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  2. $53,900.00 End Date: Tuesday May-28-2019 15:16:06 PDT Buy It Now for only: $53,900.00 Buy It Now | Add to watch list Click to view item
  3. I can’t tell any difference at all.
  4. Got mine OK but I had just renewed my subscription.
  5. No difference in pedal weight? That’s what I expected. Do you notice a difference from the lighter flywheel? Does the engine rev up and down a little faster?
  6. Yes I have the same replacement due in next few months all brakes & discs but also two front tyres So my fingers are tightly crossed that my clutch keeps going but I must say the clutch action and gear change is bit ropey which might be the gear linkage but the clutch action worries me as it’s heavy and my left knee is taking a strain ? must say when I tried a clutch in a 400 in central lotus it was super light hence the use of clutch sounds a good solution if that’s result ?
  7. Yesterday I had a performance increase at the FA Komo Tec. I uploaded the video to YouTube. Here you see 2 dynamometer rides and the result at the end of the video. Greetings from Germany.
  8. And quite some talent and hard work, too! It looks great!
  9. Today
  10. Phil - The next step to set the timing dynamically (engine running) with a timing light and the engine max advance - approx +3000 RPM. You would then adjust timing to book spec which I recall is 28 degrees BTDC - Good result so far!
  11. Slightly belated happy 92nd to Hazel for today
  12. I have a 400 clutch and flywheel fitted to my 2011 S recently by Hangar111. It feels identical to the original.
  13. That's a lot of love to the colour of green.
  14. rjwooll


    There's also a little party for Elites and Eclats...see you there!
  15. Good call, thanks. Another pump is on its way and the first thing I'll do is check the fuel pressure at the fpr. Many thanks for all the input.
  16. I had the opportunity to speak directly to LOTUS's international sales manager Mark Fullalove (yep that's his name) his comment when asked about the US market was at this point in time with only one model in the US the level of marketing will stay the same until they more models to sell. The 400 has been getting some very good press through YouTube with Matt Farrah, and Jay Leno, is cleaver and inexpensive but not as reaching patience is the key here, yes they could sell more but the return on investment isn't there until more models are available. Makes the cars exclusive. As for the number of dealers, North America is the same physical size as Australia and we have 3 dealers....mine is 2 hours away.
  17. Hi Ant. I'm on holiday for a week or so i can come over and have a look as i have done my diff and brakes. I will give you call when i get back.
  18. You'd have to really want one in your collection to pay that.
  19. OK so in that case I would suspect the fuel pressure is adjusted too low, so the pump is having to pump against too much of a restriction. Same result different cause. Yes I know you have not adjusted it, but the setting can go out.
  20. Yyyyyeeeeeessssssss? Ran the car for a few seconds following advice above. Thanks Steve. Bodged it up a bit so i could access the distributor. Now have to reinstall air filter and plenum chamber and set throttle cable etc. Can then start finishing off small jobs and see if brakes are working. Unfortunately off to Scotland tomorrow with work so will now have a few days break. Good progress though tonight and tje end coming into sight
  21. The first two failures were the original pump to this car and the one off my dry sump which I replaced during its mechanical restoration with a Sytec the same as I've just bought again for this car. The Sytec pump on my dry sump has been fine so far (about 500 miles). Both the original pumps off both cars were bosch 0580464014. The ad states that the Sytec pump is a direct replacement for that Bosch unit.
  22. $49,990.00 End Date: Tuesday May-28-2019 13:01:44 PDT Buy It Now for only: $49,990.00 Buy It Now | Add to watch list Click to view item
  23. Good spot. May also have given the FPR diaphragm a bit of a work out!
  24. Thanks. That’s the general area I expected. Unfortunately, I need new disks and pads at the front, so it’s definitely going to add up to a big one.
  25. After 6 hours of sanding I finally got to add a coat of oil to my live edge table. Very happy
  26. I’m not sure why an ex F1 driver would pick a poor mans 911 over an Elise. least the Stig knows a proper car!
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