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  2. I for one have seen just how problematic pump pick up can be. You can reverse pump oil up the galleries on a turbo - but I’ve never managed to get a pump to prime itself without doing this. Pack the pump with graphogen - it’s simply not worth the risk.
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  4. Another way is to switch out the oil filter screw and screw the oil filter directly to the housing, removing the oil cooler sandwich plate. Thats what I did. If I find the thread I could send you it, although I haven’t got a clue where it has gone! I will have a look.
  5. I was waiting for this lot to do just that
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  7. Can't a paint shop match one of the other wheels? They can analyze such things, these days.
  8. Having tried that rear size ONCE, I would not go back. The car wants more rear grip IMO. After that set wore, I fitted some proper 235/60 - 15 and it was as if the car was reborn. But, I could not find matching fronts in the original type summer tires. Only 'all season'. I know that availability differs on our side of the pond...
  9. It’s a very masculine car to drive, there’s weight to the controls in equal measure. Walks a thin line between road at race car that’s for sure. Trevor.
  10. Thanks Fabian, great advice and yes I was planning to do the oil pump run but need to get a couple blanking caps for my oil cooler connections as all going to be new and don’t want to connect the old one and introduce contamination into the clean engine. I will need to connect the alternator bracket as on the federal cars it forms part of the pump housing. I will order a Aux housing gasket and do the inspection Dave
  11. Bringing this old thread back from the dead to ask a related question: Which wheel is the speed sensor on for the Evora? On my 911 it’s at the front, so going up a tyre size on the back doesn’t affect your speedo, only the gearing by that 1-2%. Anyone know if this is the same for the Evora?
  12. This was a good hoon. Police camera caught us doing treble figures. Luckily there were to many of us.
  13. Can some one please point me in the right direction as to how to cancel a route ive put in to the sat nav 2010 Evora 2010, driving me insane i just cant work out how to cancel a} the route and b} the dam voice. Car has not got a sat nav manual its a Alpine unit standard fit id assume. Thanks in advance Nick
  14. Yes. I’m inclined to agree that there’s a problem with the gearbox.
  15. I have one AWI wheel that needs to be refinished. Does anyone know the color code or how to get the correct color so it matches the other wheels? Thank you! Randall
  16. Good luck. Lovely looking car and has the all important aircon!
  17. And an elite
  18. @Neal H absolutely spot on, I know this is not going to sound good and I know someone who lost both their mum and dad to COVID but you have to look at the facts 41k people in the uk have died out of 66 million (I think that’s right) it has to stop now and you make your own choices. I don’t drive down Chislehurst high street at 120mph but someone did and they’re now dead along with their passenger. So you can’t control everyone but let’s hope the sensible survive
  19. Hi Dave, after my oil pressure issues there are a few things I would do. Remove the oil strainer pipe and and check it for “necking”. Any indentation where the olive sits and the pipe needs replacing. S and J sell the pipe. The new olive must be applied with oil and torqued up correctly. Secondly take the oil pump apart and measure all tolerances and check the PRV for scoring. Better still renew the annulus and rotor using the same method I did to correctly size the rotor if its stiff. The pump can be tested on your stand using the drill method you did on the S1. Figures for how much oil
  20. Looks really nice! Bit tired on the interior perhaps but those models are definitely looking seriously stylish IMO buddsy
  21. Saw one today on the A595 just north of Cockermouth. Looked great in Gulf colours but I bet he wished he was driving my Evora . It was a nice replica and had a modern reg number too.
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