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  2. Thank you for your fast reply! Now it's getting curious: I checked according "Evora S boot light" thread for the ground and found following situation: There is 12V on both sides of the bulb - measured from each bulb connection to the ground of the 12V socket-outlet in the boot. Therefor it does not work. The 12V on each side are there no matter if the boot is open or closed. Any idea?! By the way: Does anyone know where I can find the swith for the boot light? Thanks, Lupoletto
  3. Last time I saw wiring like that it was in a chicken shed
  4. I really don't know that much about auto electrics (but I'm willing to learn) so could you give me a few pointers on how to trace this issue?
  5. This would make sense as it would double the number of cars that would be available in the US. You have to wonder how long the current dealership network can survive on just one car being available for sale in the US
  6. Today
  7. That would be amazing if you don't mind?! I should hear from the guy tomorrow. Let me know if I need to ask them for a ramp haha
  8. Ok that could work, if I have time in the week I'll pop up there and check guys with front splitters (myself included) can get on to the grass, if you like?
  9. @Miguel great work - I'd put a set of your mudguard brackets on my old Evora, and will be getting a pair soon for my newer Evora the 410Sport - they factory ones are only going to rust so I might as well replace them before the the bolts seize in them etc... Keep up the good work and might be worth advertising in the classifieds too for these new brackets.
  10. Hi all, I’m making a small batch so it’s cost effective, will help if people can put the word about a bit so I can sell them.
  11. They are 100% correct you will never get a perfect colour match with a metallic colour without blending it , let them blend it or you will never be happy with it .
  12. Hi Andy, Great colour. Glad you enjoyed my old Exige Sprint. 350 is a different beast! Enjoy!
  13. I think I'm starting to know what Capt. Willard thought when he started his trip to the heart of darkness. The horror, the horror...
  14. I’m in discussion with the town council about getting a space on the green in front of the pier.
  15. Where are you planning on parking in hunstanton? As it will be a nightmare
  16. Keeping moving! Car ran great on the move, but could not sit in traffic without playing up. At that time was a daily driver and used to commute from the NE to Sussex - difficult to avoid traffic jams. Later cars should be less prone. with 3rd fan and not putting the engine in a box! But presumably could possibly still be an issue if thermostat faulty or cooling system not otherwise working as well as it did 30 years ago.
  17. Hi Chris. As Ian says, B20. Azure Blue is the colour of my car. To add, it can look a purple hue in sunlight.
  18. thank you peter for your feedback.
  19. After Silverstone cleared the codes and it hasn't happened again even after 10,000 miles
  20. Rust in the tanks? I had similar issues (albeit without the hot start problem) with the car cutting out when hot. Turned out to be corrosion in the tanks. Changed them and she hasn’t missed a beat since.
  21. Hi thank you very much for all your help, i'v had someone look and it looks like it is as mentioned blocked idle jets and vacuum leak.
  22. My Elite + Eclat Workshop Manual identifies prefix I (India) as "Federal with A/C" (Page 1 of Technical Data). As Andy says .. Elite was introduced in '74, Eclat in '75, Esprit in '76. The Elite with A/C was called a 502. Be aware that the 907 engine was supplied to Jensen for the Jensen Healey from 1972 to 1976 but did have "Jensen Healey" cast on the cam covers but would be dead easy to swap them for later 'Lotus' ones. I have no idea how they identified engines supplied to Jensen. The gearbox on it may be a good clue..
  23. You have to remove all of the material to get to the bottom. Note that my cable (even though it has never been used) is laying in a position heading to the rear. Although, that is not the direction to pull it. It should be pulled towards the center of the car.
  24. Cable is under the insulation and comes in at the rear from the right hand side of the car looking forward, or the left hand side looking back towards the rear window (pax side on a lhd car). You will have to remove the carpet and insulation material to see it.
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