige V6 350 Sport with 2,994 miles on the clock. What attracted me to it was that it came with the optional 2 piece floating discs all round and the newer style open gate gearbox and most importantly the tweaks under the body to go with it. Unfortunately it was still too expensive but fate was on hand with the coronavirus giving me the opportunity to agree a deal with Jonathan at Howards Lotus a few weeks later. With the country still in lockdown it meant on the plus side I’ve been able to research the previous owner another lotus enthusiast who bought the car from Lotus Silverstone, he decided to sell it 6 months later as an opportunity arose for him to buy a 410, in red again. I was also able to find pictures of him collecting the car too, I shall attach below. It’s nice to be able to see the short history of this car already. As well as This I spent a lot of time reading readIng your threads on current projects Like MAG and Mr P as well as GF Williams to get some ideas of what I wanted to upgrade on mine. I was also able to speak with Alias23 and purchased some items from him before I had even collected the car 1. Extended side sills 2. Alias23 air intake 3. Front splitter rubber lip 4. Black vinyl headlight surround (380,410,430 style) This all happened back in May and since then I have enjoyed being in Lotus ownership again already having some great drives around the Peak District as well as meeting up with some fellow Lotus owners and friends. I’ve already undertaken quite a few upgrades I shall share with you and post over the coming days. Hope this little thread is of interest to you and you enjoy some of the upgrades etc I have planned on this journey. Kind regards Duncan
  10. Hi all. I’m experiencing some mission creep as I missed out on the Silver 410 that was advertised privately (seller decided not to sell apparently). So now looking at 430 Cups. I’ve seen a car that I like but it doesn’t have a 3 point seat belt, only harnesses. Is it easy to retrofit a normal 3-point inertia belt ? I’m not planning on using the car for track so would prefer normal seat belts if possible.
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  12. For what's its worth, I'm with you Fabian. Its your car and your dream. I'm sure you haven't spent all this time, money and effort to look to sometime in the future where you might want to sell it and make a profit. (highly unlikely!) You have done it because that is what YOU want to do. So GO DO IT! I didn't purchase my S1 with a view to how much it might make me in the future, I purchased it because I have always loved the S1 shape and just wanted one (even over my treasured Eclat of 30 years ownership). I'm 67 next week. You cant take it with you , so if you can enjoy it, then ENJOY IT. It doesn't matter what anybody else thinks. I have followed both your restorations and have always admired your attention to detail. Far more than what I could do. But I'm happy with what I have done and love driving my car, which is what its all about.
  13. What a waste of wood, you'd be better off using that to to shore up the gable ends in the garage. Tell Ross and his dad, it's very dangerous putting a low roof above a trampoline. Is that yellow path made from Cotswold shail? Tell the misses you need about 20 tonne, then the kids can barrow and spread the 15 tonne left over to make a nice road up to the workshop.
  14. If you've had it from new, it drives well and the wife loves it, repair and keep. You'll know that car inside out, it's better the devil you know as they say.
  15. This seems a bit of a bargain Evora IPS, didn’t realise prices had softened quite so much.
  16. And so a witness finally comes forward
  17. This is a great video, seen it a year or so ago - like the Thames archives. Having just re-read this thread, my feeling was the image posted by Pheonix which was commented that it looks like a model had come from this video.
  18. @Smithy111 The yellow Evora S Sports Racer at Paul Matty has had its engine replaced; it was discussed back on page 106 of this thread. Linky below will take you there - scroll two thirds down the page. Looking in detail at the photos of the Evora IPS in Gold Leaf colours for sale at the same dealer, is it me or is there a crack in the nearside corner of the front bumper on the lip below the oil cooler intake and a chunk missing off it at the bottom of the front left wheel arch?
  19. It has almost everything! added PPF, harness, soft top. what else would you guys suggest?
  20. If you translate the movie to reality the ski racks were removeable. When it was in Q's workshop it didnt have them I believe (someone correct me if I missed them, its a dark scene). OK we know that the prop ski racks were mounted through holes. But it would be more true to the script and also a better all-round car if they were removeable IMHO.
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