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  2. Upping the performance of the engine puts more stress on the gearbox which is not known for its strength.
  3. Well it seems the Esprit is ever popular.. 100 watchers, and over a thousand views in just 24 hours. But how many of those watchers are owners trying to gauge the market? C’mon, ‘fess up many times did you say you’d been married?
  4. What is the thread pitch and the current size across the flats Mike? I've made brass nuts in the past with smaller "AF" dimensions, as suggested by Andy. Happy to help if I can - still got my lathe! Pete
  5. Lotusbits, if they have one £150 - no brainer
  6. Today
  7. Good spot. That looks great. I’d be up for one. Group buy?
  8. I am still working on the car. Ive had a bit of a break. Now having watched For Your Eyes Only again I have the motivation to finish it! Decals are being made for the 360 Tyrolia bindings. I have to spray them to the correct Orange colour. Then attach them to the skis. I have made two styrofoam racks so far. One is covered in Epoxy ready for sanding. I need to replace the two rear springs with new ones, paint the rear engine bay matt black then secure the louvres. In order to save some time Im going to take the car to a Lotus specialist for suspension alignment. I did this all myself on the S1, but I now need to save some time.
  9. Have you tried SWLC? they have remanufactured the LC one, but not sure about HC status Phil strongly advised against welding due to concentration of impurities in a cracked/holed manifold preventing a good repair.
  10. You could try that, but the tricky bit is connecting the fuse boxes with a fixed glove box. Also its far easier to bolt the dash on without the glove box in.
  11. That seems a lot! A friend had an Inconel 6 cylinder manifold repaired for less
  12. How much is a custom one? The 907/912 manifold looks small and simple - someone must offer something? Given demand for manifolds due to the casting cracking, if have thought there was good demand.
  13. For me the price for the smartycam is complicated to justify when you compare the image quality with a gopro. At this price I prefer to make the overlay myself with RaceRender.
  14. They're certainly aware of it from their vehicle protocol file for the Solo2DL. They specifically list ECU Channel 29 (LTC 5 Step) and Channel 30 (LTC 10 Step) as channels that can be displayed on the Solo2DL. Whether this dash will have a readout covering those channels depending on model selection, they'll have to confirm. You'll at least have to select your model to get the correct fuel gauge reading, that's for sure. Regarding gear position, the ECU Channel 2 that outputs Gear position is only applicable to Automatic vehicles, I've not seen any other way in the Solo product for it to display (i.e a user input based on ratio). I'll have to read your notes again, @geartox
  15. And I'd be flushing backwards against the flow direction when running.
  16. Hi Don My Eclat is Black and looks like a JPS although Lotus never did one officially did one for this model. Ibought it a few years ago from David Rowett and have slowly been getting various jobs done. I got it back on the road this summer and have been using it regularly over the summer and on the odd sunny dry day in the Autumn. Will take some picture over the weekend and post them up . Thanks Mike
  17. gear selection works fine with math channel precalgear , as I explained in another thread. This MX2E is maybe the solution that we wait for.
  18. I agree, flush everyting through thoroughly to clear any debris that may be present........
  19. Stumbled across them a month or two ago, kinda want to hate it but the production speaks to me, they're generally well researched and it's so damn entertaining. I hate it.
  20. What about making the nut smaller, it looks to be 19mm/ 3/4 inch, you could loose c1mm of metal on each flat, even if just half way up.
  21. Bead blasting I very cheap and a tin of but black paint is equally cheap. I'd go for the £280 option
  22. Personally I would keep the engine standard. The longer stroke of the 2.2 produces more torque but you can do a lot with a 3d map with a modern ECU which will improve the original designs efficiency. You don't need throttle bodies to do this, but throttle bodies will improve things further and can be done over time.
  23. Satin black makes most sense to me as it will match the plastic trim behind the B pillar better - still, my current door window frame is glossy both inside and out, which may be due to polishing, but the interior side is glossy too which I can't imagine has received all that much polishing.. I would just like to paint it as it would be from factory...
  24. For sale one pair of good condition OLIN Mk VI ski’s. Not a “DH” Downhill pair as fitted to the “007 For your eyes only” car but a “SL” Slalom, 200cm pair with correct Tyrolia 38 bindings. Offers invited Worldwide shipping available The post OLIN MK VI SKI’S appeared first on Click to view item
  25. The base of the mirror has serrations on the bottom that locate in serrations on the chrome base. I have modified an open ended spanner by grinding away at the outside to make it a thin as possible but I still cannot move the nut to tighten it. A ring spanner won't go round the back since the nut is hard up against the shell of the mirror. I'm reluctant to put the mirror back on until I get them tighter since to Tang's that bend will probably snap off.
  26. Aftermarket springs fitted to my classic Elan were powder coated and the stuff flaked away in patches in short order. I cleaned them up and painted with garden grade spray which then lasted for years and many miles beyond my time of ownership. Not a fan, think it's got a rep more by way of repetition than value. Inferred cred, as in "high-tech".
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