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  2. What about dampers - adjustable Ohlins/Nitron? Looking forward to following what you do
  3. Maybe if the Dinosaurs had been Vegan, they'd still be around today? but then again, they didn't know about bandwagons back then.
  4. I know you can find it here . We once ordered a team for a city holiday.
  5. Forgive my somewhat simplistic view but I'll put it down anyway and see what you think. Before I do, I'd just like to reference the fact (and I forget the exact specifics but you'll get my drift) that according to general opinion, if the life of the World is viewed as a 24hr period, Human kind have been around only in the last minute of the 24th hour. With that in mind: If I can use an analogy of a glass of water to represent Earth. Imagine that glass of water gets frozen. (Ice Age?). The ice takes some time to melt but as more ice melts, the ratio of 'warmer water' to 'colder ice' increases, thereby accelerating the rate of melt. Looking at the state of the world today, this analogy would I guess equate to a glass of water with 2 ice cubes floating in it. I have absolutely zero doubt that humans have had a negative impact on carbon release and global warming but referring to my first point, how much difference have we actually made? I have a somewhat depressing view of the future of the globe but I'm not sure that anything we could do is likely to ultimately make the slightest difference to the end result. Future generations are likely to bare the brunt of whatever happens but Nature will win out at the end of the day and something will happen to redress any current imbalance (assuming there is one?). Dinosaurs once roamed the planet - something happened to wipe them out but life went on and here we are. In future, we are likely to be the 'new dinosaurs' and life will go on again thereafter with evolution taking care of whatever comes along. In some respects I envy the Dinosaurs - at least they weren't clever enough to be aware of their own demise, even if there was nothing they could have done to prevent the inevitable.................
  6. Can you attach a battery charger to power the car in the forward service hatch? Or is that just earlier s2's etc?
  7. It was rhetorical, but they have sent through two with identical damage where parts have been stacked up on top of each other, confirmed by ASO
  8. I'm only looking at online comments about that Question Time programme because of this thread, but its ironic the same people banging on about ignoring him because he is only an actor don't seem to have a problem if its Emma "air miles" Thompson. He speaks a lot of sense but his Brian Blessed school of delivery will never go down well with the hand-wringers and hell always be condemned as a dinosaur. BIG ISSUE INTERVIEW
  9. Hi @Mattmahope. Agreed that the Snetterton 300 is excellent, I always enjoy it. However, I've just checked a few track day noise levels and found Snett' 105 dBA for days and 102 dBA evening, however both have the same drive by limit of 92 dBA (not sure how they work that!). Brands Indy102 dBA, Bedford 101dBA, Castle Combe 100 dBA. I think the really low one you are thinking of is Thruxton at 90 dBA static. It's my local track, but effectively off limits as I typically record between 101 and 104 dBA and don't want to risk a wasted journey. Having said that I do know that Circuit Days offer a full credit for any cars that show up but fail the noise test. I'm sorely tempted by this as the track is only a 40 minute drive away and Circuit Days are a good operator I've used before. @Ali tuck. When you decide where next, make a post on the forum and you will likely find others attending, especially for LOT days. Before you know it you will be part of a group, scheduling trips and having a ball with a load of new friends.
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  11. Taken from my Evora NA – Little known about it apart from the PO stating it’s a 2bular – removed within a month of me picking the car up so I’d not used it much but I don’t know how long it had been on the car before. It’s been stored for a while but I’m sure will polish up nicely with some tlc. Collection available or can be shipped worldwide at cost. The post Evora 2bular back box appeared first on Click to view item
  12. Hi everyone. Today I finally received the good news from my Lotus dealer: the VIN and delivery date. I figured, the Exige forums have dedicated build threads, why shouldn't the Elise owners be able to have one as this place is filled with enthousiasts driving and modifying the *bleep* out of their cars. I've always been a big Lotus fan ever since the original Elise and this is the first one I'm actually buying. I was in long doubts on buying a Cup 430, however I plan to use it more as a track car and I couldn't justify the higher tax and higher runningcost for the purpose I'm planning on using it for. I can always trade in later if I still feel the power is too low on the Elise but I'm sure I'll have a blast driving this. As I had intended to purchase a Cup 430 and modify that, I figured, might aswel go all-out on the carbon parts when speccing an Elise Cup Why this topic? Because I plan on doing some serious modifications on the little Elise and I can use feedback from experienced Lotus owners. I also know this thread is WORTHLESS without pics but not to worry, there will be plenty to come Base spec: Metallic Grey Interior Colour Pack 2 Floor Mats (for the girlfriend) Aircon Carbon Aero Pack Carbon Fibre Hardtop Carbon Fibre Front Access Panel Carbon Fibre Tailgate Carbon Fibre Roll Hoop Cover Orange Stitching Certain mods: PPF protective layer Race livery inspired wrap with my company details AIM MXS Strada LCD display with telemetry ( Carbon fibre interior parts (airvents, sills, aircon control cover) Raptor 8-channel steeringwheel buttons ( Aftermarket racing wheel (Thinking Momo) Exhaust, didn't go for the Titanium as I feel that there are better options out there for less money. Possible mods: Reverie Cup 250 Carbon Wing similar to Cup 260 ( Power upgrade (would like to land at around 300-350 hp) Rear-view camera Transforged side-mirrors GRP tail lights If anyone has any experiences with the modifications above, please feel free to give your opinion and advice Countdown to the first week of June!
  13. That's a US website you have linked to, you might have better luck on the US lotus forum. 400s have only just started coming out of warranty and that's a big job for minimum returns compared to remapping or similar.
  14. Some sections just take forever to get it just right! Collectively, I would guess about 100 / 150 hours have been spent on this one panel alone. Scraping, sanding, then soda blasting, fiberglassing, moulding, mould placement, filling, contouring, pin hole filling, feather fill, spray fill, feather fill again... does this f$%&*r ever end. Ugh.
  15. Your point about people having done it in V6 Exiges is something I hadn't thought about - thank you for pointing that out. I am just trying to see what the possible issues might be with doing the swap.
  16. +1 for a decent reciprocating saw. Top link studs were the only bits I managed to salvage! I swear this motor must have hit an iceberg at some point.
  17. The switch is inside the boot lid behind the leather panel above the boot latch. I've had this a few times the wire falls off as its just a spade connector. I soldered it on the last time.
  18. Just to add on this topic. I had fitted a camera to my Pioneer but the camera icon was greyed out and could not be selected. Had to activate the camera in settings first as it doesn't happen automatically.
  19. Not bad from Lotus, the part is £101+VAT. But I believe whilst they are in stock, they are all damaged... ask me how I know! Dave
  20. I think it can also be impacted by the tailgate opening - if you either lift it too far or wind catches it, mines cracked slightly but I'm not bothered by it. Does anyone know how much replacements are?
  21. And if it is for inflating tyres, these are the ones to get:
  22. A decent compressor is one of the best pieces of kit you'll ever buy, don't skimp, anything less than 7.5 cfm is useless. You'll find all sorts of uses for it, blowing, cutting, pumping, spraying, it'll power all sorts if air tools which are much cheaper to buy than their electric equivalents, so in the long run a decent compressor will save money.
  23. @silverfrost is it me or does your Kermit profile look more depressed since you wrote that reply? That's one of the sexiest rear ends I've seen on an Esprit, don't know how you manage with such a long distance relationship
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