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  2. Yes sure! Just confirming it with a friend of mine, will send you a link to the rough route. Hope to get a chance to give it a test run next weekend
  3. I would also try replacing the fuel pump as mentioned in one of the posts above
  4. Speak to Mike at lotusbits and get a fully developed engine, you can use your own powerplant and get the 2.2 made up to 2.5. I know the work is not cheap, but 5k to spend on tuning your n/a engine will go a long way, that way you keep your car and factory engine nuber, just anther option you could look into
  5. You'd not get S-like performance, unless you switched to Turbo as well (which would include internal changes to the engine), so although it would remove the reliance on carbs and all the work involved, it isn't really that different to a gas-flowed head with better flowing exhaust etc on a NA car.
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  7. As Chris says if you fitted EFi you would get increased performance something akin to the rare S models.
  8. You say it starts well when cold. What is the cold start routine and initial running procedure? Such as fuel enrichment lever applied (aka choke), throttle pumped x times. My suspicion is, if it's running and starting well when cold, it may be slightly over-rich which would then cause a problem when warm and even more so once the fuel in the carbs has vaporised into the air box and so delivered a massive volume of over-rich air, but not so much that it will not run when hot.
  9. Excellent comments and much appreciated. Now leaning towards a new buy/exchange but I'll need to double my budget I feel.
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  11. Stephen & Kim have organised May's meeting. It is at The Prae Wood Arms, St Albans The Prae Wood Arms Garden House Lane St Albans Hertfordshire AL3 6JZ 7:30 for 8 meeting. Please state if you are coming so that we have some idea of numbers.
  12. I did mine on one of the hot days late last year. Curving it over the wheel arches I didn't find to bad. It does follow the line of the arc at the top of the wheel arch but the bend radius can't match the curve as you come to the wheel arch. This was how it was originally. I'll post some before and after photos. Over the winter the stress due to the curve did cause the adhesive to fail on one side. I put this down to the paint not being absolutely clean. The car was dusty before I applied it and whilst I cleaned the area before I stuck it the exposed adhesive may have come into contact with a dusty bit of body work during the application. I still have not applied any polish to my car since I wanted to get this on, with the pinstripes before I sealed the paint. This may be another problem you might be having. With the trim that did come of over the winter I have applied some contact adhesive yesterday and will now need to remove the excess with a small blade so the gap looks the same. Now my lovely wife is yelling at me to get the car packed up since we are out today but I'll post some pic later.
  13. Would have been a perfect weekend but only just got back from Spain!! Will have to be a weekend in May (with good weather!)
  14. £45,500.00 End Date: Sunday May-19-2019 8:15:30 BST Add to watch list Click to view item
  15. I totally screwed up putting the front section on. Getting it to curve around the front wheel arches seems to be impossible. I’ve still got the section so I might be able to try again and use some glue. ‘Have you done yours? Any tips from anyone else?
  16. As buddsy says, unless you are emotionally attached to it (like I stupidly am with mine) then better off selling the n/a and getting a turbo. If you do, then I’d suggest an SE or S4 rather than a carb turbo depending on what your budget will stretch to. Over the last 17 years of owning my carb turbo the only reliability issues that were specifically turbo related, as opposed to espritisms, were down to the carbs, dizzy or exhaust manifold. I’ve converted mine to fuel injection, electronic wasted spark ignition and fitted an alunox manifold and the car now runs beautifully however it depends on your view on modifying. If you want more performance have you considered what gains you could get by converting to fuel injection and wasted spark ignition? I’m fairly certain that you could get the same sort of power on today’s technology that the carb turbo had as standard and within your 5k budget. Think I’ve seen articles in the club lotus mag and absolutely lotus on this being done by excel owners. If you do go for another car, make sure it has air con as you definitely don’t want to retrofit that lol!!!
  17. We we live I would talk to Harrop Industries in Melbourne
  18. Thanks for the advice! I discovered yesterday the water pump was the source of a strange noise and water leak, so I'll be lifting the engine anyway and I'll replace everything I can get my hands on. Here are some better pics of the car
  19. I just looked it up. 263 corners and 800m elevation in just 19km of road. I hope the link works.
  20. Thanks ramjet!! Oooo that sounds amazing. God it’d be great to do an AU wide trip in it
  21. Welcome to TLF Josh. Since you are in Brisbane, you need to take yourself up to Cairns (yes, I know it is a bit of a way) and do the road up to Yungaburra in the Tablelands. The Gillies Range Road. Take your father in his Evora as well. One of the twistiest pieces of road I can remember. Mind you, I was 11. Any questions or issues with using the forums, feel free to ask one of us mods. We're here to help.
  22. Yeah about that, the release of a GT4 Concept would seem to indicate that the Evora will remain in production for a little while longer and that the new car will come in addition to it. That would mean the car comes either slightly below in terms of range or slightly above... Remember that JMG hinted at the fact that the Exige would be the first car replaced? Well I think the upcoming car may be an Evora based Exige, roomier than the current Exige, with all the bells and whistles Lotus can throw at it using Geely components, yet smaller than the Evora and priced lower at the bottom end but on par, if not higher at the top end. Then again the car would be more extreme than any Evora could be at the top end while being able to outgun the competition further down the range, a Cayman killer and at the same time 911 GT3 hunter. The absolute momentum car on track but with a powertrain that will pack very serious punch... 450bhp or more from the engine and because Geely has one on shelf and they will have plenty of time to make it bulletproof a 7 speed DCT gearbox, while still catering for the manual drivers with another refinement on the venerable Aisin BG6... With Geely backing them Lotus now has the legs to ask for a bespoke version.
  23. ramjet

    Good Evening

    Welcome to TLF Andrew. Lovely looking car. And you apologised for the backdrop further up. Was there one? I couldn't see it for the gorgeous Evora. Any questions or issues with using the forums, feel free to ask one of us mods. We're here to help.
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  25. At half the price of a 400, I am sure that makes the early Evora the bargain of the decade, for some a better looking car, the 400 yes a great car and basically where we are today be it 410, 430. Me for one can not wait for the next incarnation, what will be based on the same platform, but what’s been leaked will be radically different in many ways and believe me for the better, that’s the only way Geely know how to operate.
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