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  2. Another update At the end Daniel from Komotec wrote to my directly with some explanation on why all those problems to send me the correct ecu file but wanted me to send them the ecu to be remapped there and so they could try it on another 380 cup I just received it back from them and fitted it to the car and for now the car is running fine the rpm limiter is 7000rpm and the midrange torque improvement is really noticeable. Also another good thing on the 380 fitted with komotec manifolds and sport cat but oem rear muffler is that the noise is still the same nice growl of the 380 but at higher volume and more metallic but with the valve closed is almost as silent as standard. Will get the car on a dyno to see the real power.
  3. PhilW

    Rear lower link

    Wanted - Rear lower link for S3 /turbo Esprit. Not bothered about bush condition but must be straight.
  4. Sorry I think you’ve misunderstood the problem. Nothing wrong with the blower/resistor pack. Everything works except no cold refrigerated air coming out, it’s just at ambient on the coldest (AC) setting. Hot setting is as normal.
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  6. Then it does sound like blower motor or resistor pack. Maybe contact Dave at H111 as they’ve had a few customers with heater/air con problems so maybe able to help.
  7. Drive a club racer first. You can't look at bhp only on a lotus especially on something as light as a club racer. Drive it!
  8. A TPMS fault is an MoT test fail for any car registered after 1/1/2012. Useful to have if it works reliably but if it doesn't then you're better without it. Also, doesn't that emergency tyre repair foam destroy TPMS sensors? So extra expense if you get a puncture.
  9. Stubox

    410 geo

    I’m sure I saw a thread on geo but anyway wondered if anyone has the 410 factory geometry settings from the service data? thanks
  10. Thanks, that's exactly what I have, an alloy cast case with Lotus cast on the upper plate. Once I get it cleaned up and sorted I'll offer it for sale. I'm gonna use my Hewland gearbox from my formula car...
  11. Yes and hardware stores
  12. $46,000.00 End Date: Wednesday May-1-2019 11:21:07 PDT Buy It Now for only: $46,000.00 Buy It Now | Add to watch list Click to view item
  13. $38,991.00 End Date: Friday May-24-2019 11:12:13 PDT Buy It Now for only: $38,991.00 Buy It Now | Add to watch list Click to view item
  14. I do actually have the original bumpers, but someone has edited to body to delete them. I dont really mind, Its pretty neat in person to see the end of the transaxle and rear suspension sneaking out from under the car. It reminds me of an old Le Mans car
  15. The smell of a dairy farm takes a week to clear from my van - not for the feint hearted
  16. Bought more bonsai starters, some lovely Acer varieties. On the way back saw this. Mrs was in passenger seat before anyone complains
  17. Yep, the cabin fan runs as normal i.e. all 3 speeds work ok and I can still direct the airflow around as per vent direction control.
  18. I do not think they really suit the car, bit too much 80's style with that geometric flat face ...
  19. Removing the pins on my megane RS was the same, hopefully a friend actually did a tool with the shape of the pin head to get it out (easy then to extract with the hammer) ... Do not forget to put some copper grease with the new pins .. Otherwise I know that if you have no choice to cut the pins, you can just drill the remaining piece in the caliper ...
  20. Was that from the chemists?
  21. So my Speedo drive has started to unwrap itself if it's fiddly to begin with I guess a sharp point on the end won't help? So I get this fixed first I do have an S2 chassis to go with my S2 gearbox!
  22. “Do we just sit back and ignore the fact that a very very small minority are demanding and will highly likely force through massive changes in our country, without us being able to have a say?  What are your thoughts?” I think that’s been happening for years, courtesy of the unelected dictatorship across the Channel that we know so well. Apart from that, I’ll be really cross if the phoney homeless, champagne-socialists disrupt my flight to Florida later this year.
  23. Just checking are the blowers all working fine, the fan speed changing as per the norm?
  24. march


    The argument there is that a Cow has to reproduce in order to generate milk. Ergo, the offspring, if male will go to meat production (on the whole - very few will become breeding Bulls). Heifer calves may well go into breeding but quite often will become meat as well. Their entire argument sucks This is one of the few arguments where I have a little sympathy for the vegan approach. The life of a modern dairy cow is not a happy one. 1. Dairy cows have to produce calves annually to maintain milk production. O.K so is this such a bad thing? Well: a. The calves are taken from the mothers within 24hrs of being born and are: i. shot as they have no financial value and given to the hunt, zoos etc.. (dairy cattle have very little beef value) OR ii. taken and reared in tiny pens and sold to the meat trade and slaughtered early (generally this happens if the dairy cow has been put to beef bull - this is the kind of beef you will generally get from a supermarket claiming to be pedigree - another marketing con people have swallowed hook line and sinker). iii if they are really lucky they will be reared on a farm that keeps them with the mother whilst they grow (cow is also milked) - this is very uncommon and expensive. b. This distresses the cow (a lot) - try having your kid taken away from you the day it is born. 2. Dairy cows have been bred to become milk machines which has produced unnatural animals: a. Have a look at an intensive dairy, the cows will have enormous udders and be skin and bones as their system has been tuned to produce milk above all else. b. Will often suffer from lameness as their hooves cannot take the weight of their unnatural bodies The continental developed breeds are the worst whereas traditional UK animals are slightly smaller and have a lower milk yield. 3. There has been a move in recent years to zero grazing systems which means that the cows will never see grass and fields - they live their lives (all of their lives) in barns, living in their own poo etc.. and suffering from associated health issues. I am sure their are other issues with the dairy farms as well. I am not saying milk is bad, I drink milk, I love milk, but people should be aware of the implications of buying cheap milk. If you want to help the lives of cows buy a. Organic milk - This is not a guarantee of good animal welfare standards even though it should be but at least the likelihood is that animal welfare is a priority. 0% grazing is banned by Organic bodies. b. Buy from a farm that leaves the calves with the mothers. This is a hard one as there aren't that many. c. Buy direct from a farm where you can observe the animals and make your mind up. Oh and don't believe all those farming programs with cows in Barns on pristine straw - I will guarantee that has only been done for the cameras - straw is bloody expensive. We don't produce milk on our farm just beef but all our pedigree cows are happy living outside fed only on grass (producing the best kind of beef), we are organic --- basically we have happy cows that suckle their calves for as long as they like and we farm the way we feel it should be done - at a loss .
  25. Mutley


    How do you know if someone is a Vegan? Because they will always tell you!
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