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  2. £27,950.00 End Date: Monday Jan-6-2020 23:18:46 GMT Add to watch list Click to view item
  3. I just checked on my phone and I do have a few already but they don't show the plate very well and it's a bit hidden under another thin metal sheet. The actual reinforcing plate you are looking for is bichromated as the rest around it, and from the photos it looks quite similar to the reproduced one which was for sale there: (How is the shift rubber gaiter attached when you don't have this plate on the car?!)
  4. Hi all, those of you who are using silicone hose in your induction and purge canister systems have you had any problems with your lambda sensor due to silicone contamination. I started to think about this when deciding whether to make replacements for the rubber connectors in the vacuum system ,that continually split, out of silicone .Has anyone made successful replacements? Will 2.5 mm I/d stretch to 4+ mm I/d in silicone ?
  5. Looks great to me, looking forward to move into the the next decade and let Lotus show the world what they can do.
  6. Yes second the Varta blue top as rubbish swapped for a yuasa will see how that goes both blue tops only lasted 18 months
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  8. Maybe the logo will be tweaked based on reception soon, it is a very flat logo that works on screen, but we have yet to see it on cars, maybe the silver lettering will come back before the first of the next gen cars will be out and about. I know of at least one dealer in the process of rebranding but if the factory just got the new logo at the front gate...
  9. I heard it was going to be foodwaste derived... But I have no idea. Back on topic if the SUV is 1400KG then it must be mostly made of unobtainium, at 1500kg it would be a feather weight in the category and at 1600kg it will still be around 100kg lighter than the competition but if we assume it is EV from the off, then I would rather not say. I like the sound of Lotus Element but i'm pretty sure Honda will not play ball on this one.
  10. From memory, mine were 350ftlb all round. Surprised me as assumed the rears would be higher however I was very happy with the setup, certainly for road and light track use. I’d start there and if not happy go a little higher but really think you should try the recommendation first. Trevor.
  11. £23,000.00 End Date: Monday Jan-6-2020 22:01:40 GMT Add to watch list Click to view item
  12. Cool, Ill send you a PM to arrange to pop over then.
  13. Champ Car and IndyCar in the States used methanol from corn to power thier cars for years and now use ethanol derived from sugar cane but F1's plan is to use biofuel that is not derived from food crops. Whether that will need more forest clearing or not, I don't know.
  14. Lotus Elan DHC - long gone. No photos. Lotus Elan +2 - Long gone. No photos. Lotus Esprit S2 - Gone Lotus Elise S1 - Gone Lotus Excel SE - In the garage
  15. Update..... I have the car pretty much stripped down and ready for the body shop, just the passenger door left to strip. I removed and cleaned up the hinge pin on the drivers door and the bushes look fine. I seemed to have slightly damaged the thread opening in the hinge pin when I was pushing it out of the housing. Does anyone know what size bolts fit the pin? I need to buy a tap to clear it out. Thanks
  16. Hi Robin, I can upload some files that I recorded with my S4. Just send me a PM with an email address and I will upload them using wetransfer. Kind regards, Erik
  17. @Laika I can pop around and take a look if your still in Pinner?
  18. The S4 was fitted with the following combination of springs: Prior 1995 MY --> front - yellow/blue/green & rear - blue/blue/yellow 1995 MY up to VIN 2030 --> front - blue/blue/white & rear - blue/blue/yellow VIN 2031 on --> front - red/blue/white & rear - green/blue/green
  19. Lovely but alas not on an S2
  20. Not an S2 but you get the idea.
  21. Yes just looked at a nice suction one from Revo Racks, but my thoughts are first time you hit a pot hole the rack comes through the window, doublely bad as I don't use the engine cover. Daren't risk it.
  22. Don.Hasi from Germany has been running a chain and chainwheel set-up on his Eclat for 20 years (see page 1 of this topic) so whatever he did works well. Why not ask him for details?
  23. I've seen suction padded luggage racks mounted on the rear screen but you wouldn't want to put too much weight on them.
  24. The Com 1 port might be already assigned. Best way is just trial and error. Increase it by 1, save .cfg, restart Espritmon, repeat, until you get a connection.
  25. Yes I was wrong to jump in feet first finally received a reply from one of Phil’s lieutenants, Lotus are not looking to via away from cars for the driver apologies to anyone I have annoyed or wound up
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