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  2. I think I still have the ones that were in my Excel before I fitted the LHD pattern headlights. Happy to have a look, but that would mean shipping from Belgium. Filip
  3. I've driven approaching 1,000 'shakedown' miles since getting this on the road last July (7 months). It's just had it's suspension geometry set up professionally.
  4. Long shot but has anyone had experience with this place... got a cheap elise on ebay at the moment
  5. For those folks wanting more details of the rear Dunlop tyres ....
  6. Yeah but look at you. You're really lovin' it!
  7. The Pits

    TLF GT430 Club

    So, quick diffuser poll. Original plastic? Later aluminium? I have the early plastic style which looks arguably better integrated but later ally diffuser looks more aggressive, slightly more effective and possibly better for cooling. No known claims for downforce either way so purely an aesthetic choice. Interested to know your thoughts.
  8. Today
  9. As Barrie says the place for this is Many of the people there are on here too so you'll be extra welcome and well looked after....
  10. I've decided not to put the wiper back to it's original park position (for the moment at least). Mainly as it doesn't appear to make any difference and the only reason it's catching on the rear window when you open it, is because the frame on the non standard wiper blade sits up too high. So the motor has gone back in. While in that corner I noticed there is also a spare red wire (bullet connector) on the back of both break lights. It's in the manual too but I can't see where it should live. There's no visible connector for it to attach to and it's the same on both sides of the car. Are these connectors for if you decide to fit a towing hitch
  11. Might want to try 'the' place for M100 Elans - Lotus Elan Central for this question.
  12. I'd pay to see that though.
  13. Thanks Richard, Rob, The radio was working and now the clock is too! Dredging from memory the black earth also goes on the tab at the top of the console. Thanks for all the help. I'm getting into the swing of it and working my way around the manual. Best, Al. .... and this photo shows the back of the clock / light. Al
  14. Erm....I wasn't the one kissing my neck!
  15. Spyder also had notes on the rear spring settlings, I don’t think they’ll be of much use as your design is different
  16. From what I saw it was well in hand!
  17. What is this 'dfriving'?
  18. Hey! I was dfriving next morning so was managing my alcohol intake thanks very much!
  19. Apart from notably using Isuzu 4XE1 engines and tail-lights from the Alpine GTA/A610, to what extent did the FWD Elan M100 carry over mechanicals from other GM (or non-GM) products like the R-Body Isuzu Gemini II/III and Isuzu Piazza II / Impulse? Also interested to know what else was planned for the M100 had it been success beyond a possible coupe version and an uprated 180 hp engine (not sure whether latter was a tuned 1.6 Isuzu 4XE1WT turbo or possible turbocharged 1.8 4XF1)?
  20. glad its sorted @Andy Norman - seeing the spanner is always an eye rolling experience in any car.
  21. Has anyone got a working unit that is surplus to requirements--please? Thanks
  22. HID bulbs in standard units is now an MOT failure
  23. $69,999.00 End Date: Wednesday Jan-22-2020 2:37:10 PST Buy It Now for only: $69,999.00 Buy It Now | Add to watch list Click to view item
  24. You'd have to ask @Kimbers; it all got a bit out of hand...
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