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  4. I am grateful for your insight little concerned about buying used as don’t want to find myself replacing again for any unseen issues or short lifespan ? Where did you buy your blueprints and bits from ?
  5. Can't you point out that he was getting the film illegally with his phone? I presume you are being fined for the undertaking thing? As Clive says above, Australia is shocking for people staying in the right hand lane. It is against the law to remain in the right hand lane unless you are overtaking a vehicle travelling at less than the speed limit. Don't know how many times I have indicated to move right and slowed to move over behind the car beside me, only to have the car following (in the right hand lane as well) tailgate so that there is no safe room to move into, or the car behind me in the left lane ducking into the right lane and tailgating as well. Several times I have just made the decision to indicate left, pull out of the traffic and wait for everyone to go past and then I move over to the lane I need to be in to turn right at the next intersection.
  6. At least they said something. I ran into a bunch of them at a car meet in WA. Only 1 was interested in talking to me. The others would only talk to other Ferrari owners. I sometimes see one on the Coast Road down here. I wave from the Esprit...................................What do I get back?
  7. I just popped them on. Didn't think there was anything very spectacular about it. Been a while now, but aren't they retained with a ringed retainer.
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  9. I started a thread about the Shanghai announcement on Fchat to gauge the US reaction. Some interesting comments mostly negative
  10. Although the car that Sparky is currently working on is perhaps a bit worse tan most, I'd say that typically a car in the UK will be closer to it's state than the state of Travis's, just given the climate meaning that cars get driven on damp roads at least occasionally, and ten don't get to quickly dry out.
  11. Any automotive trim high temperature contact adhesive will be sufficient, I'd recommend a brush on rather than a aerosol, it contains far less solvent and is more controllable in use. Apply with a brush then smooth with a roller or notched plastic spreader.
  12. Side Mirror (400) is from a Proton Saga
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  14. My car is the same Travis. Not as clean as yours, but no rust to be seen. I would die if I had to take on what Sparky is looking at.
  15. It's threads like these that remind me of how little rust my car has... An 89SE with 84k miles. My rust is the shade of transparent...
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  17. I guess the temptation to drive on salted roads is too great to resist?
  18. Hang on .......yeees.....I think I can just about reach the cruel knife sticking out of my back! You guys
  19. Gearbox is Diesel Rave 4 with different ratios
  20. Well he loved it. He's totally right about the interior.
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  22. That certainly does sound similar to my failure. Good luck getting it repaired as a goodwill gesture. My reconditioned compressor is still working well over 4 years later. Do let me know if I can answer any questions.
  23. Thought Esprit`s could go under the sea without rusting!! Unless it was film trickery ?
  24. Just an update, I got the PFC08 pads for the front. They're great so far but I also never had issues with the OEM pads. I've used them on the road so far (maybe around 2,000km) and on two track days. The PFC08's do squeak, not too bad though and not all the time. definitely bearable. I think I'll be ordering them for the rear as well.
  25. Generally all cars have a high and low pressure cut out. The problem when they loose gas be it through the input glandseal usually through lack of use or else were as the oil in the system is misable with the refrigerant you loose that as well. Now there's proberbly only about 700grams of refrigerant in the system and only a few fluid Oz of oil so it doesn't take much to loose the oil charge. Now as the compressors don't have a sump they rely on a mist of oil returning with the refrigerant for lubrication. Now unfortunately 2 things are against you when you loose refrigerant 1 with any loss of gas a certain amount of lubricating oil will also be lost 2 if the system is running low on charge the velocity of the returning gas from the evaporator (cooling coil within the car) decreases and leads to oil starvation to the compressor as it leaves it behind in the evaporator. So golden rules Always run the A/C to keep the input shaft glandseal lubricated. It requires a thin film of oil on the carbon and polish steal faces to seal and stop refrigerant loss. If the A/C is under preforming don't run it untill it's repaired/re gassed And try not to engage the A/C at high engine revs as it puts undue strain on the magnetic clutch and the compressor as it's forced to match the engine revs instantly Although I understand this directly does not help your situations it may help you in the future
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