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  2. Shocking when it's detailed in every handbook written (but not read) I would need to double-check but I think it might be MY19 - I've seen it on a couple of newer cars. Some of the fasteners have changed, and there is a box section riveted on which means you can lift at points C without a puck (or removing tray). Dave
  3. Shocking when we cant decide how to lift a car (the whole thread I mean) Dave, Can you expand on the bit in brackets please and what MY is this from? thanks cheers
  4. Working! Hah, long history of striking more like....
  5. It gets better. Just after I wrote the previous post I checked the train times If I caught the 15:56 to Cambridge, arriving at 16:54, the replacement bus service to Newmarket would get me there for 17:30. Job Done ..... Oh no it wasn't. First part was fine, arrived at Cambridge on time, went and asked where to catch the bus. Not from here, had to go to Cambridge North (one stop up the line) - this a replacement bus for the Cambridge to Ipswich service. Train due into the platform in 5 minutes or so - which it did. Got on the train, and waited for it to leave.... and waited.... and waited. 20 minutes later, an announcement, sorry we are waiting for a driver and we don;t know where he is. (2nd time in one day no train due to staff shortages). OK, Norwich train due in shortly (late arrival), switched to this one, and off we go to Cambridge North. Got out and there are no staff, just a sign pointing to Replacement Bus - somewhere to the left as you get out of the station - not at the bus stop,, but somewhere dark and dingy.. I'm the only one there. 20 minutes later some more passengers arrive and then glory be a coach turned up at the bus stop - the driver confirmed that this was the replacement bus, but that he didn't know if he was to do any more runs and he would check with the station staff - who were nowhere to be seen. 20 minutes later he comes out and drives the bus to the dark and dingy place where we get on ... and wait. An elderly women approaches the driver and asks where we are going in Newmarket - when told the station (where else?), she says that she has the flu and would the driver mind dropping her off at home rather than the station. Eventually we left, and sure enough he dropped her off at home and then proceeded to drive onto the road that leads to GST - but going the other way, back into town. At this point he stopped - as I think he was lost and didn't know the way to the station from where we were. Another passenger said would the driver mind if he got off as his house was 50 yds away. I got off as well and phoned Gerald, who picked me up 5 minutes later. The bus was still in view. All worth it in the end, as we got back home - 5 hours after we left
  6. If my car is autonomous and can drive me home form the pub then that means SWMBO is officially redundant. I'll be trading her in for an Esprit then....
  7. I don't think the two, autonomous and "for the driver" are mutually exclusive. Why not have the autonomous control take over for the commute or the drive home from the pub and be able to switch it off for the B-road blast?
  8. Hi All, I hear the originals usually break when changing? I see some on the elise shop. Do these fit a V6S? I am waiting on some GRP V3 lights so would like it to match! Cheers.
  9. If you drive at the limit as I do the Trofeos will help you shave at least half a second per kilometer of dry track over the Cup 2s. Once you try them you won't be bale to track wihtout them.
  10. Had a lot going on of late and managed to miss this thread but @Trevsked pointed it out, so sorry late notice but plan to come along
  11. I tried setting mine on the bench and failed miserably. I just ended up setting them to what everybody else has which may have something to do with my low rev stumble...
  12. I found that there were significant inconsistencies between old and new diaphragms and also each rod needed tuning independently to get an equal measure of fuel accoss all chokes - To achieve this I followed the book process of measuring the output at each choke for a given number of strokes. The best you can hope for by measuring threads etc is a datum or reasonable approximation! I used Sikaflex to fit my louvres, which did a great job, but fear they may never come out again!
  13. ._3 min losail dec
  14. Today
  15. This. Remove the undertray or insert pucks to access position C. Applies to all cars with the 111 chassis (except new Exige which has strengtheners built in to undertray). Dave
  16. Marker60

    Nice car ?

