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  2. Name: Lotus Excel SE Click to view: Lotus Excel SE
  3. Yes, there was a change of exhaust with my17.5 (the face lift). It is louder and sounds much better, in fact for a 4cyl it sounds superb. All I can vouch for is that it was fine at Hethel, Snetterton and Silverstone. There’s no way the 103 dB on the V5 can be correct, that’s ridiculously loud which the car certainly isn’t.
  4. Might be easier looking for the Jaguar E-type information. Same 3-pot Girling caliper. Pete
  5. It does get really expensive with a fan heater on for hours! Pete
  6. Hi everyone Looking for a current part number for front calipers for an eclat 521. I understand that the parts cross reference spreadsheet on the forum has a girling number but it's not much use. Being in the trade I'm sure I can get them if I can find a good number to work with. Thanks in advance Rich
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  8. How were the doors before you took them off? That's the only way of checking the bushes to see if they're OK. For me it's false economy to not change the bushes when stripping the doors down this far. I fitted oiled brass ones. They were like a dream.
  9. I agree with Ian, regarding that foam above the radiator. I renewed mine and with special heat resistant closed cell foam, partially to resist heat, partially to resist keeping water trapped for a prolonged period of time. I painted it black with high temp spray and glued it on with high temp spray glue. Congrats on having fired it up again and I wish you many years of full enjoyment with your Esprit. Truly marvelous cars! So, in the end, did you take preventative measures like for example Pancos Speed Shop did? Kind regards, jacques
  10. $42,950.00 End Date: Thursday Dec-19-2019 12:41:02 PST Buy It Now for only: $42,950.00 Buy It Now | Add to watch list Click to view item
  11. Took less than an hour to install. It truly is Plug and play. It just needs the Time, Date, MPH/KPH, C or F Setting and then the dash putting into learn mode for the gear change to set itself on a road test. All this is done from the 4 external buttons on the new binnacle Sorry cant post pictures
  12. Looks like its the control unit. So looks I need to run a new wire also. Has anyone done this? Any pictures? thx
  13. andyj007


    Far from muppetisim some of your posts very on point, have given me a propper chuckle.. at times. Never dissapointed reading your replies Far from muppetisim some of your posts very on point, have given me a propper chuckle.. at times. Never dissapointed reading your replies
  14. Reached out on Lotus talk but didn't get the info. My Evora 400 didn't come with its tool pouch so I ordered the lug bolt adaptor from Hethelsports and a T25 drive from amazon and next Id like to buy a simple shouldered eye bolt for towing. In need of its specs; size and thread, left turn or not. Any help here? Thanks
  15. Okay, so I'll install the steel one and steel bolts, and have it cryo treated beforehand. Kind regards, Jacques
  16. Something doesn't add up.
  17. Pete, many thanks. Id forgotten about the curing temperature, I’ve got plenty of other jobs to do so I think I’ll leave this one until the spring
  18. HI all. First post but have been reading as much as I can on this forum as I learn more about Lotus. I found myself in similar position with regards to the V6 vs CUP250. I will prodominately use the car on track and the the lower running costs and lighter weight of the 250 has led me to conclude that the 250 is the one for me. I came across this thread and thought it was strange the 250 may be flagged for noise as they dosnt seen loud at all and one of its appeals is that im hoping that I can use on all UK tracks with no sound issues. I'm undecided if I want an older cup250 eith the added aero or the newer 250s with the great open shifter. Not that much difference in prices either. In regards to noise I'm intrigued if there was any exhaust changes in the my17.5 model. Search continues for the right car at the right price but in pretty close to decideming and joint the fold.
  19. Dan E

    General Election.

    Oh that is my sons maths tutor, what is she doing on here?
  20. Neil, these are the guys - that I've shortlisted for my garage build next year. I can't vouch for them as yet, but they seem good.
  21. As Pete said - Chevy V8. Specifically a 350ci, circa 1977. Still carbureted, but converted to HEI. While we're talking about it (and I *do* like talking about it) - it runs a Muncie 4-speed and a Jag XJS rear end. This (pictured) is the same car, in its current livery (also humble-bragging about how the nose comes off. )
  22. Looks like two left and they are different shoes she really shouldn’t be allowed out without her carer
  23. pete

    General Election.

    Has she got her shoes on the wrong feet
  24. You’ve mixed up the wires on it
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