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  2. 13.18 that must have been epic
  3. Paul Coleman. Are they both s1’s. as the thread says I’m looking to buy one. Selling my sc Elise to fund. Would you consider selling to me? Need a stable mate for my dry sump turbo.
  4. Lol, you can’t sell the e-type Paul It’s a 1967 Works Cooper Paul in full S spec, I will do some photos. My other one is a genuine 1960 Downton mini which I restored for my dad to use and enjoy.
  5. Yeah, bloody strong stuff though! Plenty of heat needed otherwise it turns into a tug of war between you and the tape
  6. jep

    Evora NA MPG

    Reviving this topic on Evora NA mpg. I just completed 8 days to Munchen and back. 1,956 miles at 25mpg. Two up with a full load of luggage. Worst mpg..13.18 on a 226 mile leg of autobahn to Wurzburg. 4th and 5th, CR box, saw a lot of action. Sport mode permanently on, even when in 6th in Belgium and France. I have no idea if the 100 and 102 octane fuel they sell in some stations in Europe makes any odds to power, but I buy it anyway. Justin
  7. Is your Cooper a genuine 60s Cooper? I might take it in part ex! I'm thinking of getting rid of both of my cars.
  8. €30k... Mind Mark at stocks has a nice white car albeit out of my budget, I don’t think you will sell Paul as too much effort went into it. The German owned car looked nice but the auction found its current value like my old JPS013 which ended at £20100. Not sure how stable the classic market is these days as seen a few bargains recently, Old Esprit’s are scarce this time of year so will wait and may sell my Mk1 Cooper to increase my budget buying a better car although not giving up on my original S1 yet. I was extremely tempted by the JPS UK sports cars were selling as knew that car and it was really nice. I am busy with a 1975 mini at present which started as a small project and grew in true mini fashion Dave
  9. Personally I’d trim the dashboard and spacers in the same non reflective material as anything shiny will be a huge distraction. Looks like a good project thought. Are you mounting the amp where the airbag goes?
  10. I can probably sell you a very overpriced S1 The German geezer reckons he's sold it locally to a bloke for 30,000 Euros. No idea if the wind is blowing his tongue around or whether it's genuine.
  11. Today
  12. Hi Bud... well just heard tonight one chap running the intake with the same system you have and currently all he reports is good. However I’ve never personally tested. If you do wish to go down the ECU route let me know and I can put you in touch with RRR. I’m hoping to get back on intakes this week so will seek to give an update on progress end of week.
  13. Hi Imran it’s a Full system, Manifolds to back box, including 200 cell Cat. I’ve seen loads of mixed comments more so now from the comments above about people running this system on stock Ecu. My plan was to get the Ecu done, so I probably still will - who’s the go too company to use? Any update on when my intake will be ready? I’m itching to have it fitted. Cheers
  14. Toeside

    Hello All

    Drove the 350 Exige before the Elise ............... what a 'blast!' Its a beast of a car
  15. Well that’s nice and easy then.
  16. Been removed. Scam
  17. pic of interior all back together. pics of climate control controls. The rear heated screen button is wired up to bring on the front electric windscreen heaters. The air con compressor is all plumbed in and wired up to alfa system through original esprit wiring including rad fan engagement). More pics of alcantara headlining, cup holders and lotus logo door down lighting to follow.
  18. couple of pics for carbon dip interior parts. can take some in daylight if required. i also had the ally wheel centre cap rings, rear number plate plinth and headlight surrounds done at the same time. Although these parts are exposed to the elements they still look great after a years motoring in some rubbish weather!!
  19. I have a 400 and love it. The interior quality has improved each stage from my LE, S1 MY12 to the 400 now. However go sit in a 911 under 3 yrs old, let alone a new one or any other comparable. The interior in a Lotus is now great if you are used to Lotus, but trying to tempt those from other Marques it falls a long way short. Indicator stalks, mirror controls, key (from a 20 yr old Ford?) etc etc I love it but I really think you need to WANT a Lotus to have one.
  20. Hi New to the forum and looking to have a quick way of jacking up the car. I saw the video below and would like opinions (specifically) on the lifting bar used in it for the rear of the car. Is it good practice or a No No? Thanks
  21. Stuck on, 3 strips of foam double sided tape
  22. Is the plinth just stuck on or screwed on?
  23. Doing a similar thing on my Elise. Looks great with the smaller plate arrangement above!
  24. I seem to remember SJ changed the length of the purple bushes as the first ones I got were far too long. The second ones I got were fine and I have used them for 2000 miles. cheers C43
  25. Yep, if you have a 5 or 6 digit plate, you obviously have a far smaller plate but still completely legal which makes the holder massive. So I got a shorter plate made up, removed the plinth and mounted direct
  26. naasaa


    What Jon mention regards a lean mixture might a point check. I installed a lambda sensor and found that I consistently is running lean under boost. it is happening about 3500-3700 rpm. Havent solved it yet, thoug being going thrue the carbs numeral times. gave up and purchased EFI throttle bodies!
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