    Sorry ment to say listed on ebay
  17. Not posted any updates here for quite a while, and not been active on the forums either for a few months. Life and a few other things took over, but I have kept driving the Eclat when I've had the chance. Took it out for a trip today too, to a nice new place in West Yorkshire called The Motorist. Cafe, car garage and with plans to be everything for automobile lovers. The guy's very nice and has big plans. Hopefully they'll all work out for him. The Eclat is running quite well since it's attempt to catch fire on the Evija launch visit. Only thing today was the indicators stopped working part way through the drive but pulling over and fiddling with the fuses sorted it - it's just a bad connection. Have cleared the terminals but the fuse box has seen better days. Thinking of getting one of these to replace it with: The only other winter jobs I have planned are maybe to fit a new aerial and to finally work out how to remove the rear speakers from the fittings, and replace them with some cheap upgrades. Other than that it'll have a quiet winter and be raring to go come sunny weather in Spring
  18. $46,000.00 End Date: Tuesday Jan-7-2020 11:46:50 PST Buy It Now for only: $46,000.00 Buy It Now | Add to watch list Click to view item
  19. Not sure if i capture this thread by this comment or change the topic, but with the release of the AIM MX2E dash logger i started to think about alternatives for predictive laptiming as a tool for fine-/tuning my butt , which is included in the MX2E. From other companies i found VBOX OLED black/blue, for example. and Apex Pro Digital Driving Coach ,which tries to show u grip-lvl´s by a horizontal led in green and red - red lights should be the remaining unused grip while cornering. Guys from rennlist discussed it vs the AIM solodl2 in this thread, but im still not convinced ... I would be interested in ur opinion, how useful u think it might be in becoming a better driver?
  20. Hi. Anyone got any input as to is this is a good buy. Thanks
  21. For anyone building an engine my advice is to set up the pump jets with a fuel quantity check prior to fitting the carbs. I didnt to save time and its now down to trial and error! I may take it all apart again unless Im happy woth the adjustment. I found the engine had a stutter on acceleration and had an idea it might be the pump jets. The manual has an excellent description of pump jet operation, very simple really. I read the nut on the bottom of the spring shaft that controls the pump jet arm should be 3 mm up the thread on an old thread. Well thats what I set. I have new pump jet diaphrams and springs? I hadnt had time to check the operation until now. When the throttle is opened the spring should push against the pump jet lever to feed in the stored pump jet fuel to the pump jet. The engine needs this extra fuel when accelerating. In my case the nut was too far down the shaft. This meant when the throttle was opened the spring wasnt pushing against the lever arm and the diaphram wasnt full of fuel, hence not enough acceleration fuel! Seems to be sorted now, but will need tweeking to achieve optimal progression. Right, back tonthe build! I willmsilicon the loures in tomorrow ,and report the result.
  22. Okay, for anyone reading this thread, the key to getting the HVAC panel out is to not remove the two screws under the dash. Leaving them in is necessary - as it keeps the HVAC Panel and its support structure correctly aligned. To remove the HVAC panel, gently apply downward pressure on the top edge of the panel, about a centimetre from either end, whilst pulling slightly forward to unlatch the hidden clip - then repeat on the other side as there are two clips in total. Sliding a credit card into the gap at the top edge might help prevent the clip from re-engaging at this point. Whilst the clips are unlatched, you need to simultaneously wriggle and slide the HVAC Panel housing directly towards the rear of the car - keeping it level throughout. Some significant “persuasion” may be necessary as the HVAC panel is tightly engaged with the support panel; provided that the lower screws remain in-place, with application of sufficient force, the panel will “slide” off the support panel - the latter remaining captive within the trough. Once out, you’ll note that their are two longitudinal slots on the bottom of the HVAC Panel housing that engage (are an interference fit) with the edges of the captive support panel. If you do subsequently remove the support panel, you should note that each screw has a nylon washer/spacer between the aluminium trough and the plastic support panel. This needs to be replaced as found. Replacement of the HVAC panel is essentially the reverse process - aligning the edges of the support panel with the slots in the underside of the HVAC Panel - wriggling and sliding (actually more akin to heavy persuasion than sliding) the panel back into place. Finally, on the top edge of the panel, push back and up to reseat the clips. Having removed the panel, I managed to confirm that the backlight is indeed an EL backlight, positioned on the front side of a thick aluminium plate. All panel switches and rotary controls pass through the backlight panel and the backplate. In my case, reseating the relevant connectors did not resolve the backlight issue - suggesting that either the inverter module, located on the back of a PCB mounted on the back of the aluminium panel, may have failed - or the circuit that drives the inverter from the Instrument Pack is itself faulty. More investigation will be necessary. It is worth noting that the inverter module circuitry and EL backlight are represented as a single “lamp” symbol on the Lotus circuit diagrams!
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