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  2. On the topic of exhaust, i have seen some S4S with single and some with twin exhausts. Are the twin exhausts factory standard/option or after market?
  3. No it wasn't standard fit , I fitted it !
  4. Part 11 Prepping and primer coat.. Back to it, With the second coat of polly we are starting to build up a workable thickness in the material .. With this flatting process, I take extra care with the edges and tall spots ; these are areas that are so easy to rub though . You can see in next pic ,on the rear quarter these high spots were over flatted .. This only becomes a problem in the second polly coat . To avoided this , I use the guide coat as a gauge .. By leaving the black on all these protruding areas until everything else is flatted we can prevent over flat
  5. I used Castrol Magnatec for 10000 miles before switching to synthetic.
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  7. Happy Birthday to TLF:THE place for Lotus fans! Sprinkles are for winners!
  8. I know my s2 engine will need at the very least an engine rebuild when the car arrives. I haven't actually driven an Esprit but I don't think 160 bhp will be enough... I'm very tempted by the 2.5l engine Lotusbits do but its isn't a cheap option . So what options do I have with the 907 engine and which dealers do what ? Thanks
  9. Wow a nice surprise then, I did not know that S4S already has a Larini exhaust and a high flow cat, it should sound pretty ok in standard form then. I would love an opportunity to hear your sports from PNM. yeah, looking forward to compare the driving experience between the S4S 2.2 turbo, a Toyota supra with in-line 3 Liter Turbo, and a maserati Granturismo with 4.7 Liter V8.
  10. I need to change out the run in oil. What oil is everyone using? I Think a synthetic oil may be better than mineral. there are lots of choices. Millers 20/50 synthetic Valvoline racing oil mineral 20/50 Mobile 1 racing oil 15/50 whats everyone using?
  11. This S4s already has Larini exhaust and a hi flow cat . Mot man didn't like the emissions with de-cat pipe fitted , so fitted an after market cat , no discernable difference in performance, still pops and crackles with best of them. Nick
  12. @slay, thanks it’s a 1973 911E and being LHD works brilliantly on Le Mans trips, and surprisingly easy to use in the U.K. too (my first LHD motor). Located a bit away from you in Yorkshire (not too far south of York) and if you’re up this way then let me know - be a nice photo opportunity. You’ll love the Esprit, they’ve been on my list for ages and I thought it finally time to pull the pin, no regrets at all. Hope collection goes OK and look forward to reading about your first impressions which often include an expletive when you really get the turbo wound up for the first time. I went fo
  13. Thank you Paul. The interior certainly looks very classy, nice contrast. Wow, I did not know that there are only 92 RHD S4S in the UK, and certainly did not know that there are only 2 in Black, certainly makes it extra special all right. You certainly have a number of classic cars in your collection, that is one good looking Porsche Targa you have in the background, what year model is it? Where about are you located? Maybe we could get the 2 black S4s together one day ! Well, I have not picked up mine yet, hopefully by next Friday.
  14. Only way to even make any sense of it is to remove the gearbox and actually look at it. My guess - it’s knackered or someone being clumsy has knackered it not aligning it correctly.
  15. Sunny day so a bit of wash n wax for Matilda before hibernation.
  16. Haha, how did you know? That is how I convinced the wife - low interest rate environment and uncertain economy bla bla ba, why not let me get a Lotus Esprit - such a classic, probably better investment than any saving account you can find today !
  17. Hi all, anyone able to recommend an experienced Lotus bodyshop in Surrey? I'm based in a small town (Frimley, in Surrey) and looking to find a bodyshop to fit side skirts to my Exige Sport 350. Cheers in advance!
  18. Non taken @Mark030358, I agree that is an excellent forum full of very knowledgeable guys
  19. Quite simply they are scams.
  20. That problem of the vacuum valve vibrating up to eventually stop the cam operating it happened to me a couple of times. Thought I had a much bigger issue but performing a bit of contorted arm surgery through the glove box resulted in a repair. I might try a blob of glue on a stick if it does it again.
  21. @slay congratulations and what a speedy decision. I made a similarly quick decision too exactly one year ago to the day and bought the only other black, RHD, UK, S4s - yes, you are not only about to own a wonderful Lotus but a rare one too: 92 in UK RHD, two in Black and yours is the only one in black/black, mine is black/magnolia. Have great fun, make sure you get the engine temp up to release full boost, then be prepared for some spirited acceleration..! Handling’s something special too. Cheers Paul
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